LG vs. Samsung Refrigerators. Which One to Buy and Why?

Are you planning to buy a refrigerator for your home? Is LG or Samsung in your mind?

Both LG and Samsung come with similar designs, features, functionality, and technology, making it an extremely difficult decision for customers.

This article will help you better understand, distinguish and decide which refrigerator brand would be best for your kitchen.

lg vs samsung refregirator

Let us start emphasizing their unique features:

1. Door Configuration

Both LG and Samsung offer products that look similar in terms of configuration, type, inbuilt-features, and design. Despite the many varieties, these are the common door configurations available in India.

  • Single Door
  • Double Door
  • Side-by-side Door
  • French Door

Apart from the models mentioned above, Samsung offers these innovative door configurations that are incredible in style and design.

  • 3-Door French Door
  • 4-Door French Door
  • 4-Door Flex
  • Family Hub Touch Screen

2. Unique Features

Though most refrigerator brands, including LG and Samsung, offer similar features, they do have some exclusive key features. Both Samsung and LG refrigerators give tough competition in this aspect.

Unique Features of Samsung Refrigerators

The unique features of Samsung carved a special niche for the brand, making it the most sought-after one. Starting with the FlexZone technology, the list goes to the Family Hub Smart series. Let us scoop out some more details of those innovative features.

FlexZone Technology: The FlexZone technology allows you to adjust your refrigerator to a freezer and vice versa. All this is possible with the push of a button. The improved version of this technology is that some models come equipped with a drawer. You can use this drawer to put large trays, pizzas, beverages, and other items. It has an adjustable temperature control that helps you adjust the temperature for refrigerating or chilling items. Most of the other brands offer a split freezer section for this purpose. You can convert that compartment into a fridge when needed.

Autofill Water Pitcher: The Autofill Water Pitcher feature in the Samsung refrigerators is a thoughtful one that earned remarkable marks. This feature lets the users add some flavor to their water. You might wonder how! Add some fruits to the infuser or put in some tea bags. Voila! You are there. The other benefit this feature offers is that it has an Auto Water Fill option that automatically fills up the pitcher with the water.

Family Hub: The Family Hub series with a smart touch from Samsung is the next level model that lets you do it all from your kitchen. It offers some extraordinary models that elevate the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen.

The Family Hub comes with dozens of features like the touchscreen door and the voice control. You can do many smart things like browse recipes, buy groceries, stream music, make shopping lists, and others.

There is another mind-blowing feature in this series and that is receiving notifications or alerts on the status of the items in your fridge. Didn’t that just blow your mind away! However, you can find the Family Hub series in only high-end Samsung models like the 3-door French door refrigerator model RF22NPEDB.

The Family Hub won an award for CES Best of Innovation for five straight years. Isn’t that obvious!

Unique Features of LG refrigerators

LG, which always tries to be on the innovative front, brings in more innovative and revolutionary features time-to-time. No doubt, LG is the biggest rival to Samsung. From the Smart Diagnosis to the InstaView door-in-door design that won many hearts, LG tries to run ahead in the race.

InstaView Door-in-Door: The InstaView door-in-door from LG comes with upgraded features that will surely make you go gaga about it. It has a unique feature that allows you to see the inside without opening the door. That is insanely crazy! I am sure you would love to have it in your kitchen.

LG Signature Line: The LG Signature line is an incompatible series from LG that highlights the art of luxury living. It comes with beautiful and intuitive designs, giving you a seamless experience. Out of the many compelling features, the one specific feature that you can rave about is the auto door open feature. This feature opens the door automatically once you step in front of your refrigerator.

However, this feature is only available in the LG Signature LUPXC2386N model. The unique textured finish and the InstaView feature, to name a few, are the most common features in the LG Signature Series. LG refrigerators with the SmartThinQ technology helps you manage your refrigerator remotely from your smartphone. You receive notifications on your app and can control the fridge using voice commands as well.

CustomChill Drawer: LG 4-door refrigerator with CustomChill drawer is yet another innovative feature. However, this is similar to the FlexZone drawer from Samsung. This feature from both brands offers adjustable temperature control. Usually, there are four temperature settings for these drawers, ranging from 29 to 42 degrees.

Spherical Craft Ice: The exclusive Spherical Craft Ice from LG is a dual ice maker that dispenses round ice, cubed, or crushed ice with the tap of a button. However, this feature is available only in high-end LG refrigerators. The spherical craft ice lasts longer than normal ice and is a gamechanger for your cocktails.

3. Door-in-Door Feature

The Door-in-door feature is an innovative feature seen in most modern refrigerators from both LG and Samsung. You find it mostly in the side-by-side and French door refrigerator models.

The InstaView door-in-door refrigerator offered by LG is a premium refrigerator that has all you need for your family. Its distinctive design allows you to see inside the compartment without opening the door. All you have to do is – knock twice and see what items are inside your fridge.

A similar feature offered by Samsung is the Food ShowCase. However, there are variants of this design in different models. For side-by-side refrigerators in Samsung, the door-in-door design is full-length, whereas, in LG, the same option is only halfway down.

The main advantage of these door-in-door models from both brands is that they reduce cold air loss. These models have panels that help to maintain the cooling inside, further providing better insulation in the door indoor section. While Samsung calls these panels Metal Cooling, LG named them the ColdSaver Panel. Well, that sounds pretty cool!

4. Cooling System

No doubt, both LG and Samsung offer efficient cooling systems. However, it is the cooling technology that plays a significant role in defining the unique selling proposition of the brands.

