Best 20W USB-C iPhone Chargers Reviews in 2022

From the release of iPhone 12 series, Apple has stopped including earphones and chargers in the package box.

Though the cable provided is useful, you still need an adapter when you want to use a wall socket for charging your phone.

And moreover, older iPhone adapters (5W) are not compatible with new iPhone models as they don’t support the fast-charging technology which only works with new 20W adapters.

While purchasing a 20W charger you may have the dilemma – whether to choose Apple 20W charger or 3rd party 20W charger.

Most of the people think that, 3rd party chargers may not be safe and may affect the battery life in the long terms.

However, it is not entirely true. Some of the popular brands provide reliable chargers that don’t affect your phones battery life in any way.

To check out the same, we are going to purchase the top-rated 20W USB-C iPhone chargers and hands-on test them.

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Best 20W USB-C iPhone Chargers – we are going to consider for testing are

These chargers are selected based on the top rating and customer reviews on Amazon.

Disclaimer – None of the products mentioned here are sponsored by any brand. We are providing honest reviews based on the tested conducted by our in-house testing experts. We are not supporting or demoting any brand through our article.

How We Tested –

iPhone chargersApart from Apple, the three main 3rd party chargers we selected are from the brands – Anker, Portronics and Dr Vaku.

To analyse which one is best among them, we are going to conducted a series of tests and compare them with the original iPhone charger provided by Apple.

The tests we are going to conduct are speed test and heat test.

Speed test – We are going to check how fast these chargers can charge up iPhone 12 mobile. We will also check how much percentage of charge is provided by the adapter at different

Heat Test – If the mobile gets too hot after getting charged, then this can affect the battery life span. So, we are going to check the temperatures of both mobile and chargers after completing charging.

Using these tests, we are going to compare and analyse which 3rd party charger is the best option.

A Quick Review of 3rd Party iPhone Charger:

Before testing, we will go through the features and build analysis of every 3rd party charger for your reference.

First, lets us compare all the design and build quality of all the chargers.

All these chargers have similar height and width. So, there is any difference among them when it comes the dimensions feature.

Quick ReviewWhen we talk about the build quality, Apple and Anker have slightly better build quality compared to Portronics and Dr VAKU.

Another thing to consider is that, all these 3rd party chargers have c-power adapters and support USB-C power technology which supports fast charging recommend by Apple for quick charging.

Review 2Detail Test Analysis of Best iPhone Chargers:

Now, let us go into the test details and analysis of 3rd party iPhone chargers. Every test is performed at our research centre by our expert research team.

1. Speed Test

Here, we have taken four recently purchased iPhone 12 mobiles with 100% battery health.

Before performing the test, we have drained all the power completely to 0% for accurate results.

We will be using the original iPhone cable which is originally provided in the box along with the mobile for this charging process.

To start the test, we connected the cables to their respected chargers and turned on the power.

Now, let’s check which iPhone will boot up first. And you can see that almost all the iPhones were able to boot up almost in similar time duration which is around 1 minute.

Speed test 1Now, we will quickly set all the iPhones in a similar setting and in airplane mode to get more accurate result in the test.

After 5 minutes, you can see almost all iPhones are able to charge up to 10% which is good enough for using the iPhone for couple of hours.

Speed Test 2After 15 minutes, we observed slightly more difference among the charging capacity. As Apple charger and Portronics provided 31% charging.

Speed test 3Dr Vaku has provided 28% charging and Anker has provided 30% charging. This charging time will surely last for several hours.

Next, we moved on to see how much charging is provided in the time duration of 30 minutes.

And we can see, Apple is slightly leading with highest percentage of charging that is 58%. It is followed by Anker and Portronics with 57% charging. And Dr Vaku has provided only 54% charging.

Speed test4The Apple brand in their website have claimed that you can charge your iPhone up to 50% battery in around 30 minutes duration.

And you can actually see that, it has performed much better than their claims which is quite good.

Next, we are going to continue the charging again for another 1 hour and see how much each iPhone is charged.

So, here you can see Apple is still leading with 87% charge followed by Anker with 1% variation at 86%.

But Portronics and Dr Vaku is slightly behind at just 83% charge.

Speed test 5Now finally, we are going to see which charger will complete the charging to 100%.

In the most of the iPhone mobiles, optimized charging is enabled by default which actually helps to preserve your battery health in longer duration.

So, you can see Anker which just lightly behind Apple has finished the charging to 100% within 1 hour 46 minutes. Apple charger has taken 1 hour 49 minutes, Portronics has taken 1 hour 52 minutes and finally Dr VAKU has taken 1 hour 55 minutes.

Speed test 6However, when you consider overall performance, we would say that Apple has performed the best as it has charged the phone fastest till 50% and 80%.

But after 80%, a slower charging is always better for the phone as it will preserve your battery health.

charge speed2. Heat Test

We have performed heat test for all the chargers and mobiles to see which one has highest temperature. We took the readings using a digital thermometer at an interval of 30 minutes and 60 minutes (1 hour).

First let’s check the temperature of iPhone mobile.

At 30 minutes, phones charged by Anker and Apple has 36°C degrees. While the Dr VAKU and Portronics charged iPhones temperature was 38.1°C.

When we performed the charging test on the chargers, all the 3rd party chargers Dr VAKU, Portronics and ANKER crossed 45°C which is very hot and Apple charger had only 35.7°C.

heat test 1Next, we performed the same test again after 1 hour.

When we did the test on chargers, here also Apple has the lowest temperature at 29°C. And next at 1 hour, Apple was still leading with less temperature at 30°C.

And all other chargers were slightly cooler than before at around 35°C to 40°C.

Here, you can see that Apple has maintained lowest temperature in terms of both tests. So, it will definitely help in maintaining the proper battery life.

heat test 2Test Conclusion –

After performing all these hands-on tests, we can conclude that Apple charger as my first recommendation.

Although it is slightly more expensive but still worth purchasing it. Because it charges the fastest compared to 3rd party chargers and also produces very less heat. So, it will keep your phone battery health at the best in longer duration.

However, if you are looking for slightly budget-friendly option, our second recommendation would be Anker and Portronics chargers.

Because they also charge the iPhones quite fast without heating the devices.

Although the chargers itself were getting hotter compared to Apple charger, both these brands are quite established and well-known in the market for many years. So, they are safer options than local brands available in the market.

Takeaway –

With Apple no longer providing charger with their new mobile models starting from iPhone 12 series, you have to either use your old charger or purchase a new one.

Apple chargers are indeed costly compared to other 3rd party models. However, if you are looking for a budget-friendly option, there are some trust-worthy and safe options that don’t affect the Apple battery life.

We have purchased and tested these options in this article. You can choose anyone among them as per your preference.

We hope the information provided here has helped you make the right decision. For any queries or

For more such articles and reviews, check out our website regularly.

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