7 Best Kitchen Chimneys for Smoke-Free and Clean Kitchen

Investing in a kitchen chimney is the right choice when an exhaust fan isn’t enough to improve airflow and ventilation.

To verify this claim, we have analysed several kitchens with and without chimney for a time duration of 2 months. After the results, we can strongly support that kitchen with chimney has cleanliness rating of 4.1/5 while kitchen without chimney has only 2.8/5 cleanliness rating.

In addition to that, they provide a touch of elegance and sophistication to your kitchen.

Since there are several brands providing different models, we have shortlisted some of the best one kitchen chimneys in India by testing and analysis.

How We Tested?

Based on customer reviews, we have selected few kitchen chimney models and tested them for a over a month long. The three main criteria we have used for testing are

  • Size – If you gas stove or kitchen hob has 3 or less burners, then 60cm models are suitable. For gas stove that has more than 3 burners, kitchen chimney with 90cm size is suitable.
  • Suction – An ideal kitchen chimney is considered to remove 10 times of air volume in the given space. Kitchen chimneys available in India have average suction power ranging from 400 cubic meters to 1250 cubic meters. It is better to choose a model with higher suction power based on your kitchen room area.
  • Auto Clean – Having this feature not only helps with easy maintenance but improves suction power by preventing clogs in the filter.

If you would like to read a detail guide on how to choose a kitchen chimney, then you can go through the article ‘HERE’. We mentioned all the necessary factors with all the details necessary.

Here are the Top 7 Best Kitchen Chimneys In India

Best Kitchen ChimneysSizeSuction PowerAuto CleanBuy Now
Elica Kitchen Chimney601200YesCheck On Amazon
Faber HOOD Everest IND Chimney601200YesCheck On Amazon
Eurodomo Hood Classy Chimney901200YesCheck On Amazon
Whirlpool Kitchen Chimney601100YesCheck On Amazon
Insala 60BKBF Pyramid Kitchen Chimney601150NoCheck On Amazon
BLOWHOT Ariel Chimney60800NoCheck On Amazon
Hindware Marvia Kitchen Chimney601000NoCheck On Amazon

Detail Analysis of Each Product

1. Elica WDFL 606 HAC MS NERO Kitchen Chimney


Specifications –

Size – 60 cms

Suction – 1200 m3/hr

Control Panel – Touch

Auto Clean – Yes

Elica has been providing outstanding products throughout India for over a decade. Between their models of 15 and 50 variations, WD TBF HAC is the most suitable choice. The makers of Elica have created this product with class and grace. It can be used for 2, 3, and 4 burner gas stoves.

Suction Power- This product is equipped with 1200m3/hr suction power that is effective enough to eliminate the heat, smoke and toxic gases that are released from the gas stove.

Filter – This kitchenhood is fitted with sealed motor and doesn’t have filter to ensure the oil deposits and vapours are efficiently exhausted out of the kitchen without affecting the smooth functioning of the chimney.

Operation – It is equipped with motion sensor control and a smooth touchscreen display. As it has a motion sensor, you can simply wave your hand to turn it off or on and then increase the suction and level.

Another benefit of this product is Heat Auto Clean Technology. With a single touch the chimney will cleanse itself. This is accomplished by using a heating element that remove the oily particles and lets it settle inside an oil collector. It is possible to clean the container every once in a while.

This kitchen chimney is also equipped with two LED lamps, which offer the perfect lighting to cook with. These lamps consume only 3 Watts of power, which means you don’t need to fret about a higher energy consumption.

The chimney uses less energy (180 Watts) and you won’t have to worry about your monthly electricity costs. The noise level is 58db, which is less when than the other chimneys in your kitchen. The manufacturer offers one year of guarantee on the entire product and a 5-year warranty on the chimney.

Positives Negatives
High suction power of 1200 m3/hr Customer service is not up the mark
Compatible with 2 to 4 burners Extra charges are taken for installation
Filterless technology
2 LED lamps for proper lighting
Motion sensors
Oil collector

Buy Now From Amazon

2. Faber HOOD Everest IND SC TC HC BK 60 Chimney

Faber HOOD


Size – 60 cms

Suction – 1200 m3/hr

Control Panel – Touch

Auto Clean – Yes

Faber has been in the Indian market for several years and their kitchen chimney have acclaimed a name for superior technology and higher efficiency. Their Hood Crest model is a combination of durability, performance and striking looks.

Suction – When it comes to efficiency, it has a whopping suction power of 1200m3/hr which ensures to remove grease, oil deposits, smoke and vapours quickly. Though the suction power is high, it doesn’t generate much noise so you can complete cooking process without any disturbance.

