Best Steam Irons

Steam irons are much powerful and efficient compared to the dry regular irons. The steam and heat produced by them will get rid of all the wrinkles and creases easily without any issues.

They heat up pretty quickly and have electronic controls that let you adjust the temperature according to the materials you are going to iron. Latest models are equipped with retractable cords, see-through and removable water-tanks.

As simple as it sounds, purchasing a steam iron is not an easy task, especially with so many models to compare and analyse.

To rule out the confusion, we have purchased the top-selling steam iron products and spent several weeks to pick out the best investment option among them.

While testing the products, we considered two main factors –

In this article, we are going to explain our detail testing process of the best steam irons. The top-selling products on Amazon are


The products we have shortlisted and analysed in this article are selected based on the feedback, reviews and ratings present on Amazon. The reviews are recommendations provided by us are based on the testing performed at our workshop. They are unbiased and not sponsored by any brand. We are not promoting or against any brand.

How We Tested the Best Steam Irons?

To determine which steam iron performs efficiently, we used 6 different tests that include – heating test, steam flow test, steam shot test, performance test, leak test and ease of use.

  • In the heating test, we will check the time it takes to reach the maximum temperature and measure its maximum temperature.
  • Steam flow test helps us determine the efficiency of steam generated by the steam iron.
  • In the steam shot test, we will check the steam burst output produced by the steam iron.
  • During the performance test, we will iron a heavily creased fabric to check the efficiency of the steam iron.
  • Leakage can be dangerous and frustrating. So, in the leak test, we will check the device for leakages by shaking and moving it in different directions.
  • Finally, we will check the ease of use. This helps us determine whether the steam iron is convenient and comfortable to use for several hours.

Detail Review of Each Steam Iron

1. Black+Decker Steam Iron

Black+Decker Steam Iron

This product has a slightly bigger size and heavier in weight (1.4Kg) as well. Compared to other steam iron models, this model weighs more.

When you check the build quality of this steam iron, it is pretty good. It has ceramic coating sole plate which doesn’t stick to the clothes even while ironing at high temperatures.

Because of the coating, this steam iron glides smoothly over the fabric without any disruptions. When we talk about the ease of use, it may not be as comfortable as others because of the weight.

Apart from that, the handle size is also a little bigger. So, it may cause arm strain while using for longer duration. The large handle size may not be suitable for people with smaller hands.

When we look at the steam feature, its sole plate has 28 steam holes which is actually pretty good. And moreover, it spreads the steam evenly.

At the top of this steam iron model, the front there is an opening for filling the water in the tank. The water tank has the capacity of 380ml.

The button above it helps to adjust the steam releasing levels. Another button is also present which helps in bursting a quick steam for removing hard wrinkles and creases. The sprinkling water button helps in releasing water droplets over the fabric you are ironing.

Now let’s talk about the cord quality. It is actually pretty good and doesn’t get tangled easily. The cord has a good covering and comes with 10Amp plug which easily fits into any switch board.

If you want to purchase this steam iron, you can get it for Rs. 2600 on Amazon and comes with 2-year warranty.

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2. Philips Steam Iron

Philips EasySpeed

This steam iron has a medium body-size and it weighs around only 1.1Kg. It is lesser in weight compared to our first analysed product Black+Decker. Its built quality is pretty good as well.

When we talk about the sole plate, it also comes with a ceramic coating which can makes ironing job much easier. It has 18 steam holes and it is quite effective in releasing the steam.

Now let’s talk about the ease of use, it is actually very comfortable to move over the fabric. Its ergonomic handle makes it easy to complete the ironing easily without any strain to hands.

At the front of the steam iron, you can fill the water tank using the vent provided. The water tank has the capacity of 270ml. Above it, there are three controls for adjusting the steam flow output, releasing quick steam burst and sprinkling water.

Coming to the cord, its quality is pretty good similar to Black+Decker. When we talk about the plug, it has 16Amp plug which is slightly bigger compared to Black+Decker. This plug can fit only in the largest socket.

If you are interested in purchasing Philips Steam Iron, you can get it for Rs. 2,600 on Amazon and it comes with warranty of 2-years.

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3. Bajaj Steam Iron

Bajaj MX-3 1250W Steam Iron

This steam iron has a small and compact size and it is quite light in weight. It weighs just 600 grams in weight which is actually very light compared to other models.

However, because of its small size, it may not cover more space in single stroke. So, it will take a little more time to iron the fabric.

If we talk about the build quality, it actually looks little average and doesn’t look that good as Philips and Black+Decker.

It comes with a non-stick sole plate which is actually not as good as ceramic coated ones. It may not be as smooth as to glide over the fabric. But it will get the job done in basic requirements.

Over the sole plate, it has over 23 steam holes which is actually quite good. At the top part of the steam iron, it has an opening to fill the water tank. The tank has the capacity of 150ml.

Using the buttons above it, you can adjust the steam flow or sprinkle water as per your requirement. Unlike other models, it doesn’t have steam burst or steam shot option.

When it comes to the cord quality, it is not that great and keeps tangling in between. This might make it difficult to use and can tear off later on. It has 6Amp plug which can easily fits into any socket.

If you want to purchase this model, you can get it for Rs. 1000 and it comes with a warranty of 2-years.

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4. INALSA Steam Iron

This steam iron also has bulky size similar to Black+Decker. And it weighs around 1.3Kg which is quite heavy as well.

If you check the build quality, it is quite good similar to Philips and Black+Decker. Its sole plate has titanium coating which is actually the best compared to ceramic and non-stick.

This coating ensures quick heating and doesn’t easily peel off. The sole plate has 24 steam holes which is actually pretty good.

