Easy Steps to use Vacuum Cleaner?

Vacuum cleaner makes your job of physically cleaning the house easier compared to any other mopping or cleaning method. While some of the best vacuum cleaners come with a lot of advanced features, the fundamental method of using and cleaning them is the same. A few might have better and more brushes whereas a few have not as much brushes.

Today, let us look at how exactly you can clean your house properly using a vacuum cleaner. Before that, let us look at all the different types of attachments that are available to a common vacuum cleaner.

Attachments of a Vacuum Cleaner:

There are basically 4 important types of brushes present in any vacuum cleaner. There are a lot of other brushes as well but they are mostly optional or not always come in the packaging.

Dusting Brush:

Dusting Brush

One of the most common attachments available, a dusting brush is ideal for dusting a wooden floor. Not only that but its round brush and soft bristles are perfect to clear out any and all large dust particulates. You can safely use it on picture frames and things as such.

Crevice Tool:

Crevice tool

This is the kind of tool that we usually use to clean cars and other corners. They have an angled tip that is super helpful in cleaning as such. 

Extension Wand:

Extension Wand

An extension wand has the capability and possibility to reach every height possible. Perfect for cleaning the upper corners and ceilings. You can also use this tool for cleaning carpets as well. 

Upholstery Tool:

Upholstery Tool

As the name suggests, the Upholstery tool is perfect for clearing up dirt and dust from a sofa seat or the cushions.

Steps to Clean Your House Using a Vacuum Cleaner:

The following are the step by step methods you can follow to foolproof clean your home using a vacuum cleaner. 

Step 1: Check the Dust Bag or Canister

Check the dust bag or canister

The first important step you need to do is to check the dust bag where the dust is collected. Most of the modern type devices come with a dust canister than a dust bag. Make sure that you check for any leftover dust that may accidentally spill out. Clear out the canister or the bag before you proceed. 

Step 2: Check the Height of the Machine:

Check the height of the machine

Now that you have checked and placed the bag or the canister back, check the height of the machine. Adjust to your desire and then proceed

Step 3: Remove any Small Objects and Obstacles

Remove any small objects and obstacles

The next step is to remove any small objects or even big ones such as movable furniture like sofa etc. that might be an issue to your cleaning. This makes your cleaning job easier for you.

Step 4: Power on the Machine

Power on the Machine

Now you need to switch on the device and move it along the floor or the surface to be cleaned front and back. Make sure that you do not suck out miniscule sharp objects that may tear on your dust bag or the device. 

Step 5: Use the Attachments

Use the attachments

Use most if not all of the attachments provided to you via the vacuum cleaner. Start with the basic brush and move up the ladder to use the crevice tool for corners, the extension wand for reaching heights and the upholstery tool to clean the upholstery and seat cushions.

Step 6: Wash the Brush

Wash the Brush

Every once in a while, when you feel that the brush is dirty and needs a whip. In such cases, separate the vacuum cleaner. Clean out all the brushes using water. You can also use some mild detergent and maybe even some warm water to remove the dirt neatly.

Step 7: Dry the Brushes

Dry the brushes

It is important to dry the brushes or they get accumulated with dirt and dust. Make sure you brush out and wringe out the water good. Dry it in the sun if required. You can also use a rag cloth to wring out the wetness in the brushes.

Step 8: Comb out the Bristles and Repeat the Process Again. 


Sometimes you cannot dry out the bristles very easily and in that case, you can use an old comb to dry out the bristles. Comb the bristles a few times and it will become dried out very soon. Try keeping extra brushes with you while cleaning or dusting. Make sure that you repeat the entire process every time you clean your house. 

What Else Can I Use my Vacuum Cleaner for?

Apart from cleaning your room or your car, a vacuum cleaner has a wide range of other benefits too. Let us look at a few. 

1. Clear out Pet Hair 

Clear out pet hair

It is annoying to have pet hair on your carpet or on the floor. They may not be insignificant numbers but they are there. A vacuum cleaner is perfect to help you clear out the hair of your pet. 

2. Clean your Keyboard

Clean your keyboard

Apart from crumbs, your keyboard could be a host of a lot of annoying particulates. You might be a clean eater but dust just accumulates. Use a crevice cleaner to clear out the crumbs

3. Keep the House Clear of Fleas and Allergens

Keep the house clear of fleas and allergens

While you are cleaning your house, with the dust, you are also sucking away the fleas, dust mites and other large or small-sized or dust mixed infection-causing allergens. 

4. Could Improve the Fragrance of your Room

Could improve the fragrance of your room

Did you know that you can deodorize and potentially make your room or particular places or things smell less? All you need to do is take a swab of cotton. Dip it in fragrance or essential fragrance oil. Drop this into the cleaning bag and it will slowly release the smell back into the room as it sucks in the dust.

5. Ice out Carpet Dents

Ice out carpet dents

Carpets tend to have dents due to irregular folding and storage. All you need to do is place a cube of ice or two on the dent, let it melt. Now vacuum at the wet spot and the dent will be gone. 

6. Use it to Clear out the Lint Filter of your Washing Machine

Use it to clear out the lint filter of your washing machine

Washing machines form a lot of lint within their drums. This lint when caught on fire could turn out to be dangerous. Using the crevice tool, you can clear out this lint. Just place it on the filter, push and pull frequently to clear out the lint. Make sure you have turned off the gas and the washing machine while you are at it.

7. Clear out the Crumbs from your Toaster

Clear out the crumbs from your toaster

A vacuum cleaner’s crevice or even the wand tool can be used to clear out the bread crumbs that fall onto the slots of the machine. You can even use these tools to clear out any remaining liquid or water in the slots if gotten in by mistake. Make sure that the device is turned off and unplugged while you are doing this to avoid static electricity.

8. Recover Lost Items in Tight or Corner Spaces

Recover lost items in tight or corner spaces

Did you know that you can use a vacuum cleaner to recover lost items in small corners? You can attach a small mesh or an old pantyhose to the crevice brush tool and then switch on the device. This will suck out the items from the corner and they will get stuck in the mesh cloth easily for you to recover.

9. Clean your Kitchen Appliances

Clean your kitchen appliances

You can use your vacuum cleaner to clear out the dust, dirt or crumbs that may have fallen behind your refrigerator, or on top of it and it will help it maintain better temperatures. You can even decrumb the countertop appliances as well. 

Wrapping up: 

A vacuum cleaner is a great device that helps you keep your house clean. While cleaning your home with a vacuum cleaner is the way given above, but from time to time, do be reminded that you need to clean the cleaner itself. Do not wash the machinery but oil it. You can dismantle the plastic and bag parts, clean, let them dry and snap them back onto the machine. Also do not forget to do regular maintenance checks to the machine from time to time. You are good to go. 

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