Filter – Unlike many other products in the market, this kitchen chimney doesn’t come with any filters. The motor position is placed in an appropriate place for a clear pathway of air flow. As there are filters, the maintenance is absolutely free.

Operation – This kitchen chimney has a digital touch display and gesture control which is not available with other products in this price range. Just by waving your hand over the sensors, you can control the operation of the chimney like increasing or decreasing the suction. With one-touch control panel, you can easily operate the chimney without any issues.

This kitchen chimney comes with auto-clean feature. So, you don’t have to struggle or waste time to scrubbing the filters. With just one click, it will automatically generate some heat to remove the oil deposits and grease stuck to the inner walls of the chimney. You can just use this feature once in few months to maintain the chimney in optimal condition.

It is equipped with 2 LED lights on each corner of the chimney which ensures sufficient light while cooking. It comes with a warranty duration of 5-years on the motor and 1-year on the whole body.

Positives Negatives
High suction power of 1200m3/hr A bit pricey
Wall mountable
Power motor yet less noise
Touch and gesture control
Oil collector
Filter-less technology

Buy Now From Amazon

3. Eurodomo Hood Classy HC TC BK 90 Chimney



Size – 90 cms

Suction – 1200 m3/hr

Control Panel – Touch

Auto Clean – Yes

Eurodomo is a well-known European company that offers innovatively designed kitchen appliances such as sinks, chimneys, and more over the last 15 years. Their product line includes HC TC 60 model not just looks stunning, but also features smart functions too.

Suction – This chimney is equipped with a suction power of up to 1200 cubic meters. This can be enough to take out dust, smoke and the vapors that are released during cooking.

Filter – It comes with premium baffle filters made of stainless steel, making it the ideal kitchen chimney for an Indian kitchen. It is effective in removing smoke, oil and other residue particles that can be released during cooking.

Operation – The touch control panel on the top of the chimney makes it easy and quick to operate. Two LED lights are installed in the top of the chimney, which illuminate the cooking area.

The manufacturer has added an auto-clean function within this item. If you’re in the mood to clean your filters by pressing the auto-clean button. The chimney will produce warmth to melt the stuck oil and other deposits on the filter, which will be disposed of in the oil collection system.

In the highest suction setting it generates 58Db of noise, which may be a nuisance for some. Eurodomo offers free installation of this item, which is different from other brands of kitchen chimneys. It comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty as well as a 5-year guarantee on its motor.

Positives Negatives
Suction capacity of 1200m3/hr Generates 58db noise
Premium black finish and stylish design Proper use manual not provided
Tempered glass
2 LED lights
Stainless steel baffle filters
5-year warranty on motor

Buy Now From Amazon

4. Whirlpool CG 601 HAC HOOD Kitchen Chimney



Size – 60 cms

Suction – 1100 m3/hr

Control Panel – Touch

Auto Clean – Yes

The brand Whirlpool doesn’t need any introduction as they have been in the Indian market for several decades. They recently ventured into kitchen appliances range and among them is kitchen chimneys. Their CG 601 kitchen chimney is a combination of elegance and performance.

Suction – It has a suction capacity of 1100 cubic meters per hour which ensures comfort exhaustion of smoke, vapours, oil and grease. Though it has powerful motor, it doesn’t generate much noise. So, you can cook your favourite dishes without any hinderance.

Filters – This kitchen chimney is featured with baffle filter which keeps your kitchen free from smoke and greasy things. These filters are easy to clean and maintain.

Operation – It comes with a trendy tough control panel which provides access to all the features without any issues.

With heat auto clean technology, you can clean the chimney with a push of button. Once you click the button, it uses heat to get rid of sticky oil particles that are stuck to the inside walls of the chimney. These oil deposits are collected in the collection box right below the chimney for easy disposal.

It comes with motion sensor technology which enables to operate the suction speed by just a simple wave of your hand. The two LED lamps are designed to provide adequate light for cooking in dim lighting spaces.

This kitchen chimney is suitable for 2 to 4 burner gas stoves. It comes with 10 years warranty on motor and 1 year comprehensive on the body.

Positives  Negatives
Compact and stylish looks Poor after sales service
Curved tempered glass
Suitable for 2 to 4 burner gas stoves
Baffle filter
Motion sensor
Touch control panel

Buy Now From Amazon

5. Insala 60BKBF Pyramid Kitchen Chimney



Size – 60 cms

Suction – 1050 m3/hr

Control Panel – Push Button

Auto Clean – No

Inalsa is an affiliate of a European company that has been creating high-end kitchen appliances since its creation around 1967. Within their product line, Nexa 60BKBF is one of the most efficient kitchen chimneys made in India.

