IFB Washing Machine Error Codes

Error Codes and Solutions to Fix Your IFB Washing Machine without Technician Help

The IFB brand is a popular choice among the washing machine segment. Even with the best or premium model, you may experience issues in some cases.

Some of these issues can be fixed at home without the hassle of calling a professional.

Thanks to the latest feature called smart diagnosis, these washing machines can diagnose the issue and display an error code to specify the particular problem.

With this information, you can solve the issue by yourself and get the washing machine running in no time.

IFB Washing Machine Error Codes

Below is a table referring to all the error codes of a IFB washing machine. It provides information on the error code and what does it mean.

Error Code Message or Problem
E01 Improperly opened or closed door
E02 Lack of water supply
E03 Loose electrical fitting
E04 Choice of delayed start or overload
E05 Low input voltage or low inlet water temperature
E06 Blocked coin in the drum
rinS HOLd Interruption at the Rinse Hold step
dLAY Displayed during Delay Start mode
door Door not closed or locked properly
dLEr Door not getting unlocked
tAP Water supply or pressure adequate or damaged/bent water inlet hose
tACO/trC Cloth may be stuck between door and drum
dPEr Filter or exhaust hose clogged. Water not drained properly
HEAt Water temperature above 60 degrees at the starting of program
OFEr Time to restart the washing machine
H260 High input voltage
L175 Low input voltage
UnbL Unbalanced laundry load
ACHi Represents that machine will start automatically when voltage decreases to operating level
ACLo Represents that machine will start automatically when voltage increases to operating level
LSE Load sensing error
Pr5 Water level sensing error
tEr Motor error
CPEr Capacitor error

Solutions to the IFB Washing Machine Error Codes

Now that, you have an idea about different error codes, lets check out the solutions and simple repairs you can perform to resolve the issues.

1. Error Message – E01

Cause – This error is displayed when the door is not closely properly or when something is interrupting the machine to close the door properly.

Solution – Open the door and close it properly. Check if anything is stuck in the door and remove it to close the door properly.

2. Error Message – E02

Cause – There are different reasons why this error occurs and they are

  • Water supply has paused or stopped
  • Water tap is not turned on
  • Too low water pressure
  • Filter or the sieve blocked in the water inlet hose
  • Damaged, blocked or bent water inlet hose

Solution – Possible solutions to resolve this.

  • If the water tap is off, then turn it on.
  • Check if the water supply is not available. If so, wait until the water supply is back as the washing machine will automatically resume once the supply is on.
  • Clean the filter or sieve. And restart the washing machine. This mostly happens in the areas with hard water supply. So, in that case clean them regularly to avoid this issue.
  • Analyse the water inlet hose for any breaks, blocks or damage. If there is breakage, repair or replace the pipe. If there is any block and bent, resolve it.

3. Error Message – E03

Cause – This error occurs when there is a loose electrical fitting.

Solution – Check if the plug fits the socket properly. If the socket is not compatible, then you should get it replaced.

4. Error Message – E04

Cause – Overloading washing machine or possible restart after 30 minutes

Solution – Check if you have overloaded the washing machine with more clothes. If so, remove some of them and turn it on again.

5. Error Message – E05

Cause – This error can be displayed when the input voltage or inlet water temperature is low.

Solution – If you see this error code, then you may have to wait for the program until it is over.

6. Error Message – E06

Cause –

  1. Clogged or bent exhaust pipe
  2. Coin trap may be blocked

Solution –

  • First step to do is cleaning the coin trap
  • Next check the exhaust hose for bends or clogs and deal with it.

If the error message still stays on the displays, then we recommend switching off the appliance completely. Wait for 15 seconds and then turn it on again. Now select the required program and start the wash program.

7. Error Message – rinS HOLd

Cause – The code displayed means the rinse process is on hold.

Solution – To resolve this issue, you can just press the start/pause button again and select the drain program.

8. Error Message – dLAY

Cause – This error code is displayed when you click on a delay start mode.

Solution – This is actually not an error code but an indication that the user has selected this particular mode. So, the washing machine will restart working at the scheduled time duration.

9. Error Message – door

Cause – This particular error code appears on the display if the door of the washing machine is not closed inappropriately.

Solution – To resolve this, you have to open and close the door properly. Check if there any blocks or clothes preventing the door from closing. If so, then rearrange or remove them to clear the obstacles.

10. Error Message – dLEr

Cause – This error occurs when the IFB washing machine when the door doesn’t unlock automatically after the wash and spin cycle. Usually, the washing machine unlocks automatically after a wash program is completed.

Solution – If you see this error in the display, never open the door with force as it can be damaging. For resolving this issue, we recommend following the below steps.

  • Turn off the IFB washing machine immediately.
  • Now don’t disturb the machine or wait for at least 2 minutes.
  • Turn on the washing machine now. This will unlock the door automatically.
  • However, if the error still persists on the display, you may have to contact an IFB professional.

