Best Mosquito Nets for Beds – Unique Style and High Quality

Mosquito nets are the perfect protection against harmful mosquito bites and to get peaceful sleep, especially if you have kids at home.

Fortunately, latest mosquito nets come in free-standing design without any need for external support, hooks or strings.

As they have a foldable design, you can easily store them without sparing much space in your closet.

These mosquito nets are available in different sizes and shapes to accommodate single beds to king-size or double beds.

But with so many choices, its hard to determine which one is the best. To figure out what makes a mosquito net worthy of investing, we read several reviews of consumers (both positive and negative).

Based on this data, we determined that – quality and durability play a major role.

And in this article, we are going to real-time test and review the top-selling mosquito net products on Amazon.

Best Mosquito Nets for Beds

Disclaimer – These products are shortlisted based on the reviews. The reviews provided here are purely based on the results achieved while physically testing them. We are not promoting or demoting any brand or product.

How We Tested?

In order to determine the quality and durability of the mosquito nets, we performed four different tests that are mentioned below.

  • Net Quality – In this test, we performed two different analyses – the quality of net fabric and a scratch test. These tests help us determine whether the product can stand the test of time.
  • Zip Quality – Often times, zips get fail or broken due to regular wear and tear. We will check the quality of each zip to understand its durability.
  • Stitching Quality – Low quality stitches are more prone to breakage leading to holes for mosquito entry. So, we are going to check out how durable the stitch quality of each mosquito net is.
  • Ease of Use – Low quality zips are not easy to open and close. And this friction may result in zip fails, leading to waste of your investment.

Detail Review of Each Test

1. Net Quality –

Net Quality 1

The quality of a net fabric depends on the number of threads used. Higher the number of threads, better will be the durability.

To the same, we micro-zoomed into each net fabric of all the four products for checking how many threads are being used.

The Healthgenie mosquito net has only single thread. The Odomos and Good Knight mosquito nets have double threaded design while the Classic model has triple thread design.

As per this analysis, it is clear that, Classic mosquito net has great net quality followed by Odomos and Good Knight. But HealthGenie net quality is not good so it may not be as strong as the other options.

To verify the strength of this fabric, we performed a scratch test.

In this test, we took a sharp-edged knife and scratched it over the next fabric of all the mosquito net products 10 times at a particular area using the tip of the knife.

When we started the test, all net seemed ok until 5 times of scratches. However, healthgenie mosquito net started tearing off after 5 times.

But other three products performed great without any scratches. So, it is safe to say that, Good Knight, Classic and Odomos were great in durability. It can be because of the multi-thread design net. Healthgenie lost the battle because of the single thread design fabric.

Net Quality 12. Zip Quality

When it comes to zips, GoodKnight brand has the best quality amongst all of them and the build quality is also superior to others.

But the Odomos and Healthgenie, they also has good zip quality but not as good as the GoodKnight brand.

And finally, the Classic mosquito net had quite poor zip quality when we compared all the zip brands. And also the zip came out easily while we performing the test.

Zip Quality3. Stitching Quality

In terms of stitching quality, GoodKnight, Healthgenie, and Odomos were great because their stitches were quite secured and tight.

But when talked about Classic mosquito net, the stitching quality was not great as the gap was slightly more between the stitches. And also the stitches were easily coming off in some ways.

Stitching Quality4. Ease of Use

This test is particularly performed on the zips present in the mosquito net. Low quality zips often fail or get damaged easily with regular wear and tear.

So, in this test, we are going to open and close the zip continuously and quickly for at 4 to 5 times to check which one can handle it well.

First, we conducted this test on Odomos mosquito net. And it has opened and closed smoothly in all the 5 times. And it didn’t get stuck even once.

Next, we performed it on the Classic mosquito net. And out of all the 5 times, the zip got stuck three times. And the functioning was also not as smooth as Odomos.

The next comes the Healthgenie mosquito net. This product has got stuck 4 of 5 times when opened and closed the zip continously.

And finally the performed this test on Good Knight mosquito net. This mosquito net has stuck only once among the 5 times. And the zip functioning was also smooth.

In this ease of use test, Odomos mosquito net has performed great, followed by Good Knight and Classic. But Healthgenie performed poor in this test as well.

good great

5. Other Features:

When we compared other features, we noticed that among the four mosquito nets, Good Knight and Odomos provided special pockets and small zips inside the net.

This pocket is provided to accommodate your mobile phone and the zip provides opening to the power cord for charging your phone. This feature is quite useful in times while you are sleeping and don’t you have to open and close the full-length just to check your mobile again and again.

Final Conclusion of Mosquito Nets Comparison

Based on all the tests we performed, we are going to analyze the winner, runners and loser among the four mosquito net products.

Net Quality Test Comparison:

In our first test of checking net quality, we check thed net fabric quality. In this test, both GoodKnight and Odmos brand mosquito net performed good as they have double-thread net quality. And both of them performed good in the scratch-test as well.

The Classic mosquito net has performed great as it has triple-thread fabric quality. It has performed great in scratch-test as well.

And Healthgenie has perfomed poor as it has only single-threaded design and it did not pass in our scartch test.

Net Quality Test ComparisonZip Quality Test Comparison:

When we talk about the zip quality, GoodKnight brand has the best quality and smooth functioning. And the build quality is also superior compared to others.

Odomos and Healthgenie mosquito nets, they also has good zip quality but not as good as the GoodKnight brand.

And the last product from Classic mosquito net has poor quality zip and also one of the zip came off while testing them.

zip quality

Stitch Quality Test Comparison:

And the next test comparison is the stitching quality. In terms of stitching quality, GoodKnight, Healthgenie, and Odomos performed great. And Classic mosquito net has performed average as the stitch quality was not good with gaps inbetween.

stitching quailty

Ease of Use Comparison Test:

In this test, GoodKnight and Odomos test have performed great as they were easy to open and close.

The classic mosquito net has performed good as the zip got stuck only couple of times while opening and closing the zip multiple times.

The ease of use of the zips were poor in Healthgenie mosquito net was poor as the zip got several times and the functioning was also not smooth.

ease of use

Final Recommendations:

Based on all the tests and comparison, we finally came to a conclusion of recommendations. We mentioned below.

#1 recommendation goes to GoodKnight brand as it was great in terms of zip quality, stitching quality and ease of use. It has also performed good in terms of net quality.

#2 recommendation is Odomos mosquito net as it was great in terms of stitching quality and ease of use. It has also performed good in terms of net quality and zip quality.

#3 recommendation is Classic mosquito net as it has great trip-thread net fabric quality. But it was not good in terms of other factors.

#4 recommendation is Healthgenie as it had only good stitching quality and performed poor in all other categories.

Takeaway –

With the latet mosquito net designs, it has become quite ease to use and store them. If you are confused which mosquito net to choose among all the option, then we hope the tests and reviews provided in this articles have helped you make a choice.

If you still have any queries, we recommend writing to us in the comment section below. For more more such comparisions, do visit our website regularly.

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