Suction – It’s got 1050 m3/hr suction power, which is effective enough to prevent smoke, heat and other dangerous gases that are commonly produced from Indian kitchens. It’s ideal for kitchens of a sizes of 175 square feet. It can take on smoke or the heat generated by heavy frying and grilling too.

Filter – It comes with high-quality stainless steel baffle filters which capture the grease, cooking odours and oil deposits so that there can be proper air flow.

Operation – It comes with illuminated push button controls which are easy to operate. The buttons offer easy controls for power, light and fan speeds.

The product has auto-cleaning technology, which allows you to keep the chimney clean easily. By pressing the auto-clean function it will generate heat that melts any oil that is accumulated within the filter and motors. The oil is then collected inside an oil collection system that is cleaned out easily every once in the course of time.

The two LEDs are installed inside the kitchen chimney that helps to light the cooking area under low lighting conditions. It generates 65 dB of noise that is extremely loud and annoying also. It only has two speeds. You can choose the suction depending on your requirements. 7 years warranty on the motor and 2 years of warranty on the product are provided through the manufacturer.

Positives Negatives
Classic style noisy
Stainless steel baffle filter The exhaust pipe quality is not that great
Push button controls
2 Watt LED lighting
Suitable for 2 burner stoves
Affordably priced

Buy Now From Amazon

6. BLOWHOT Ariel Chimney

BLOWHOT Ariel Chimney


Size – 60 cms

Suction – 800 m3/hr

Control Panel – Push Button

Auto Clean – No

BLOWHOT is relatively new and lesser-known brand yet its kitchen chimney has made to our list because of quality and efficiency for the price range. It has a classic design that blends easily in any kitchen interiors.

Suction – This chimney is equipped with a strong motor to provide suction of 800 millimetres per hour. So, you’ll get lesser smoke, and more scent when cooking.

Filter – A chimney removes the smoke and dust by using a baffle filter. The premium baffle filter helps keep the smoke from your kitchen by directing straight to an outlet.

Operation – It’s simple to control power as well as the fan speed and lights with the push of one button. This unique feature makes for easy use for effortless cooking. The push button is easily cleaned using soft material.

You can get a better view of the pan using these massive placed 2 LED lamps. It lets you have a greater glimpse inside the cooker as you cook. The noise from the chimney is lower than 59 dBA, which permits you to enjoy clean and delicious cooking.

The chimney has been designed to be a perfect match for contemporary kitchen designs. BLOWHOT kitchen chimney is everything you need to experience the ultimate culinary experience. This kitchen chimney has 5-years warranty on motor.

Positives Negatives
Copper motor Exhaust pipe extra cost
Elegant design No free installation
Baffle filter
Easy to operate
Quiet operation
Good suction power

Buy Now From Amazon

7. Hindware Marvia Kitchen Chimney



Size – 60 cms

Suction – 1000 m3/hr

Control Panel – Push Button

Auto Clean – No

Over the past 60 years, Hindware has made its name across the nation with its superior quality and commitment to innovation innovative designs, and long-lasting products. In their vast selection in chimneys, we will talk about Marvia 60 – which is an exclusive combination of cutting-edge technology and chic design.

Suction – This duct-type kitchen chimney comes with suction of 1200m3/hr that is can be effective in removing fumes, odours and harmful gasses.

Filter – It is made of stainless-steel baffle filters – those forces cooking oils and other residues to remain in the baffle, allowing only it flow freely between the filters.

Operation By using a one-touch control you can manage the chimney with no issues. Marvia 60 is also equipped with two LED lamps that will provide light to a huge surface on the counter. Since these lamps consume little power, you won’t need to fret about power costs even if you leave the lights on for a longer duration.

The manufacturer provides an unbeatable 1-year and five-year motor warranties, you can be sure of the quality. After you have purchased the product The certified service engineers will install the product for you.

Positives Negatives
High quality baffle filters The exhaust pipe needs to be replaced once in a while
Classic and stylish design
2 LED lamps
Enhanced push control for low maintenance
Easy to clean and maintain

Buy Now From Amazon


Most of the Indian homes are not properly ventilated, so kitchen chimneys or hoods are an absolute necessity. In addition to that, the modern interiors need proper exhaustion of smoke so that there can be proper air flow. This helps in maintaining the kitchen clean and grease-free.

Since there are several kitchen chimney models in the market, it can be a little difficult to choose a single product among them. And moreover, as it is not a small investment that is replaceable easily, it is better to take some time before purchasing it.

If you are wondering how to analyse for the best kitchen chimney that suits your needs, we recommend checking out our Buying Guide. We have curated all the information necessary to make a wise decision.

Based on the same information, we have tested several models for a duration of month and shortlisted the best kitchen chimneys in India among them.

If you still have any questions regarding this article, we recommend writing to us in the comment section below. We shall reply to them as early as possible.

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