11. Error Message – tAP

Cause and Solution – This error code can be displayed for several reasons. One of the main reasons is stopped water supply. Other reasons are included below

  • Turned off water tap – Checking the water tap and turn it on to start the water from flowing.
  • Low pressure or water supply is not available – You can wait until the pressure kicks back or water supply increases. This will automatically start the washing machine again.
  • Blocked inlet filter – To resolve this, you have to disconnect the inlet pipe, check for blocks, clear the blockage in the filter/sieve.
  • Damaged or bent inlet hose causing the water supply block – If there is a bend, then you have to remove the bend. However, if you see a damage, then you have to replace the pipe with the new one.

12. Error Message – tACO or trC

Cause – This error is also related to door of the washing machine. It usually appears when there is an obstruction between the door and drum that is not letting the door to be closed properly.

Solution – To resolve this issue, you can follow the below steps

  • Turn off the main water supply and wait for at least two minutes before the second step.
  • Turn on the washing machine again.
  • Now select the drain program. This should drain out the water and open up the door automatically.
  • Now rearrange the clothes properly and start the program again.
  • If the washing machine displays the same error, you have to consult an IFB professional for assistance. And it is better to turn off the washing machine until the IFB professional arrives.

13. Error Message – dPEr

Cause – The dPEr error indicates an issue with the drain error related to clogs or blockage. Apart from that, it could be a blockage in the filter.

Solution – Below are the suggestions procedures to resolve this issue.

  • If water isn’t draining properly – then you have to press start/pause option in order to restart the draining program.
  • Blocked filter – Turn off the IFB washing machine to clean the water using the drain pump. Make sure the filter is washed thoroughly.
  • Clogged/bent exhaust hose – Clean the clogged pipe and remove any kinks.

14. Error Message – HEAt

Cause – The washing machine displays the error when the water temperature gets above the 60 degrees at the beginning of the wash program.

Solution – Below are the steps to resolve the issue

  • First you may have to wait until temperature reduces under the 60 degrees centigrade. If so, then you can start the drain/new program.
  • Now turn off the IFB washing machine completely.
  • Wait for at least 1 minute and turn on the washing machine again.
  • If the error code on the display still persists, then we recommend you seek an IFB professional.

15. Error Message – OFEr or Pr5

Cause – Unexplained error

Solution – In such case, we recommend reaching out an IFB professional assistant. However, you can follow the below process before getting professional assistance.

  • Turn off the IFB washing machine and wait for at least a minute before following the second step.
  • Turn on the washing machine and check if the error is still displayed.
  • Unfortunately, if the error still persists, then turn off the machine and water tap. And contact the IFB care professional.

16. Error Message – h260

Cause – Higher input voltage

Solution – This can be a localised issue. So, the IFB washing machine will restart automatically once voltages normalizes to safe levels. But if the error appears frequently, then it can be because of fault in local power transmission lines. To check that, you can consult a local electrician for analysing the power supply and voltage issues in your area.

17. Error Message – L175

Cause – This error code pops up when there is a low input voltage

Solution – Just like the above one, this is also a local problem. When the voltage input is back, the washing machine will automatically start again. But if the error occurs repeatedly, we recommend calling local electrician to rectify the issue.

18. Error Message – UnbL

Cause – This error refers to unbalanced load

Solution – As the name states, you have to balance the load properly. If the load has less clothes, then you have to add more clothes in order to maintain the balance. If the load is heavy like bedsheets, you can add couple of light clothes for counter balancing the weight.

Other General Complaints and Error Codes

Apart from the codes mentioned above, there are some other errors often faced with IFB washing machine. We are mentioning them below for your reference.

1. The LED Display Doesn’t Illuminate or Glow

  • When this particular error occurs, it usually means the power supply is not on. So, turn on the power supply.
  • Sometimes the electric power cord may not be plugged properly. So, check it and plug it in the socket.
  • If the program is not selected, then the LED may not glow. Select the necessary program and see if the LED display glows.

2. Washing Machine Door not Opening Properly

  • When the IFB washing machine is in operation, then the door will not open. If you want to open in the middle of wash program, we recommend pausing the program to open the door. Remember that if the water level or temperature is high, it is better to avoid opening the door.
  • If the child lock is active, you have to disable it and wait for couple of minutes. After that, you can see door symbol glowing on the display. Then you can open the door.

3. Wash Program Doesn’t Start

  • It may have caused when the start button is not pressed. You can just press the start button for resolving the issue.
  • Low pressure or less/no water supply. If so, you have to open the tap completely to make sure the water has enough pressure. Or else wait till the water pressure returns.
  • When the door is not closed properly, the wash program doesn’t start. So, open the door and close it again properly.
  • If the wash program is in pause/soak or hold/rinse mode – in such case refer to user manual and act accordingly.

4. Water is not entering the washing machine or when the detergent is not flushing down the drain

  • This can happen when there is less water pressure or when the water tap is not open completely.
  • When the door is not closed properly you can experience this issue. So, open and close it again properly.
  • This also happens when the filter is clogged or inlet pipe is bent. You have to check the inlet hose and remove any clogs. Repeat the same with filter as well.

5. The detergent suds can escape from the tray. Excessive foam can form in the wash drum. The wash clothes can have soap residue.

