Best Comforters for Cosy Night Sleep – Verified by Sleep and Bedding Experts

Comforters are the best way to beat the chilly weather nights and sleep peacefully. An ideal comforter keeps you from feeling too hot or too cold during the night.

But with so many options and wide price ranges – it’s hard to determine which ones are worth the splurge. In addition to that, an ideal comforter is durable, easy to wash and well-constructed to keep the filled evenly spread.

In our research to find out the best comforters, we have evaluated dozens of models for over a month duration. We have provided the shortlisted products with detail reviews in this article.

The two main criteria we used for testing the comforters are

1. Filling

Different brands use different types of fillings for their comforters. These fillings are unique in their own perspective. Below, we have provided a list of each filling with its properties. Read them to understand which one is suitable for your requirements.

Filling Type Warmth  Breathable Hypoallergenic Lightweight Maintenance
Wool High Yes Yes Yes Tough
Down High Yes No Yes Tough
Microfiber Moderate Less Yes Yes Easy
Polyester Moderate Less Yes Yes Easy
Cotton Moderate Yes Yes Yes Easy
Silk Moderate Yes Yes Yes Tough

2. GSM (Grams per square meter)

It represents the thickness of the comforter or the amount of filling present in the comforter. The basic thumb rule to consider while checking this factor is – higher GSM means thicker and warmer comforter. Below we have provided some standard recommendation suitable for different situations.

  • 80 – 120 GSM is suitable for summer season or when you want extra layer of warmth in winters.
  • 130 – 200 GSM is best for AC/mild winters and regions with medium winters.
  • 200 – 280 GSM is for fall, spring, and winters with warm surroundings.
  • Above 280 GSM is suitable for peak winter season and extreme cold weathers

In addition to these two factors, we have also considered some of the features like easy to care, size, outer fabric and others. You can check out the information regarding these factors in our detail Buying Guide.

The products we shortlisted have different sizes. You can check out the reviews of the product based on your size requirements.

Top 10 Best Comforters and Duvets in India

Best ComforterMaterialGSMSizeBuy Now
Amazon Brand Solimo Reversible ComforterMicrofiber200230 cm X 254 cmCheck On Amazon
Divine Casa All-Weather ComforterPolyester150150 cm x 230 cmCheck On Amazon
Wakefit Reversible ComforterMicrofiber220229 cm x 160 cmCheck On Amazon
Cloth Fusion Reversible AC ComforterMicrofiber200228x254cmCheck On Amazon
SleepyCat Microfiber Reversible ComforterMicrofiber22090 in x 60 inCheck On Amazon
Livpure Smart Reversible Super Soft ComforterMicrofiber20090" x 100"Check On Amazon
Clasiko Reversible Double Bed ComforterCotton220230x254 CmCheck On Amazon
Story@Home Super Soft ComforterCotton150144 X 220 CmCheck On Amazon
KEA Reversible Double Bed Size ComforterMicrofiber300230x254 cmCheck On Amazon
PESOMA Comforters All SeasonMicrofiber30060L x 90W cmCheck On Amazon

Best Comforter and Duvet Reviews

1. Amazon Brand Solimo Reversible Comforter

Amazon Brand

Material – Microfiber

Filling – Siliconized polyester

GSM – 200

Size – 198 cm x 152 cm

Why We Love it Take Note
Reversible design Stitching defects around the corner
Hypoallergenic filling Colours are too bright
Premium quality
Soft to touch
Easy to care
Value for money

Solimo is a sister brand of Amazon which makes several household products and related accessories. Among the product range, duvets and comforters are highly rated for being affordable and quality.

Their comforters are durable, cosy, soft to touch and provide adequate warmth. This makes them perfect for light winters, air-conditioned rooms and Indian winters.

It has hollow siliconized polyester filler with GSM rating of 200 which is light in weight compared to many other products. In addition to that, the filling is also hypoallergenic which means it is suitable for people who have sensitive skin, respiratory issues and others. So, children, asthma patients and others can use it without any issues.

This comforter has machine-stitched diamond pattern which keeps the filling in place. The outer fabric of the comforter has microfiber cloth which is soft to touch. The fabric and stitching pattern keep it wrinkle-free even after several washes.

As this comforter is machine washable, it is easy to care and maintain. This reversible comforter is available in different colour combination on both sides (inner side and outer side). It is available in single, double and twin options.

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2. Divine Casa All-Weather Comforter

Divine Casa

Material – Microfiber

Filling – Polyester

GSM – 150

Size – 150 cm x 230 cm

Why We Love it Take Note
Reversible design Not suitable for extreme winters
Slim in size and light in weight No colour guarantee
Suitable for tropical climates
Can be used every day, throughout year
Suitable for tall people over 6 feet
Value for money

Divine Casa is one of the prominent brands when it comes premium bedding and comforter products. They have a wide comforter product range.

Their microfiber comforter comes with a thickness of 150 GSM which makes it suitable for every day use and AC-conditioned rooms. Besides the 150 GSM, it is very slim and weighs just 460 grams. So, it doesn’t weigh you down while using it, ensures proper air flow and doesn’t suffocate you.

