How To Choose the Best Floor Lamps

Buying a floor lamp can be a tedious task as selecting between the one comes with a lot of differences and variations. We always come up with a buying guide so that your purchase can be made forever easy. 

Types of Floor Lamps

There are various types of floor lamps and you can find the differences below: 

1. Arc Floor Lamp

arc floor lamp

These kinds of lamps are very trendy and beautiful as they have an arced body. They have a straight pole of the lamp at a few heights which bends downward (it can face a table or sofa for better visibility). These are very compact and lightweight so that you can easily carry over them from one place to another.  If you own a modern house or room then going for an arc lamp could be the best option of the century. 

2. Modern Floor Lamp 

Modern Floor Lamp 

These types of lamps come with a modern finishing that can be primitive or either metallic. You will get that shine as soon as you see them as they very primitively polished and you can actually get it by looking into it. Also, these lamps have modern technologies such as LED bulbs and others and that is why they are known to be the modern floor lamp. 

3. Reading Lamps

Reading Lamps

So, if you are a person who remains involved in too much reading and artwork such as painting or carving certain stuff then these kinds of lamps are the best deal you can get in the market. These reading lamps come with a wide bulb that can focus entirely on the subject and give the natural color of the subject. These are also very healthy for your eyes, as quoted by many experts. 

4. Tripod Floor Lamp

Tripod Floor Lamp

A tripod floor lamp gives your room a different stylish look with a glowing light that comes out of the lamp. You will get three legs of these lamps attached at the bottom so that you can easily keep it on the floor and add elegance to your room. Most of the people use these kinds of lamps for decoration purposes and of course for lightning purposes as well. 

5. Floor Lamp with Shelves

Floor Lamp with Shelves

These lamps come with shelves on it that means a table kind of thing is attached at the middle of the table which is small but you can easily keep keys, magazine or other things on it. It is also called a floor lamp with a table and you can use it for storing purposes as well. Most of the people use it for storing small or petty things which they don’t get a place for usually. So, if your house or table is a little messed up with keys and petty things, you can surely book this kind of a lamp. 

6. Torchiere Floor Lamp

Torchiere Floor Lamp

This lamp can be compared to a torch as the way torch gives it light upward or straight it also does the same work. In this type of lamp, you will find a reflector that faces upward so that the light spreads around the room and gives a dim light plus glorious experience or feel to the room. Many torchiere floor lamps come with a reading light attached to it so that you can use it while the time you get to read something. 

7. Octopus Floor Lamp

Octopus Floor Lamp

Octopus floor lamps are a very trendy and cute type of lamps as they come with many arms and the bulbs are small. You can get different colors of bulbs in each arm and each of them can be adjusted very easily. These kinds of lamps spread full light to the end and you can easily enjoy the reading or any kind of activity with its usage. 

8. Tree Floor Lamp

Tree Floor Lamp

You can find these lamps in the shape of a tree and sometimes each leaf has a small bulb. Mostly, the leaves are made up of metal or any other material and there are 3-4 arms that hold large-sized bulbs. You can add a lot of charms to your room by bringing these kinds of lamps as they come handy plus very attractive. 

9. LED Floor Lamps

LED floor lamps

The major difference between LED floor lamps and modern floor lamps is the arm as the LED floor lamp doesn’t come with an arm. These are just made up of pole and then a wide round shaped panel from where the light comes out. You can have a foldable or downward shaped another arm which helps in reading purposes along with these kinds of lamps. 

10. Traditional Floor Lamps

These are very normal lamps with normal poles and normal arms including normal bulbs. These were very popular in the old ages but finding their popularity in this era is quite difficult. Perhaps, a lot of people buy them due to its easy work and beauty and of course, nature. 

Things to Look into a Floor Lamp

  • Height- Height depends completely on you as to how much tall would you want to buy is the catch. There are lamps in the market that come with various heights and for a normal room like the living room usage, a 60-70 inch of height in a fan could be just perfect. 
  • Light bulbs- Check whether the light bulbs come along with the lamp or you would require to buy separately. There are two things which can be good if you buy the light bulb separately- one that you can easily choose the best one by yourself and the other is- the quality and brand of the bulb will be yours. Also, the cons is that you will have to spend an extra penny on buying a good bulb. 
  • Easy to assemble- The assembling of the floor lamp should be very easy that means- you should be able to assemble the lamp within few minutes rather than spending hours on finding out how to add different parts to it. 
  • Usage- Where do you require to store the floor lamp is also the catch factor as if you are buying the floor lamp for your living room then buying the one which can give dim light everywhere at the nook and corner could be just fine. Also, if you are looking to buy the one for your bedroom then buying the one which comes with a very dim light could be just perfect because you will be sleeping with that light (not all but some people like to sleep with the dim lights on). 
  • Cover or arm- Usually, the cover is made up of plastic, glass or light cloth. Well, it completely and entirely depends on you as to which one you would want to look for. Most people prefer plastic or light cloth cover because that can be easily moved from one place to another without even worrying about its wear and tear. 
  • The material of the pole- Some poles are made up of metal or some are made up of wooden. Usually, people go for the material which is enough durable and very sturdy so that they can use it for as long as they want. Also, go for a lighter material so that it can be feasible for you at the time of moving it from one place to another. 
  • Lightweight- It is most important to look for a product that is very lightweight as you can feasibly move it from one room to another or even carry it to another city or town during the time of shifting. 
  • Extra light or arm- There are certain floor lamps that come with extra arms and we have talked about the same in the types of floor lamps. You can select the one as it can give more light to the room. 
  • Colorful lamps- There are various lamps that come with an option where the colors keep on changing. You will find an attached bulb with the lamp or you can buy the one if you would like to add more charms to your room. 
  • Price- You can a perfect deal in 1500-5000 INR. We would recommend to not compromise on the price as a floor lamp is a long-time investment and you can get it at a very low price. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Could I take a floor lamp onto a flight as a carry-on?

Yes, you can take a floor lamp onto a flight or even on the road. You will just have to look into certain factors and most important of all is- the assembling. Look for the one which comes with an easy assembling option and you can easily put the part inside once you have to move. There are various floor lamps that come with an easy to assemble option where you are just required to join the parts with the help of a screw or something else.

2. How do you repair a paper floor lamp that has gotten ripped?

You can simply buy another fabric of the paper floor lamp as it will not cost you much. Also, for repairing, you can visit to Ikea’s site and talk to their customer care number and if this doesn’t work then you can simply watch certain Youtube videos where stitching the paper floor lamp fabric is taught. Well, we would recommend you to replace it with a new one as it will not cost you much or else you can buy the floor lamps which come with a sturdy fabric material.

3. The floor lamp is a good choice for a gift? 

Yes, it is because it can simply add elegance and charm to the room of the person whom you would gift the lamp. Make sure that you buy a sturdy and durable material based floor lamp which can be used by the person or you for as long as you want. Look for a wooden or iron made floor lamp as they are best in terms of durability. Also, you will not require to put a lot of efforts in its maintenance even.

4. How to clean a floor lamp? 

You can clean a floor lamp in minutes and you wouldn’t require special training for that. You can use a cotton cloth for dusting it so that the dust goes away without causing harm to the floor lamp’s quality. Also, do not use soapy water or detergent to wash the floor lamp as it can destroy the quality of the floor lamp.

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