  • You have to use the detergent suggested by the IFB company. If not, then it can result in suds.
  • Excessive detergent use can also result in this issue. Decreasing the dose helps in dealing with it.
  • Clothes overload can be resolved by reducing the load and ensure to avoid overloading in future.
  • If you are using cold wash program, then it is better to change for a hot wash program.
  • Low water pressure can be dealt with increasing the water pressure or waiting till the water pressure is returned.

6. Water Leakage from the Washing Machine

  • A lose hose connection can be one of the reasons for water leakage. For this you have to check and tighten the inlet connection.
  • In case the filter is loose, you can tighten it and run the washing machine again.
  • Inlet hose can sometimes leak. If you see a leak, we recommend calling IFB care and get the washing machine checked.

7. IFB Washing Machine is not Draining Properly

  • A clogged filter is the main reason for this cause. So, declutter the filter and run the machine.
  • When the drain hose is present 1m above from the floor level which can also lead this issue. So, it is important to install the drain hose below 1m floor.
  • If there is a kinked or clogged drain hose then you can straighten them up to remove any clogs.

8. The Clothes After Wash Program are still Damp and the Spin is not Working

  • This issue often occurs when there is an unbalanced load so you can resolve it by balancing the load.
  • It can also be caused when there is an overloading of clothes. If so, then remove the clothes to balance the load and prevent overloading.
  • You may have selected a lower spin speed. So, you can check and choose a higher spin speed the next program.
  • Sometimes, we select rinse hold option by accident. In such case, you have to select pause/start button and start the washing machine.
  • Clogged filters are also one of the reasons. You can unclog them and restart the washing machine.
  • It can happen when the high-foaming or excessive detergent which can cause the problem. If so, then use a detergent recommend by the brand.

9. The Washing Machine Drum Vibrates Excessively While Spinning

  • It happens when the machine is not installed appropriately. We recommend checking the levels or consult an IFB professional.
  • Partially clogged filters can be a reason. We recommend cleaning them thoroughly.
  • Unbalanced load can result in this issue. You can add or remove the clothes to balance which allows for proper spinning.

10. Washing Machine Motor Generating a lot of Noise

Usually, IFB motor generate some money while washing clothes. But if the noise is too much to handle or disturbing neighbours, then we recommend calling an IFB professional.

11. Pump of the IFB Washing Machine Generating too much Noise

Just like the motor, the pump of washing machine can impact the noise production. If it causing any disturbance to your family, then get help from a certified professional help.

12. Delayed program cycle time or remaining time displayed over the LED display stay unchanged for a long time

  • Usually, the program time depends mainly on the laundry type, water temperature, detergent quality, inlet water pressure and other factors. Based on that, the timing can change in the midway of the wash program and the time duration may get extended.
  • If there is an unbalanced load, then IFB washing machine usually adds more water to rebalance. This can increase the time duration of the wash program.

13. Poor Soil Removal

  • Poor soil removal is often caused by wrong detergent dosage. So, using correct detergent amount on the water and load is helpful.
  • You can use cold wash program to get rid of more soil on the clothes.
  • If there is incorrect load size, then check and correct it.
  • Tough stains on the clothes can be removed by softening the fabrics prior to adding them to washing machine. This will provide with better results.
  • Mixing heavily soiled with lightly soiled clothes can be an issue. So, we recommend separating the heavily soiled ones and run them in a different cycle.

14. Blue Stains on the Clothes

Using cheap fabric softeners or excess additives can result in such stains. So, you can change the detergent, bleach and fabric softeners with high-quality ones. And another thing to remember is that, you can pour them over the fabric.

15. Black Marks on the Washed Clothes

  • It often happens when you use very less detergent or if the water supply is hard water. For resolving, you can add the correct detergent amount based on the load you are adding. And also check for water hardness of your supply.
  • The stains on the clothes can be a challenging task. So, it is better to avoid mixing up these clothes.

16. Yellow Stains on the Washed Clothes

Dirty or soiled water supply. Check the pipelines and inlet hoses to make sure the supply is clean before starting the wash cycle. And moreover, add the correct number of whites and bleach to improve the whiteness of the washed clothes.

17. Residue of Detergent on the Clothes

  • This always happens when you overload the washing machine with clothes. For better results, we recommend avoiding it.
  • Using more detergent can be responsible for this situation. So, you can make sure use only brand recommended detergent and don’t use in excess.
  • For better results, it is always important to use cold wash cycle instead of hot wash.

18. Washing Machine Buttons are not Working Properly

  • One of the reasons can be incorrect pressure of buttons. Washing machine buttons are usually touch-sensitive so there shouldn’t actually be any problem. If the problem is still there, we recommend consulting certified IFB professional.


There are several reasons why a washing machine can result in a poor wash cycle or doesn’t work sometimes. And some of them can be can be resolved at home yourself without relying on a certified IFB professional.

Usually, some of the issues are provided as error codes over the LED display and solutions are provided in the instruction manual. If you no longer have or misplaced an instruction manual, you can follow the instructions mentioned here in this article.

We hope this article has helped you make the right decisions. If you have any queries, write to us in the comment section below.

For more such articles, stay tuned.

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