Best Kitchen Weighing Scales

Kitchen Weighing Scale – a must-have cooking gadget for every cooking enthusiast.

Precise measurements are the key to a successful dish, especially in baking – from evenly cooked cookies to perfectly risen cake.

A food weighing scale provides the most accurate measurement (down to 1gm) compared to traditional options (measuring spoons and cups).

But in the plethora of models, choosing a single product is like searching a needle in haystack.

So, to help you make the best buying decision, we have purchased and tested the best-selling kitchen weighing scales from top brands based on rating and reviews.

Further, we spent several hours on each product to test their accuracy, stability, build quality and several other factors.

Based on the results, we have listed the best kitchen weighing scales in the order of priority.

How We Tested?

We unboxed each product and analysed them for three main tests – accuracy, stability and ease of cleaning. Even if you are testing any kitchen weighing scale on your own, these are the important factors you should check out.

For accuracy, we conducted weight test using three different lab weights – 20gms, 100gms and 500gms respectively. During the test, we analysed how accurate the weight scale readings are and how fast it is showing the readings.

When it comes to stability, we placed weights on different sides of the weighing scales to check out if the product is moving from its place or position. We also test the buttons ease of use and base grip as well.

And finally, the ease of cleaning. We applied different ingredients like ketchup, oil and others on the weighing scales and left it dry for 24 hours. After that, we took a damp cloth and used to clean the surface of weighing scale to check how easy it is to clean the stains.

Disclaimer – None of the products mentioned in this article are sponsored by anyone. They are picked based on the reviews, ratings, customer feedback and hands-on testing by our internal research team. We are not against any brand or product.

Reviews of Top 5 Best-Selling Kitchen Weighing Scales

1. Glun Multipurpose Digital Weighing Scale

Glun Multipurpose Digital Weighing ScaleThis weighing scale from the brand Glun is one of the lowest-priced kitchen weighing scale amongst all the product. It is capable of measuring up to 10Kgs of weight. It has slightly elevated platform which makes it easy to check the readings even when you place large bowls over it.

It has big LCD backlit display on the left and three function buttons on the right side. The three functions include turn on/off, tare function and mode for unit change. It is quite compact and light in weight.

Glun 2When it comes to body weight, it is made up of average plastic material and the finishing is also not up the mark.

In the customer reviews, we have observed that most of the people have expressed their disappointment in the durability of this machine.


Measurement Capability –

If you check the units, it can measure only in grams and ounces. It doesn’t support litres measurement.

Accuracy Test –

When placed three different pre-know lab weights on the Glun kitchen weighing scale respectively, it has shown accurate readings for 100gms. But it has shown slight variation when we measured 20gms and 500gms.

As there is only small variation (1gm), it is actually ok for daily usage. However, if you are particular about the measurements, then we recommend checking out other options.


Glun 5Stability Test –

For stability test, when we pressed on the buttons, it was mostly stable. Even when pressed on different corners, it was stable and didn’t shake or move. However, when we check the base grip, it easily slides back because it doesn’t come with rubber grip at the bottom.


Glun 4

We recommend Glun kitchen weighing scale to people who use it less frequently and looking for a budget-friendly option as it is priced under Rs. 400.

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2. Dr Trust Kitchen Weighing Scale

Dr Trust Kitchen Weighing Scale

This kitchen weighing scale from Dr Trust comes with a detachable bowl. Compared to Glun, the plastic build quality of this product is quite good and the finishing is also great. It is capable of measuring up to 5kgs of weight.

When we talk about control panel, it actually comes with a backlit LED display with touch sensitive buttons on either side of the display screen. These buttons are provided for changing unit measurement, choose the tare function and to switch/off the machine.

Dr Trust 1

The detachable bowl provided along the weighing scale is suitable for measuring solid grocery ingredients on daily basis. However, if you want to place any other bowl which slightly round in shape or bigger in size, this fixed bowl design cannot support is properly. So, you may have to be slightly careful with it.

Dr Trust 2

Compared to other models in the list, this one has a slightly bulky size and 2 inches thickness. So, it may take considerable storage space in your kitchen.

If this weighing scale is your choice, then it is available for around Rs. 900 and comes with warranty duration of 6 months.

Accuracy Test –

For this machine also, we have placed 20gms, 100gms, 500gms. It has shown accurate readings for 20gms and 100gms. However, it has shown fluctuating measurement for 500gms.


DrTrust 3Stability Test –

We first tested the buttons for the stability. When we pressed lightly, it was stable and didn’t show any instability. However, when we pressed a bit harder, it was slightly moving from its place. When we checked the corners, it is mostly stable on all the four sides. The base of the grip is also quite stable as it has rubber grips at the bottom.


DrTrust 4

Overall, this kitchen weighing scale from Dr Trust is quite reliable. Its build quality is also quite good. But it has shown some accuracy issues for higher weights (500gms). As the variation is just 1gm, people who don’t need too precise measurements can purchase it.

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3. HealthSense KS 40 2020 Model

4. HealthSense KS 63 Weighing Scale

As these two products are from the same brand. We are providing comparison review for better understanding.

