AC Leaking Water: Probable Reasons & Comprehensive Solutions

The air conditioner is something you need to survive during the hot summers. However, you can only enjoy the benefit if it is in the best working condition. If you haven’t got your AC serviced for quite a long time, it is likely that you’ll face some problems real soon.

And, one of the most common problems is water leaking or dripping from the AC unit. If you’re facing a similar problem, this is where you can find a solution. There can be quite a lot of reasons that lead to leakage or dripping. Let’s discuss why it happens and what’s the most probable solution.

ac water leak solution

Is Water Leaking from the AC Unit Normal?

If there are small drops of water dripping from your AC unit, it is not a matter of concern. It usually happens because of a hot and humid climate. A hot and humid climate increases the pace of condensation, leading to the dripping of residual water. And, this not a concern as the water will dry quickly because of the heat.

However, if you notice that the amount of water leaking is increasing or is more than just a few drops, it’s an indication. To find the possible reason and solution, read below:

Why Is My Air Conditioner Leaking Water & How Can I Fix It? 

1. Unprofessional Installation:

If you have just purchased your Air conditioner and it has started leaking, it indicates a faulty installation. Usually, a drainage pipe is attached to the AC unit, which carries the water from the unit. And, it is only possible if the pipe is installed at a level lower than the unit. If your drainage pipe is installed at the same level, it could be the reason behind AC leaking water.


Now, as the problem is with the installation, you cannot deal with on your own. So, calling the AC installation team is the best option here. The experts will check for the drainage pipe’s position and will present you with the best possible solution.

2. Blocked Drain Pipes:

It is common for the drainage pipe to accumulate debris over time. However, this can disrupt the regular flow of condensate. Now, if the water won’t flow outside, it’ll most probably flow back into the AC unit leading to leakage.


The best solution is to clean the drainage pipe. You can both clean it on your own or call an expert for the same. But you need to regularly clean the drainage pipe thereafter. Otherwise, water can start leaking again.

3. Dirty Air Filter: 

After prolonged usage, it is normal for an air filter to get dirty. However, this can block the natural airflow, leading to freezing cold temperatures in the coils. And, these forms of ice over the evaporator coils, resulting in water accumulation in the drainage pan. Once the capacity of the drainage pan is full, the excessive water starts leaking.


For a dirty air filter, you can either clean it on your own or replace it with a new one. However, calling a technician for either of the tasks is the best option. The technician can deliver a more reliable and solution within no time.

4. Low Level of Refrigerant/Gas: 

Sometimes, when there’s a leakage in the refrigerent or AC gas, it reduces the pressure within the AC unit. This, similar to the dirty air filter, freezes the evaporator coils and leads to excessive water in the drainage pan.

And, once the amount of water in the drainage pan increases, it starts to leak.


As it’s a complex procedure, you’ll have to call an Air conditioner expert. He’ll help you repair the leak and fill in fresh refrigerant gas. This will finally fix the issue for the long term.

5. Broken Drainage Pan: 

If you have a very old AC unit and water is leaking, there could be a problem with the drainage pan. The drainage pan could be rusted or cracked, leading to leakage.


This is something you can deal with at home. You can replace the faulty drainage pan with a new one at home. If you’re not able to do so, you can always call for an expert.

6. Poor Maintenance:

Now, this is something very basic. Just like other appliances, AC units require regular maintenance too. If condenser coils, evaporator coils are maintained well, and other components are checked, there won’t be such problems.


The solution is rather simple. Prefer up to 2 services or inspections each year. By doing this, you can not only prevent water leakage problems but other related problems as well.

How to Fix a Leaking Air Conditioner

Although you can find possible solutions under the problems mentioned above, this is a more summarized view. You can easily cycle through the reasons and try the possible solutions mentioned on the side.

One thing you should make sure of is calling an Air conditioner repair person. This is mandatory for a reliable solution to the problem.

Improper installation Reinstallation
Blocked drainage pipe De-clogging the pipe
Dirty air filter Cleaning or replacement of dirty filter
Low refrigerant gas Repairing the leak and refilling the gas
Broken or old drainage pan Replacing the old pan with a new one

Should I Follow DIY Methods or Call a Professional?

If you’re an expert in dealing with Air conditioners, you can deal with them on your own. However, if you have no such experience or qualification, it’s best to reach out to a professional. Only a professional can determine what’s the exact problem and the solution. Also, a professional can offer a more reliable solution, which comes with assurance.


Only with a well serviced AC, you can enjoy the entire benefits. If your AC is facing problems like excessive water leakage, you must take immediate action. Not only will it reduce efficiency, but it poses other risks as well.

You can go through the above factors and find the reason behind the leakage. However, if you’re unable to find the exact cause, call a technician ASAP. The experts can deal with such problems like no one else. If you find these insights useful, make sure to share them with others.

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