How To Fix Car Reverse Camera

Safety has always been a concern for everyone, that’s why today’s cars come loaded with plenty of sensors and cameras here and there for various purposes. One such technological advancement that we are glad to have these days is reverse parking sensors and the rearview camera.

Although reverse parking sensors are not that newish, rearview cameras are rarely seen in old cars. So, if you own a car that doesn’t come with a rearview camera, don’t worry, you can simply install one in your car by following this article until the end.

In case your car already has a third-party rearview camera installed which is not working properly, we will also be discussing some fixes for it, so make sure to read until the end.

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How to Install Rear View Camera

Installing the Rear View Camera in your car can be a complicated task if you are not familiar with doing such things before. So, we would advise you to get it done from a professional mechanic.

However, we are still posting the proper procedure in case you want to do it by yourself, or want to know how it is done. So, if you are doing it on your own, make sure to follow all the steps properly.

Purchase the Right Gear

To install a Rear View camera, there are several things that you will need to purchase, aside from the camera itself. For the display, you can choose to install an external monitor if there’s space available on the dashboard.

Otherwise, you can use the internal monitor as well if your car already has one. If not, you can find third-party monitors in the market that replace your car’s rearview mirror and work as a screen too. In addition, you will require power and video cords to connect your camera with the monitor as well as to the power source.

Installing the Camera at the back

To install the camera at the back, the most convenient place is on the license plate of your car. Using the right screwdriver, take out the license plate and drill a hole in it, right in the centre of it wherever the space is empty.

We need this hole to run the wiring so make sure you keep the size of the hole as big as two thick wires can easily pass through it. Now place your car’s license plate back and screw it in. On the top of the license plate, mount your rearview camera.

Join the camera cable with the cable of Reverse Lights

Next thing we would need to do is connect the camera cable to the cable of reverse lights. It is because whenever you put your car into the reverse gear, the camera will automatically activate right away with the lights.

To find the cables, remove the back panel of the car’s trunk and you shall find all the wirings there. Locate the ones connected to the reverse lights, and rip off one cable’s rubber covering using a plier.

Then, do the same with the camera cable and join both the cables together. To fix the cables in place, you can use electric tape as well to secure the connection.

Connecting the Monitor

Next step is to connect the monitor, for that you will require a mount as well which you can purchase easily from any accessory shop. Once you are done fixing the monitor in the right place, it’s time to connect the wiring.

The video cable of the monitor will be attached to the camera, and the power cable will be running through the dashboard, all the way to your car’s fuse box.

Connect the camera with Power and Video Cables

To complete the connection, all we are left to do is connect the camera output cable to the monitor. We have already connected the power cable to the rear lights in the previous steps. Make sure to connect all the wires properly and check if all the connections are neat and tight.

How to Repair the Rear View Camera?

Installing a third-party rearview camera can be slightly hard, that is why it is advised to leave this task for the professionals only if you want the cleanest results. So, in case your car has a third-party rearview camera system, it is common to have little issues with it from time to time as well.

However, you should not be worrying as there are several things you can try out by yourself to fix it before visiting any technician. So, we would follow the repairing process step by step and check each and every component one by one.

Step 1

Make sure the camera unit at the back is clean and there is nothing blocking its view. Generally, when you don’t wash the car for a long time, it is possible that dirt has accumulated on the camera lens, or maybe there is something else stuck there that is obstructing the view.

Step 2

Once you are sure the camera is clear and no obstruction is there, we can head to check other parts. Now, start your car and put it in the reverse gear, as per the connections, the monitor should show you the camera feed. Here, two situations are possible.

If the monitor fails to start, there’s some issue going on with the monitor itself. Otherwise, if the monitor starts perfectly but no camera feed appears on it, the problem lies with the camera.

Step 3

Based on this analysis, you can easily know the actual cause of the problem. If any of the components stop working, make sure to check the wiring is fine and connected well with the fusebox. By this, you will know if the camera or monitor is damaged and needs to be replaced or not.

How to Troubleshoot Rear View Camera?

1. Why is the Rear View Camera not working?

Ans. There can be several reasons for why the rearview camera of your car might not be working properly. To fix the issue, finding the fault is a necessary step. Simply start your car and put it in the reverse gear. Now, look at the monitor and see what it shows. If there lies a problem with the monitor, it won’t turn on. On the other hand, if the monitor just shows a black screen, there might be some problem with the camera on the back. Or the camera feed is flickering too much, the wiring may be loose somewhere.

2. Why does my Rear View camera say no signal?

Ans. If the monitor shows no signal on the screen, it means it is getting no feed from the camera. Hence, to repair it, you can check if the camera is connected to the power source properly, and also with the monitor as well. In case all the connections are fine, the camera might have gone faulty and you might have to replace it with a new one.

3. Why is my Rear View camera black and white?

Ans. In case the camera feed on the monitor is appearing black and white, or flickering too much, the problem is with the wiring. To fix it, unplug the connections and put them back to place neatly and tightly.

4. Why is my Rear View camera screen black?

Ans. If the display does not turn on at all, that’s a different case as your monitor might be faulty. Otherwise, if it turns on and shows you a black screen. The first thing that you should check is whether there is something blocking the camera lens or not. If that’s not the case too, check for any damages on the camera.


We hope this guide helps you out to install and repair the rearview camera on your car. For the people who wish to install the rearview camera, our suggestion is to always go to a professional for this work as there is a lot of wiring work involved in the process. The professionals will do it even more neatly and hide the cables well.

As far as repairing the camera is your concern, we have already mentioned all the ways by which you can detect the faults, so it should be an easy task for you to fix the problem afterwards. In case you are facing some other issues with your car’s rearview camera, you can share them with us in the comments section, we would feel glad to help out.

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