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Never overpay again! With our intuitive price tracking tool, you can effortlessly monitor the prices of your favorite products on Amazon. Simply paste the product URL into our search bar, and we'll fetch real-time price data for you.

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How it Works?

How It Works? (Video)

What Is Price Tracking?

Price tracking isn't just a convenience; it's a strategic tool that savvy shoppers use to ensure they're getting the best deals possible. When it comes to online shopping, prices fluctuate frequently based on various factors including demand, inventory, and promotions. This is where SimpleGhar's Amazon Price Tracker comes into play, offering a robust solution for consumers looking to optimize their spending.

How does SimpleGhar’s Amazon Price Tracker tool help?

SimpleGhar's Amazon Price Checker allows users to monitor and track the prices of products sold on Amazon with ease. By entering the URL of the product into SimpleGhar’s search bar, customers can access real-time data on pricing trends.
This tool is particularly useful in a country like India, where the e-commerce market is both competitive and rapidly growing. Users can leverage this tool to watch for price drops and special promotions, ensuring they purchase at the lowest possible price.

How Does SimpleGhar's Amazon Price Tracker Work?

When you use SimpleGhar's Amazon Price Tracker, the process is easy and brings many benefits. Here's how you can start tracking the prices of your favorite products on Amazon:

  1. Visit the SimpleGhar Website:First, navigate to the SimpleGhar platform. The user interface is clean and intuitive, making it easy for first-time users to get started without hassle.
  2. Enter the Product URL:Copy the URL of the product you wish to track from Amazon and paste it into the designated search bar on SimpleGhar’s homepage. This is your key to unlock detailed price history and forecasts.
  3. Analyze the Price Data:Once the URL is submitted, SimpleGhar fetches and displays a comprehensive graph showing the price fluctuations of the product over time. This visual representation helps you identify trends and make informed decisions.
  4. Set Price Alerts:You can opt to receive alerts via email or SMS when the product price drops to your desired level. This feature ensures you never miss out on the best deals.
  5. Save and Monitor:Save the tracked products in your account for easy monitoring. You can revisit anytime to check current prices or adjust your alert settings based on new shopping goals.

Benefits Of Using SimpleGhar's Price Tracker

SimpleGhar's Amazon Price Tracker offers numerous advantages that can transform your online shopping experience. Here are some key benefits:

  1. Save Money:The most obvious benefit is financial savings. By tracking price drops and historical pricing data, you can buy products at their lowest prices. Over time, these savings can add up to a significant amount.
  2. Time-Saving:Instead of manually checking prices every day, you can set up alerts that notify you when prices drop. This saves you both time and effort, allowing you to focus on other important tasks.
  3. Price History Insight:This Amazon price history tool by SimpleGhar provides access to detailed price history charts, enabling you to see the best times to purchase a product based on past trends. This insight can help you predict future price movements.
  4. Easy to Use:With its user-friendly interface, SimpleGhar's Amazon Price Tracker is accessible to everyone, regardless of their tech-savviness. It’s designed to make your life easier, not more complicated.
  5. Effective Decision-Making:Armed with data, you can make more informed decisions about when to buy. This means no more guessing or relying on unpredictable sales periods. As said, enter the name of the product/URL, search, and get all the data you want to make an informed decision as to when to buy a product.
  6. Market Trends Awareness:Regular use of this tool also helps you understand broader market trends, such as when new models are likely to be released, leading to price reductions on older models.

Tips and Tricks for Effective Price Tracking

To get the most out of SimpleGhar's Amazon Price Tracker, it’s important to utilize some advanced tips and tricks that can enhance your price-tracking strategy. Here’s how you can become a pro at monitoring and acting on price fluctuations:

  1. Track Regularly:Make it a habit to track products, and previous prices on Amazon to see price history and get notified when prices drop. This helps you get a sense of the price trends and the best times to buy.
  2. Use Multiple Alerts:Don’t just set one alert for a desired price point. Consider setting multiple alerts for different price levels to capture various potential savings opportunities.
  3. Combine with Coupons and Offers:Integrate price tracking with other savings strategies such as using discount coupons or cashback offers. This can maximize your overall savings.
  4. Monitor During Key Sales Periods:Be extra vigilant during major sales events like Diwali, Prime Day, or end-of-season sales. Prices may drop significantly, and tracking can help you snag the best deals.
  5. Analyze Price Patterns:Spend time analyzing the price history graphs provided by SimpleGhar. Understanding patterns can help predict future price movements.
  6. Stay Informed with Notifications:Ensure your notifications are set up correctly and check them regularly. This ensures you don’t miss out on sudden price drops.
  7. Be Patient and Flexible:Sometimes, waiting for a price to drop further can pay off. Being flexible with your purchase timing can lead to better savings.

Best Days and Times to Shop on Amazon

Over the years, our Team at SimpleGhar analyzed trends, a range of sales, and daily deals on Amazon to understand the best days, or the ideal time of the year to shop on Amazon. Of all the findings and research, Monday is the most recommended day to shop on Amazon, which also comes with the assurance of great deals, and offers. Apart from Monday, Tuesday is also ideal, while Friday is not at all a good day to shop.

DayTrafficConversion RateObservations
MondayHighestHighestGood chance of deals as sellers compete for attention
TuesdayHighestHighestStill a good day for deals and browsing
WednesdayAbove AverageAbove AverageDecent chance of deals, good for price checks
ThursdayDeclinesDeclinesLower chance of deals
FridayLowestAverageLowest traffic, some deals may linger
SaturdayAverageAbove AverageGood chance of deals
SundayHighBelow AverageHigh traffic, not ideal for deals

Special Time To Bag Deals On Amazon

  • Amazon India Sales:These events (like Great Indian Festival & Great Freedom Festival) offer the best discounts, but plan for heavy competition. However, this Amazon price tracking tool is sure to help you get the best deal on all those products you’re planning to buy.
  • Flash Deals: Similar to Lightning Deals, these are limited-time offers with big savings.
  • Super Value Days (1st-7th of every month): Look for deals on groceries, personal care, and household items during this period.

Popular Questions To Your Savings

What if Amazon prices drop after you purchase an item in India?
Unfortunately, Amazon India doesn't have an automatic price adjustment policy. You won't receive a direct refund for the difference. However, you have two options:

  1. Return and Repurchase:You can return the unopened item within the return window (usually 10 days) and then repurchase it at the lower price. This might not be ideal if the return window is closing or the product stock is limited.
  2. Contact Customer Service:You can contact Amazon’s support team and explain the situation. While they aren't obligated to offer a refund, they might provide a store credit or goodwill gesture depending on the price difference and timeframe.

What is a Price Drop Amazon?

A Price Drop on Amazon refers to a situation where the listed selling price of a product on the Amazon India website decreases. This can happen for various reasons, including:

  • Sales and Promotions:Regular sales events like Amazon Prime Day or festive season sales can trigger significant price drops for many products.
  • Seller Adjustments:Sellers on Amazon can independently adjust their prices based on factors like stock levels, competitor pricing, or simply wanting to make a sale.
  • Price Fluctuations:Prices on Amazon can fluctuate even outside of sales. This could be due to temporary markdowns or adjustments based on demand and stock availability.

What if an item goes on sale after I purchase it on Amazon India?

Similar to price drops, there's no automatic adjustment for post-purchase sales. Here's what you can do:

  • Monitor the Deal:If the sale price is significantly lower and the return window is open, consider returning the unopened item and repurchasing during the sale.
  • Contact Customer Service:While not guaranteed (as said above), you can politely explain the situation to customer service. They might offer a store credit or goodwill gesture based on the discount and timeframe of the sale.


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