What are the Different Types of Air Coolers

Air coolers are the best choice to cool the rooms, especially where cannot install an air conditioner.

The modern-day air cooler offers many advantages to the users, like portability, affordability, and easy-to-maintain, becoming the most preferred option.

With different types of coolers available in the market, knowing the right type suitable for your home is imperative.

In this article, we will explore different options along with their distinctive features.

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Types of Air Coolers Available In The Indian Market

Below is a comparative analysis of different types of air coolers, their unique features, and other add-ons. The table will surely help you make quick decisions in choosing the right cooling device.

Tank Capacity 10 to 30 Litres 25-50 Litres 40-60 Litres Up to 90 Litres
Portability Highly Portable Easy to move around Not Portable Very Heavy, but Portable
Ideal for Small Rooms, Office Cabins, etc. Medium-Sized Rooms Medium-Sized Rooms Large Areas such as Halls, Backyard, etc.
Maintenance High-Maintenance Less Moderate Less Maintenance

To help you understand better, let us now discuss each type of air cooler in detail:

1. Personal Coolers

Personal Coolers

Specially designed for smaller places, personal coolers are the commonly found coolers in homes. Also known as mini-air coolers, you can place them at your convenience anywhere in your home, like near your bed or sofa. The other advantage of using a personal cooler is that they are lightweight and highly portable. They come with castor wheels that will make it easy to move them from one room to the other in your home. Being very compact, you can carry them with you.

If we talk about the tank capacity of these coolers, it is not that big when compared to other air coolers. They have a small water tank capacity of about 10-30 litres. One downside with these is that you will need to refill the water a couple of times a day.

The additional feature these coolers have is that they come with blowers that aid in better air-delivery indoors.

Let us now talk about energy consumption. They consume very less energy and provide fresh and cool air by cleaning the air in your surroundings.

You might be thinking what about the price. We are coming to that point. These types of coolers are very economical. The cost of personal air coolers starts from Rs. 5,000, which is very much within the budget.

Did I mention that they are less noisy? Yes, they do not make much noise, unlike other coolers. They are ideal for smaller rooms or areas and are the best bet for cooling down your room temperature.

2. Tower Air Coolers

Tower Air Coolers

Exclusively designed to offer superior air delivery, these coolers are one of the smartest cooling solutions. They are large units yet fit into very small areas because of their sleek and slim version.

Their trendy and stylish look adds to aesthetic value to your home or space. They are capable of cooling larger rooms or areas, and that too, in lesser time. The tower air coolers distribute air vertically, hence cooling the bigger spaces quickly.

When it comes to the water tank capacity of tower coolers, it is larger when compared to personal coolers. The capacity, however, is dependent on the model you choose. It is generally between 20 to 50 litres.

The unique feature about these tower coolers is their functionality, which is a combination of fan and water cooling. They function by taking in the hot air and evaporate the heat to give out cool air.

The air coolers are quiet than other coolers and create less noise. Just like personal coolers, even these devices come with castor wheels. You can easily move them around in your home or even in apartments according to the floor size.

Tower air coolers are easy-to-maintain and easy-to-clean. They are ideal for small to medium-sized rooms or areas and are budget-friendly.

3. Window Air Coolers

Window Air Coolers

Explicitly designed for installing in the windows, these air coolers cover very little space. These are similar to the window ACs except for their functioning and performance.

A window air cooler does not occupy much space for installation. However, it provides nice cooling to the entire room. Another upside to these air coolers is that they consume less energy and provide efficient cooling.

There is one flexibility with these air coolers. If you do not want to install them in your window, you can use them by placing the cooler on portable trolleys exclusively made for such type. A window air cooler is not portable. However, you can move them using the same

portable trolleys.

Talking about their tank capacity, they can consume about 30- 60 litres of water. Coming to the price, these coolers are expensive than personal and tower air coolers. Also, they need higher maintenance when compared to the duo.

The window air coolers are best suitable for small to medium-sized rooms or areas.

The merit of using a Window Cooler is that it circulates the fresh air from outside, giving you comfort and cool air inside. However, such coolers need proper cross-ventilation for effective functioning. In the absence of ventilation, it makes the room more humid and the environment uncomfortable for the users.

4. Desert Air Cooler

Desert Air Cooler

Desert coolers are yet another type of air cooler that is huge in construction. Significantly designed for cooling large size rooms, these coolers use huge fans.

You usually fit a desert cooler outside the room as it takes the air from outer areas to fill the room with cool air. It does a good job of reducing humidity inside the rooms.

A desert air cooler also comes with castor wheels, which makes it convenient to move the device from one place to another, despite its heavy body.

The water tank capacity of these types of coolers is larger than the others, which is from 40-90 litres. These coolers eliminate the need for refilling the water tank frequently. You may have to do it twice a day, and it will sustain long operational hours.

Because of their huge fans, powerful pumps, and larger water tank capacity, a desert cooler is suitable for the outdoors, as well. Some of the desert coolers available in the market come with large cooling pads that help generate more cooling.

The perk of using a desert air cooler is that it can perform efficiently even in dry weather, like those in the desert areas. Hence, the name desert air coolers. Even they work on the principle of evaporation like the tower air coolers.

When it comes to the pricing, they are expensive than the other types of air coolers. The price usually starts from Rs. 8,000 and may range up to Rs. 20,000.

These coolers are ideal for medium to large-sized rooms, including restaurants, banquet halls, prayer houses, etc.


Concluding, an air cooler is a compact yet powerful cooling solution for homes. The benefits that a well-maintained cooler offer is massive and the level of comfort one can experience from them is also fantastic.

I am sure you are now aware of the various types of air coolers available in the market, their versatility, and their environmental-friendliness. Make the right decision based on your home’s specific need and invest in the one that is worth your money.

Should you need more information on air coolers, do write to us in the comments section below. We will answer all your queries at the earliest.

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