9 Practical and Must-Have Car Accessories

From dashboard dresser to tyre inflator, certain car accessories are actually necessary to increase your car’s performance, life and even safety.

There are several car accessories in the market – among them some are quintessential while some of them aren’t. However, the choice usually depends on individual preferences.

Here, we are going to provide 9 most commonly preferred car accessories that are proven to be essential for car owners.

Before recommending them to our readers, we have also performed real-time testing on each category and shortlisted the best products.

Disclaimer –

The products and accessories we mentioned here are our honest opinions. We are not supporting or against any brand. None of the products are sponsored unless specifically mentioned.

So now, without any further ado, lets get into the article.

List of Must-Have Car Accessories In India

1. Boot Organizer

We keep a lot of stuff in our car’s boot space. So, here we would like to recommend you a boot organizer which can actually help you to organize all the things which are present in your boot space. It also helps you save a lot of space which can be used for other things.

Some of these boot organizers can also be expanded to keep some extra stuff as well. And here you can rearrange the partitions in it as per your requirement. And whenever you are not using it, you can completely fold it and keep it aside.

Our product recommendation – – Double R Boot Organizer

2. Wireless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

It is definitely a lot of fun to go out with friends and family on a road trip. But after the trip, your car will look like a mess. And cleaning it takes a lot of patience and time.

However, with handheld wireless vacuum cleaner you can clean the car and get it back to pristine condition within no time.

These vacuum cleaners have great suction power. So, whether it is dust or mud on the foot rest or even if you have to clean difficult corners of your car, you can just get rid of the dust or dirt within a span of 30 minutes.

We tried using this vacuum cleaner on our dirt car interiors and successfully cleaned it completely within 30 minutes and less. So, we assure you to give it a try.

Our product recommendation – TUSA Wireless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

3. Car Seat Cushion

If you drive a lot on daily basis, there are chances that you sitting poster while driving is not properly maintained. Because of this, your spine will be impacted and you will get a lot of pressure on it as well. And with this, you might end up getting back pain or neck pain.

So here, we would like to suggest you a back seat cushion which is ergonomically designed to keep your back in the natural posture. And with this, you can get proper support for our back.

Our product recommendation – – FOVERA Car Seat Cushion

4. Digital Tyre Pressure Checker

Did you know that in India more than 70% car tires are either under inflated or over-inflated. And even if our car is having lower tyre pressure, most of the times we don’t get to know.

Because of this, our car grip can get impacted and even it can reduce the car’s like by 10k to 15k kilometres.

So here, we would like to recommend you an air pressure checker. So, with this, you can definitely check the tire pressure at least once or twice a month and maintain proper air pressure.

And whenever the tire pressure is low in your car’s tire, you can use tyre inflator. Most of the portable tire inflators are quite easy to use and simple to operate.

You just have to connect it with your car’s power socket. And after that, you just need to clamp this clip on your tire and set the desired tire pressure and inflate your tire. And that’s it – this process takes just 10 to 15 minutes of your time and infinitely very useful in any of the emergency situations.

Our product recommendation –

Digital Tyre Pressure Checker

Digital Car Tyre Inflator

5. Blind Spot Mirror

The next product we are introducing is blind spot mirror. Using this, you will be able to see those blind spots which you may not be able to see normally while parking or reversing the car or even while driving.

So, in this blind spot mirror, you can easily see the person, animal or thing who are standing or present just beside the car and which we are usually not visible in the normal mirror.

These mirrors can also be rotated in 360 degrees as per your comfort and requirement. Installing them is also quite easy. You just have to remove the stickers and join these both parts and easily put it on your car’s mirror.

Our product recommendation –

Blind Spot Mirror

6. Ambient Lights

The next product is ambient lights which usually come along with a remote control for operating the lights. You can change the colours of the lights based on your preference. You can also set it to the party mode and it gets synced with your music quite well and looks really cool.

Installing this is also quite easy and along with this you get these four lights from which you can put these two lights after removing the sticker under the dashboard and the remaining two lights can be placed under the car back seats. For using this, you can connect it with the car’s power socket.

Our product recommendation –

7. Dashboard Shine

Usually, our car gets exposed to a lot of sun light and dust which can get the car dashboard and interiors get quite dusty and eventually fade out.

So, for this, we would like to recommend you a car dashboard shine. By using this, you can give your car interiors and dashboard a brand-new look. And you can here see the clear difference before using and after using the spray.

Our product recommendation – 3M Dashboard Dresser

8. Reflective Stickers

This product is actually quite helpful in terms of car safety. They are car door reflectors which can be easily installed on all your photos. And these both deflectors can keep you quite safe, especially at the night time.

With the help of these stickers, any other car can easily notice your sudden door openings.

Our product recommendation – Car Door Reflective Warning Sticker 

9. Air Purifier

Usually, in our car, to remove any bad smells and odours, we usually use artificial fragrances. But these artificial fragrances are made from harmful chemicals which can impact the kid’s and even the elder’s health.

So here, we would like to recommend you a naturally activated charcoal bag which can quite effectively remove the bad odours from the car and even can naturally purify the air inside.

Our product recommendation – Dr. CHARCOAL Non-Electric Air Purifier 


Car accessories have become quintessential to maintain safety, comfort and convenience. In this article, you will find 9 best car accessories that are not helpful but practical as well.

We hope the information mentioned in this article has helped you make the right purchase decisions. If you still have any queries or suggestions, write to us in the comment section below.

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