How to Clean a Shower Head?

If your shower head is not performing as it should, then it is time for a clean-up.

With regular usage, mineral deposits get accumulated in it and clog the nozzles. Consequently, water will start to squirt in all directions or, it will have less pressure or decreased flow.

If you are not familiar with how to clean the shower head, this article is for you. We shall discuss some pro tips that will help your shower head to get back to its peak performance.

Let us get started with our discussion.

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How to Clean a Shower Head?

You no longer have to complain about the poor water pressure from the water head. With these simple and effective tips, you can clean your shower head easily and hassle-free. Follow these steps to improve your overall showering experience:

This is all you need:

  • Plastic Bag
  • White Vinegar
  • String or Twist Ties
  • Old Tooth Brush
  • Soft Cloth


  • Take a plastic bag and fill it partially with white vinegar. (Do not overfill the bag as it may overflow once you insert the shower head in it) 
  • Place this vinegar-containing bag over the shower head. Make sure that the entire fixture submerges in the vinegar. If you feel that you need to add more vinegar to make the head immersed, you can do so. 
  • After you ensure the vinegar level, fasten the bag tightly using a piece of string. Wrap it around the neck of the shower head to secure the bag. After tying, check whether the bag is tightly secured or not. It should not slip once you leave. (You may also use twist ties to tie the bag.)
  • Now, all the shower head to soak in the vinegar bag for several hours. If the fixture is extremely dirty, let it remain overnight. 
  • Does your shower head have a brass or gold finishing or a nickel coating? It is advisable to let it stay for 30 minutes in the vinegar and then remove it. When you allow the fixture to soak for more time, it will damage the coating. 
  • After the stipulated time, you may remove the shower head by untying the bag. Let the vinegar run down the shower drain. 
  • Now, run hot water through the shower head for about a minute to flush out any mineral deposits trapped inside the fixture.
  • If there are any mineral build-ups, scrub them away using an old toothbrush. Pay more attention to the nozzles from where the water flows. 
  • Turn on the hot water again to flush out the remaining residue. Repeat this process until you confirm that there are no mineral deposits inside.
  • After cleaning, take a soft cloth to polish the shower head. Cleaning it carefully until dry to remove any water spots. This will help in retaining the finish and makes the shower head look like a brand new one.

How to Deep Clean a Showerhead?

Sometimes, the mineral deposition can be very jammed, and a normal vinegar cannot be of much use to this. You need to go beyond that to ensure the shower head is completely clean and performs excellently. Let us learn how to deep clean this fixture using some ingredients readily available at home. Make sure you keep all of them handy before you start the cleaning process. Here is a step-by-step procedure:  

This is all you need:

  • Old Cloth or Rag
  • Wrench
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • Cleaning Brush
  • All-purpose Cleaner
  • Bowl
  • White Vinegar
  • Baking Soda
  • Straightened Paper Clip
  • Shower Cleaner
  • Shower Scrubber


Step 1: Take the old cloth or any rag and wrap it around the shower pipe. Make sure that it holds in place with the help of pliers. The reason we do this is that it prevents scratches on the shower pipe and the fixture. It also protects them from damage. Additionally, it gives you the proper leverage to hold it firm.

Step 2: Let us move on to the next step. Take the wrench in hand to remove the shower head from its place. You must be aware of how to do it. Just loosen the nut connecting the fixture and the pipe, unscrew it with your hands, and remove the shower head. 

Step 3: After removing the shower head, check the interior portion of the fixture. If you find any debris inside, remove it immediately with your finger. After clearing it, flush the inside of the fixture with water.

Step 4: The shower head comes with a filter screen inside. Try removing it with the help of a needle nose plier. You can locate this filter inside the fixture where the shower head connects to the pipe. Remove it and clean it thoroughly by rinsing the filter with water. To get rid of the stubborn debris inside, take a cleaning brush and rub it with an all-purpose cleaner. You can also use dish soap in place of the cleaner.

Step 5: Take a bowl and add warm distilled white vinegar to it. For more cleaning power, add a few tablespoons of baking soda to the solution. Now the shower head in it. Ensure that the fixture immerses completely in the cleaning mixture and leave it overnight. This will help to unclog the blocked passages. After removing the shower head from the bowl, rinse it again properly.

Step 6: To clear the closed or clogged nozzles, make use of a straightened paper clip. You may even use a needle to free the holes blocked with mineral deposits.

Step 7: After you finish cleaning, it is time to reassemble the shower head. First, reinstall the filter screen inside the fixture and put it back in its place. After fitting the shower head to the shower pipe, it is time to test it by running the shower at full water pressure. Do it for about a minute or two, as this will clear any remaining debris. 

Step 8: This is the last step of the cleaning process. After you fix the shower head in place, clean the surrounding tiles. There may be some mess on them because of the procedure, and you may clear it using a shower cleaner and a shower scrubber. Rinse the tiles thoroughly to remove the dirt on them.