The 2020 model has been one of top-selling models in the Amazon. And the 2021 model is actually launched recently. However, it is getting quite good response for the upgraded quality and functioning.


These two weighing scales come with good ABS plastic material quality and light weight as well. They also have sleek and elegant finish.

Because of its compact and lightweight features, you can easily store it anywhere in your kitchen. And moreover, you can also carry it in any kind of handbag while travelling or camping.

When it comes to display, the 2020 model comes with normal display without backlit feature. It can provide measurements in grams and millimetres.

The 2021 model comes with backlit display. Unlike 2020 models, it can provide measurement in grams, millimetres units for water and milk separately.


Accuracy Test –

We checked three different weights individually on both these weighing scales. And both of them performed quite well in terms of accuracy. The readings were precise and didn’t show even slightest variation (up to 1gms).


Stability Test –

When we pressed on the buttons of 2020 model, it was getting slightly unstable. Even when we put weight on different size, it was moving and quite unstable. However, base grip was quite stable because of the rubber grips present at the bottom.

In the stability test of 2021 model, it was stable when we pressed down the buttons and sides or corners. Its base grip is also stable because of the rubber grips at the bottom.

healthsense 6HealthSense5

Overall, both these machines were accurate but 2021 model was much more stable than 2020 model. And both of them are priced around Rs. 900 each.

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5. Amazonbasics Stainless Steel Digital Weighing Scale

Amazon Basics Stainless Steel Digital Weighing ScaleThis food weighing scale comes with good quality plastic base and stainless-steel top. This is actually a very reliable combination and food stains will not affect the stainless-steel material.

Though this design is compact size, it is a bit heavier in weight. This can be due to the presence of stainless-steel material. However, this makes it more durable option among the products specified in this article.

When we look at the display, it has a backlit screen with two buttons on either side of it. These buttons are touch-sensitive. However, they are clickable. The left side button is for turning on/off the button while the right-side button is for selecting the units – grams or millimetres.

Amazon Basics 1Accuracy Test –

We checked the three individual weights on this scale and it has shown accurate measurements for three of them without even slightest variation.

Amazon Basics

Stability Test –

When checked the stability, it was very stable when we pressed the buttons and corners of the machine. It also more stable-base grip compared to other models mentioned in this article because they have a greater number of rubber grips at the bottom.

Amazon Basics 3

Overall, the quality, durability, accuracy and stability were good for this product. If you are interested in purchasing this product, you can get it on Amazon under Rs. 900. It also comes with 1-year warranty.

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Comparison Analysis of Top Selling Weighing Scales

Ease of Cleaning Comparison –

In the comparison analysis, let us first check the ease of cleaning for all the 5 machines.

For this, we have applied ketchup, pizza sause and some oil stains on all the 5 weighing scales. And we left it to dry for about 24 hours.

Ease of Cleaning Comparison -After they are completely dried out, we tried cleaning them using a wet cloth and mostly all the food weighing scales were easy to clean and stains came off easily as well.

However, while cleaning, we observed that, Amazon Basics, Glun, and HealthSense 2020 model required more effort. And moreover, you have to be more careful while cleaning them as well. Because they have slight gap between the top and base. In this gap, water or other food particles can easily stuck and becomes a little bit tedious to clean.

Ease of Cleaning ComparisonAccuracy Comparison –

In this analysis, we observed that HealthSense 2020, HealthSense 2021 and Amazon Basics has performed the best. Dr Trust kitchen weighing scale performed good as it was slightly fluctuating for only 500 grams weight. Glun kitchen weighing scale has performed average as it was showing fluctuation for both 20gms and 500gms.

Accuracy Comparison –

Stability Comparison –

In terms of stability, HealthSense 2021 and Amazon Basics have performed great because of the rubber grips at the bottom. Dr Trust also has rubber bottoms and overall stable but it slightly unstable while pressing the buttons. Glun food weighing scale performed average as it did not have any base grip. HealthSense 2020 models was mostly unstable except the base grip. And it was least when compared to other model’s stability.

Overall Analysis Summary –

Overall, as per our analysis, HealthSense 2021 and Amazon Basics performed the best as they provided accurate measurements, were more stable, easy to clean and have durable build quality.

In the second place, we recommend Dr Trust and HealthSense 2020 models as they were good with accuracy but not so great with the stability.

However, if you are looking for budget-friendly option and don’t use a kitchen weighing scale often then, we recommend going with Glun brand. Though it has slight variations in the accuracy and little unstable, it will get the work done.

The Takeaway

Whether you trying to learn baking or an established culinary expert, the most important accessory you need to invest is the kitchen weighing scale or food weighing scale. To help you make the best buying decision, we tested the top 5 best-selling kitchen weighing scales.

By checking out the comparison, you can analyse which product is more suitable for your requirements. Whichever product you choose in the list we provided; we are sure it will be a great asset for you.

For more such articles, stay tuned to our website. If you want us to review any product, write to us in the comment section below. You can also share us your review on the products we mentioned.

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