This comforter is soft to touch and provide absolute comfort. As it is specially designed for Indian climatic conditions, you can use it every day and throughout the year, irrespective of the season. It doesn’t cause any excessive heat build-up, so you will not feel any hot or sweaty while using it.

The outer layer of the comforter is made from 100% brushed microfiber which ensures premium feel. It is available in different colours and abstract patterns, so you can choose based on your preference or that goes well with your bedroom décor.

As it is a reversible comforter, you can use it on either side based on your preference. The other side of the comforter has different colour from the other. Having 150cm x 230cm dimensions, people over 6 feet tall can use it without any issues. This comforter can be washed either by hand or washing machine.

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3. Wakefit Reversible Comforter

Wakefit Reversible

Material – Microfiber

Filling – Polyester

GSM – 220

Size – 229 cm x 160 cm

Why We Love it Take Note
Lightweight design Both sides have same colour
Reversible colour scheme Stitching is not up to the mark
High quality construction
Moisture absorption and odour resistant
Premium feel
Machine washable

With its proven sleep solutions, Wakefit has been a popular brand. It uses innovative technologies to create products that provide extra comfort for its customers.

The brand’s microfiber comforter is reversible and has a thickness 220 GSM. You will feel warm in winter thanks to the siliconized polyester filling. This comforter is not too thick so you won’t feel too warm in summer.

This comforter also regulates temperature, so you don’t feel hot even if your bed is very hot. The fabric is soft, fluffy, and easy to move around in. This allows for adequate air circulation, which reduces humidity and increases breathability.

Pure cotton is used to give the fabric a luxurious feel. It also features a 100% microfibre shell for a premium look. The comforter can be used on either side, as the name suggests.

As it is a microfiber comforter, it is naturally odour-resistant. It does not produce any foul odours, even though it absorbs moisture. The comforter can be machine washed. This comforter can be washed in the same washing machine as other clothes.

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4. Cloth Fusion Reversible AC Comforter

Cloth Fusion

Material – Microfiber

Filling – Siliconized polyester

GSM – 200

Size – 150 cm x 230 cm

Why We Love it Take Note
Suitable for king size beds Average build quality
Machine stitched for durability A bit on pricey range
Ideal for people with allergies
Diamond stitching pattern
Rich and luxurious feel

Cloth Fusion’s Pacifier 2nd Generation AC Comforter is a great choice if you’re looking for an AC comforter to use in your bedroom. This comforter is expensive, but it still has a premium feel. The microfiber construction makes it feel soft to the touch.

As it comes with different colours on either side, a single flip can provide an entire look change to your bed.

Its GSM rating is 200 GSM, which is neither too high or too low. This comforter is a great fit for king-sized beds due to its size rating of 230 cm by 250 cm.

It is suitable for people who are sensitive to all things or suffer from allergies because it contains a hypoallergenic filling. The diamond pattern provides a classic and stylish look to the comforter. In addition to that, it keeps the filling in place.

You can use it as a duvet covering by looping the edges six times. You can choose from two sizes or 5 colours, as well as a multicolour option. Despite the fact that the pattern is machine-stitched, the stitching remains on the same line.

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5. SleepyCat Microfiber Reversible Comforter


Material – Microfiber

Filling – Virgin microfiber

GSM – 200

Size – 90 inches x 60 inches

Why We Love it Take Note
Reversible for colour refresh The stitching quality is not up the mark
Pre-stitched loops
Available in five colour combinations
Ideal for all-season comfort

The brand SleepyCat was founded with a mission of providing innovative and luxurious sleep solutions to Indian consumers. Among their product range, reversible comforter has made to our list because of its quality.

It has a great build quality and durable stitches that will last a long time. It uses microfiber for a premium, luxurious feel. The microfiber hollow siliconized filling is hypoallergenic and extremely effective at keeping you warm.

It has a density of 200 GSM, which is ideal for colder climates and light winters. This comforter is solid, soft, shiny, and snug so it is very comfortable, even though it is heavier than others.

This comforter comes with pre-stitched loops on all four corners so you can slip into your duvet for extra cushioning. As it comes with reversible design and two colours on either side, it gives a refreshing change with just a flip.

It has premium baffle box design which keeps the filling in its place and ensures even distribution. It is suitable for using in AC-conditioned rooms and mild winters.

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6. Livpure Smart Reversible Super Soft Comforter


Material – Microfiber

Filling – Microfiber

GSM – 200

Size – 2.54L x 2.29W Meters

Why We Love it Take Note
Can be used throughout the year Stitching can be better as it loosens or comes off after few washes.
Rich and luxurious feel
Anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic
No artificial chemicals used
Easy to wash and maintain
Has box stitching

Livepure Smart is a company that has been providing comforters, including high-quality mattresses, pillows, curtains, pillows and pillows for many years. Because of its luxurious and rich feel, this product is on our top-ten list.

This comforter is all-weather reversible, so it can be used in any season. It has a 200GSM filling that gives it a rich, luxurious feel throughout the year.

It features a premium smooth finish, which is not often found in premium comforters. The box stitching ensures that the microfiber is securely in place.