More Showerhead Cleaning Tips

If you want your shower head to perform uninterruptedly, you need to ensure proper care and regular maintenance. This will ascertain a steady water pressure and also minimizes the bacterial growth inside. To achieve the same, we suggest you clean the fixture monthly once, at least. It is highly advisable to make it part of your regular bathroom cleaning routine once a week. Here are some essential tips to clean your shower head and make it look and perform its best. Make sure you follow them without fail to see the jaw-dropping results.

Tip 1: Do not use Bleach to Clean a Showerhead

This is the most essential tip to follow when cleaning a shower head. Never use bleach to clean the fixture. The CIRES conducted a study on the showerhead and stated that using chlorine bleach may actually increase harmful bacteria production. In addition to that, it may also ruin the clothes. Hence, it is advisable to avoid using bleach for cleaning the shower head. 

Tip 2: Do not use a Hard-Bristle Brush

Never use a brush with hard bristles to clean the shower head. These bristles may cause scratching and scuffing on the fixture and even damage the protected metal finish.

Tip 3: Do Work in a Well-Ventilated Space

It is advisable to ensure proper ventilation of the space when cleaning the shower head. If the cleaner or any other product you are using has strong fumes, it may cause reactions. We suggest you keep the window open when doing this. Also, turn on the ventilation fan of the bathroom every time you clean the shower unit.

Tip 4: Spray white Vinegar and Water Mixture on the Shower Head Nozzles after Every Shower

This is what you can do. Prepare a cleaning solution by taking equal parts of white vinegar and water. Transfer this into a spray bottle and keep it in the washroom. Spray this mixture on the shower head nozzles after each shower. This prevents the holes from getting clogged.

How Often Should You Clean a Showerhead?

This is a common question that most people ask. How often should I clean my shower head? Well, the answer is very simple. Whenever you notice any sign of reduced or low water flow from the shower head, clean it immediately. Sometimes, the water supply may affect the flow or pressure of the water coming out of the shower. However, those living in regions with hard water may frequently face the problem of a clogged shower head. If the water has calcium and magnesium content in high quantity, even then, you may encounter this problem. 

After you finish deep cleaning the water head, you may top up with distilled white vinegar cleaning monthly once or twice. This will keep the clogging and mineral deposits at bay. It would not take much effort to do this. 

  • You just have to spray the solution on the showerhead.
  • After spraying, scrub nozzles of the fixture using an old toothbrush. This will help in unclogging the blocked holes and removes the mineral deposits.
  • Now, run the shower for a few minutes to rinse the remains and the solution away. 
  • Using vinegar solution will also help in removing any soap scum that got accumulated on the fixtures.

What Kind of Vinegar do you use to Clean a Shower Head?

Well, many people often get confused about which vinegar type to use for cleaning. We all know that distilled white vinegar has excellent cleaning properties. Hence, it is the best bet for cleaning your shower head. You will be marvelled at what all this natural cleaner does. It kills the bacteria, effortlessly dissolves the hard-water residues, and clears the grime. Above all, it is colourless. That means you no longer have to worry about leaving stains on the surfaces. And the best part, it is affordable and easily available in any pantry. You will have it handy at your home, as well. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How often we shall clean a showerhead?

The showerhead has to be cleaned, removed and disinfected once in every 2 – 3 months. Regular cleaning will ensure perfect and consistent water flow that lasts longer. Follow any of the above methods to clean your showerhead effectively.

2. How to dissolve limescale from the showerhead?

Remove the showerhead and keep it in the container filled with enough white vinegar. The acids in the white vinegar will dissolve the mineral deposits. Depending on the buildup of limescale, allow it to soak for at least 30 minutes or overnight. In case, if the showerhead made with brass then avoid leaving for more than 30 minutes.

3. Shall we clean the showerhead with baking soda?

Yes, of course. We can mix 1/3 cup of baking soda with 1 cup of white vinegar in a bowl. Pour this mixture into a bag. The vinegar and baking soda mixture will create bubbles to unclog the holes in your showerhead. Secure the bag over the showerhead by using a rubber band. Immerse the head completely in this solution. Leave for 30 minutes and rinse off.

4. Is apple cider vinegar used instead of white vinegar for cleaning a showerhead?

Yes, it can be used to clean a showerhead. It possesses similar properties just like white vinegar.


If you want your shower head to perform at its best, you must clean it frequently. I hope this article explained the possible ways to clean the fixture easily. Have you ever tried cleaning the shower or planning to do it? Then follow the cleaning procedure mentioned in this article to get started. Try them now, and let us know your experiences in the comments.

Write to us in the comments section below if you find this article informative. If you have any queries or need more information, please feel free to let us know. Do not hesitate to let us know if we missed out on any points.

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