Can You Guess the TV Kitchen Just by Looking at the Floor Plan?


There are few pleasures in life greater than putting your feet up and indulging in an episode or ten of your latest TV obsession. Whatever your persuasion, be it reality, drama, sitcom or soap opera, we are truly spoilt for choice when it comes to small screen action.

Part and parcel of making an iconic TV show is undoubtedly nailing the set. Creating a realistic and relatable environment for the story to unfold and engage the audience. Whether it’s Friends hanging out at Central Perk or The Sopranos sipping coffee at Satriale’s Pork Store, great sets instantly transport you into the world of your favorite show.

But how well do you know your TV sets? To put your knowledge to the test, the homeware honchos at Simple Ghar used their extensive kitchen expertise to recreate six iconic kitchen sets from some of the biggest shows to have graced our screens.

Can you name the show from these bird’s eye view floorplans? Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for any easter eggs or clues, then click the image to reveal the answer.

Lords and Ladies feast from this kitchen’s larder

Society is divided into up and downstairs quarters in this hit period drama. Where the kitchen, fitted with state-of-the-art (yet fearsome) electric whisks, range ovens and an array of pots and pans, remains the domain of lovable cooks, butlers and maids.

You’re bound to learn more than cooking tips in this kitchen

Teenage life can be tricky at times, no more so when navigating your first forays in love with an overbearing parent who knows no boundaries. The melodramas of family life often play out around this American ‘70s-style kitchen (despite being set firmly in English suburbia). As tensions rise, lust grows, and seemingly, pipes often leak.

A kitchen fit for a prince

This luxury mansion kitchen boasts a grand central island and airy dining area that sets the scene for countless comedy capers. As two dissimilar families adjust to living under one roof, this kitchen provides the backdrop to puerile pranks, failed flambés and even the odd heartwarming moment between otherwise conflicting cousins.

This kitchen is more modern than it looks

Chaos is never far away in this kitchen, as the day-to-day lives of three close-knit families are hilariously put under the microscope. From knife-juggling to botched baking, madcap inventions to teenage tantrums, not to mention numerous traditional Thanksgiving meltdowns, this kitchen has certainly been put through its paces by the not-so-traditional nuclear family.

You’d be mad to hate this kitchen

Many of us have dreamt of living in this chic ‘60s Park Avenue penthouse. Alas, it seems this lifestyle is reserved for advertising dons and Hollywood actresses. Its service door sees plenty of comings and goings, where the resident womanizer often sneaks out and spurned lovers are brought to the fore.

There may be odd things in this kitchen

Don’t let the festive lights fool you; this kitchen has been the setting of some pretty spooky scenes. Although in the past, this kitchen has played host to countless family breakfasts or late-night D&D adventures, life quickly gets flipped upside down for family and friends in this nostalgia-laden hit show.

So, did you know the Byers’ kitchen from the Banks’?

In this golden age of binge-worthy box sets and must-see series, it seems as though no stone is left unturned as shows strive for greatness. Blockbuster budgets enable TV producers to captivate their audience in new ways, drawing the viewer into their world with immersive sets and eye-catching costumes.

Some shows have become so ingrained in our lives that sitting down to watch an episode feels more as though you’ve grabbed a plate, pulled up a pew and are about to tuck into the action, right there in the kitchen alongside your favorite characters.

But how many famous TV kitchens did you correctly identify?

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