As it is hypoallergenic, people with sensitive skin and allergies can use it happily without any issues. It can be machine-washed or hand washed for easy care and maintenance. It is available four different colour combinations, you can choose anyone based on your preference.

The colour is different on either side, you can just flip it to get a new refreshing look any time. It is light in weight so this comforter doesn’t weigh you down or make you feel suffocated. It comes with a warranty duration of 1-year.

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7. Clasiko Reversible Double Bed King Size Comforter


Material – Micro cotton

Filling – Siliconized polyester fibre

GSM – 220

Size – 230 cm x 254 cm

Why We Love it Take Note
Provides adequate warmth Bulky
Large size for king size beds Poor stitching quality
Reversible colour scheme
Micro fibre cotton for premium feel
Colour fastness guarantee

Clasico comforter is specially designed to suit different Indian climatic conditions. It’s perfect for cold climates, warm winters and chill AC rooms.

This comforter has a GSM rating 320 which is higher than many others. It is a great choice if you’re looking for a king-size one. It measures 230 cm x250 cm and has enough room for two adults.

It is composed of three layers made from micro cotton. This is hypoallergenic and ensures no bubbling. It is safe for people with sensitive skin because it prevents allergens from building up inside.

As it is light in weight, you will not feel the comforter weighing down. Being hypoallergenic, it is breathable and skin-friendly.

You can machine wash it, but be careful with the stitching. It is recommended to use as little detergent and air dry. There are 27 colours to choose from. It can be easily matched with your bedroom colour.

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8. Story@Home Super Soft Comforter


Material – 100% Cotton

Filling – Cambric cotton and flannel filling

GSM – 220

Size – 2.2L x 1.44W Meters

Why We Love it Take Note
Perfect for year-round use No colour guarantee
Extremely soft to touch
Strong, durable and long-lasting
Maximum comfort
Doesn’t weigh you down
Stylish looks on both sides

Story@Home brand is well-known in India for providing high quality and premium dohars or comforters. All their products are made in India using excellent materials.

This comforter is specially designed for year-round use. So, it is a perfect addition for guestrooms, bedrooms, dorm room, and anywhere else you need.

It is made from finest quality cotton material which makes it soft to touch, durable, strong and long-lasting. It is light in weight and has attractive designs.

As it is reversible, you can use it any side you want. It has different colours and patterns on either side. So, you can just flip it to get a refreshing look.

This comforter is suitable for summers and winters alike. You can use them in air-conditioned rooms as well. Since they are light weight, you can easily carry them anywhere you want.

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9. KEA Reversible Double Bed Size Comforter

KEA Reversible

Material – 100% microfiber shell

Filling – Microfiber

GSM – 300

Size – 230 x 254 cm

Why We Love it Take Note
Colour fastness guarantee Stitching is not up to the mark
Highest GSM
Long-lasting softness
Perfect sizing
Easy to care
Light weight

KEA may not be a well-known brand in the Indian market however their comforter made to our list of best comforters in India for one simple reason – its highest GSM count. Because of this, it provides excellent softness and thickness like no other.

It comes with microfiber outer layer which is durable and long-lasting. As it comes with colour fastness guarantee, you don’t have to worry about faded colours. And moreover, the manufacturer also guarantees no bubbling.

This comforter is suitable for all year-round use, making it a perfect option for adults and babies. Being cosy, soft to touch and light in weight, you can carry it anywhere you want. It is a perfect option to gift for housewarming parties.

You can either machine wash or hand wash this comforter or duvet. It is suitable for double beds or king size beds.

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10. PESOMA Comforters All Season

PESOMA Comforters All Season

Material – 100% microfiber shell

Filling – Microfiber

GSM – 300

Size – 60L x 90W Inches

Why We Love it Take Note
Highest GSM rating Stitching is not up to the mark
Light in weight
Suitable for all seasons
Easy to care

For those who want a single, affordable comforter for their bed, the PESOMA comforter is a great choice.

The 300 GSM polyester filling is complemented by a 100% microfiber shell that feels soft and smooth. Its GSM rating makes it comparable to other options. This is ideal for both AC rooms and colder climates.

It also has a hypoallergenic filling. The filling is held better by the diamond-stitching design. This comforter has a unique feature: it comes with a travel bag that you can take along on your trips.

It can be used on one bed but is comparatively larger (233 cm x153 cm). This comforter is a good value for money, as you get many things for the price.

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Comforters are a necessity when it comes to dealing with cool winters. Regular blankets are suitable as they cannot prevent the cold weather which leads to uninterrupted sleep.

Some of these comforters are designed specially for year-round use which can be beneficial for areas with tropical climates.

As there are several choices when it comes to comforter models, it is better to take some to analyse the best as choosing a wrong one can end up being waste of money.

If you want a clear guide on how to purchase the best comforter, then we recommend checking out the buying guide. Using the same factors, we have shortlisted some of the best comforters in India. Read the detail reviews to make an informed choice.

Which comforter did you purchase? Share your experiences and queries in the comment section below. We shall reply to them at our earliest.

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