At the front, you can use the opening for filling the water tank which has the capacity of 330ml. above the opening, it has three buttons which let you adjust the steam flow, sprinkle water and steam burst.

The cord quality of this steam iron is quite good but not as great as Philips and Black+Decker. If we talk about the plug, it has 10Amp model which easily fits into any normal socket.

If you want to purchase this product on Amazon, you can get it around Rs. 1900 and it comes with 2-year warranty.

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5. Morphy Richards Steam Iron

This steam iron has a larger size but weighs only 1.2Kg which is lesser compared to Inalsa and Black+Decker.

When we check the built quality, it has very good and durable quality. Its sole plate has ceramic coating with 46 holes which is higher compared to all the models mentioned in this article. This spreads the steam quite good.

When we talk about the steam function, you can add the water in this iron using the opening present at the front. The water tank has the capacity of 350ml. Similar to other machines, it has three buttons over the opening for adjusting steam flow, sprinkling water and steam shot.

The cord quality of this steam iron is not as good as Philips and Black+Decker. And moreover, it is not completely tangle-free. It has 16 amp plug which fits only in the larger socket.

If you want to purchase this steam iron, you can get it for Rs. 2,300 on Amazon and it comes with 2-years warranty.

Real-Time Test of Steam Irons

During this testing process, we are going to conduct “ “ tests – This helps us choose the winner and loser.

1. Quick Heat Test

In this test, we are going to set the temperature of all the steam iron to their maximum temperature. Now, we are going to check the how much it takes to get completely heated up and ready for ironing.

We will also be checking the temperature of all the sole plates to see how much heat they have generated.

As all the models have auto-cut feature once they have attained the set temperature, you can easily analyse the results with quick comparison.

iron 1

As you can see, Bajaj steam iron has completed reaching the temperature within 27 seconds. However, it has maintained lower temperature.

After that, Philips has reached the maximum temperature at 36 seconds. And all the remaining have completed around 42 to 44 seconds. And they also reached above the 200 degrees Celsius mark which is mark for all kinds of fabrics.

2. Steam Flow Test

Steam Flow Test

Now, we shall perform the steam flow test. In this test, we will check how much steam does the iron generate. Higher steam generation usually helps ironing tough stains and fabrics like lenin much faster.

As you can see, Black+Decker, Morphy Richards and Philips has produces good steam production continuously without any interruptions. This is always beneficial to complete the ironing task faster.

When it comes to Bajaj and Insala, they have performed average as they were not able to produce enough steam continuously.

3. Steam Shot Test

Steam Shot Test

Steam shots are helpful in removing harder and tougher wrinkles and creases on the fabric. In this test, we are not going to test Bajaj steam iron as it doesn’t come with steam shot feature.

We are going to test the remaining four steam irons to see which one produces the stronger and better steam shot.

After performing this test and comparison, we have come to conclusion that Black+Decker and Morphy Richards have performed good as they were able to produce dense amount of steam in this test. This is followed by Philips and Inalsa.

4. Performance Test

Performance Test

In this test, we have set the steam irons to lenin function along with continuous steam feature. And now, we glided them at the same speed on a heavily-wrinkled lenin shirt to check which steam iron was able to remove the wrinkles the best.

Here, you can see Black+Decker, Morphy Richards and Philips have performed great and removed the maximum wrinkles on the shirt.

But Bajaj and Inalsa also did a good job but we were slightly less satisfied with the performance. Overall, they did a good job.

5. Leak Test

Leak Test

Many users have complained that steam irons leak a lot. This is the reason why we are going to perform this test on all the steam iron to see the same.

For performing this test, we have added water in the tank to the maximum level. Now, we will check all the irons by shaking them in all angles to see if they are leaking or not.

Now, you can see Morphy Richards and Bajaj were the only ones to leak water. So, they have performed poor in this test. Remaining steam irons – Black+Decker, Inalsa, and Philips performed great as they didn’t leak any water. Because they have anti-drip technology which stops any leakage.

Final Results – Comparison of Steam Irons

Here, we will compare the test analysis to determine which models performed great and which didn’t reach the expectations.

When we look at the first test, Black+Decker, Philips, Inalsa and Morphy Richards have performed excellent in terms of heating speed and temperature. But Bajaj has performed just good.

In the second test which is steam flow test, Black+Decker, Philips and Morphy Richards have performed great while Inalsa and Bajaj have performed average.

Now in the steam shot test, only Black+Decker and Morphy Richards have performed excellent. The performance of Philips and Inalsa was not as good as the other two models. As Bajaj doesn’t come with steam shot feature, it was excluded from the testing.

After performing the performance test, we observed that Black+Decker, Morphy Richards and Philips have done great while the remaining two (Bajaj and Inalsa) have performed good.

In the leak test, Black+Decker, Philips and Inalsa have performed great while Bajaj and Morphy Richards have performed poor because they leaked water.

And finally, in terms of ease of use, Philips and Bajaj performed great as they were light in weight and ergonomic as well. The remaining three models are good as well but not as best as the two models.

Our Recommendations

Our first recommendation goes with Black+Decker as it performed great in most of the tests.

The second recommendation is Philips as it has performed excellent in most of the tests.

In our third recommendation, Inasla steam iron which performed good in certain tests and average in terms of steam flow test.

Though Morphy Richards as performed good in the test, it hasn’t passed through the leak test and Bajaj steam iron has performed average in most of the tests.


In order to provide the best and honest reviews, we have performed live tests at our workshop after purchasing each one of these products. None of the products are sponsored by any brand for promotions. The information provided here is purely based on the tests and observation.

We hope the information has provided some clarity and helped you decide which steam iron is the perfect choice for your requirements.

If you still have any queries, we recommend writing to us in the comment section below. We will answer them at our earliest convenience.

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