The several cooling technologies offered in LG refrigerators include Linear Cooling, Door Cooling, FRESHShield Cooling, Smart Cooling, Ice-beam Cooling, and other Innovative Cooling methods to ensure optimized cooling.

  • Linear Cooling Technology is a unique technology that helps in maintaining a standard temperature throughout the refrigerator. It also ensures the temperature fluctuation within the +-5C limit only.
  • The Ice-beam Cooling Technology in LG also helps in maintaining even temperature throughout the refrigerator. Additionally, it ensures 35% faster cooling than conventional refrigerators.
  • The LG Door Cooling Technology keeps the inside temperature cool when you open the fridge door. It further allows quick cooling of the interior after keeping the door open.
  • The FRESHShield Cooling system helps to retain the coolness in the refrigerator, maintains stable temperatures, and locks the freshness. To achieve this, it uses cold air and forms a thermal barrier.

The several cooling technologies offered in Samsung refrigerators include the Direct Cool Technology, All-Round Cooling Technology, Power Cool technology, Twin Cooling Technology, Twin Cooling Plus Technology, Triple Cooling Technology, and the Metal Cooling Technology.

  • The Samsung Twin Cooling system allows you to maintain and control the temperature in both the freezer and fridge compartments of the refrigerator independently. It uses two fans and two evaporators and is mostly available in side-by-side models.
  • The Triple Cooling system helps to control and optimize the temperature independently. It uses three fans and two compressors and is mostly available in high-end models.
  • The Metal Cooling system is a remarkable technology from Samsung that helps in retaining the coolness inside the refrigerator and maintains optimum temperature. This is similar to the Door Cooling Technology of LG.

All the cooling technologies mentioned above are not available in small-budget refrigerators. You might wonder how these refrigerators can maintain coolness. The reason is that they come with more than one cooling method inside that ensures fast and efficient cooling.

5. Energy Efficiency

The very next feature that comes into the users’ minds is energy efficiency. Well, how do you define whether your refrigerator is energy efficient or not? The answer is straight and simple. The energy star certification, given by the Beaurue of Energy Efficiency [BEE].

If the refrigerator has a greater number of stars, that means it comes with higher energy efficiency and lowers electricity consumption.

Both the brands come with BEE certification and thereby, you can save on electricity in almost all of their products.

Comparatively, Samsung has more BEE-certified products than LG, being ahead in the race. Not only that, most Samsung refrigerators come with the highest mark of efficiency, i.e., BEE 5-star rating.

Speaking figuratively, 69/91 refrigerators of LG are Energy Star certified, whereas 55/66 devices of Samsung are Energy Star certified.

6. Colors and Styling

The various styling and finishes available in LG refrigerators are smooth white and platinum silver. Those in stainless steel are the regular stainless steel, black stainless steel, matte black stainless steel, and the LG Signature Textured Steel finish.

The LG Signature Textured Steel Finish and black matte are exclusive to only LG refrigerators. LG’s Black matte finish is a deeper shade than their black stainless finish.

The various styling and finishes available in the Samsung refrigerator are white and black. In the stainless variations, the available unique finishes are stainless steel, black stainless steel, and stainless platinum. The other finishes in the fingerprint-resistant models include the fingerprint-resistant stainless steel and the Tuscan stainless-steel finish.

The Tuscan Stainless-Steel Finish is an exclusive finish and found only in premium Samsung refrigerator models. This finish is very durable and fingerprint-resistant too.

Most of the LG refrigerator models have sleek curved handles, and some pocket handles. Whereas Samsung has slender curved handles as well as pocket handles.

If you want to purchase an appliance that matches other interiors in your kitchen, it is suggestable you look at the color and other handle designs at the time of purchase.

7. Connectivity Options

Both LG and Samsung brands are equally innovative in their products. They introduced refrigerators with the smart option of Wi-Fi connectivity. However, you don’t find this option in all refrigerators, except for the high-end and premium models.

In Samsung, the refrigerators with the Wi-Fi connectivity option are only available in the Family Hub series. The other most-talked-about feature in a Family Hub refrigerator is that you can control the fridge and do much more with your personal Bixby Assistant. That is quite a smart thing!

LG introduced the LG ThinQ App that facilitates easy control of all its smart devices, including refrigerators. This app offers voice recognition to monitor and control the fridge conveniently from a remote location. Smart Diagnosis is yet another specialized feature of this app. Except for the refrigerators with single doors, almost all LG refrigerators are compatible with the LG ThinQ App.

8. Shelving/Storage

It is a well-known fact that all refrigerator brands come in different models with different sizes and capacities. Every brand has models that have different storage capacity and shelving options accordingly. Some similar LG and Samsung models offer storage and shelving options that are similar in both.

Let us look into LG double-door top-freezer refrigerator with a capacity of 260L. It has the following:

  • 3 Shelves
  • Vegetable box
  • 1 Convertible box
  • 1 Bottle rack for 2L capacity bottles
  • 1 Regular size rack
  • Egg tray (holds 6 eggs)
  • 1 Pull out tray

The freezer has

  • Ice tray
  • 2 tiers for storing meat
  • 2 shelves for dairy products like cheese, yogurt, and desserts

Let us take a look at the Samsung double-door top-freezer refrigerator with a capacity of 253L. It has the following:

  • 2 Shelves
  • 1 Vegetable box
  • 1 Fresh room
  • 1 Easy-slide tray
  • 1 Large water bottle rack of 2 L
  • 1 Multipurpose rack
  • 2 Egg trays

The freezer has

  • Ice tray
  • 1 Shelf
  • 2 Racks for storing frozen canned food, and dairy products like cheese, etc.

If we can compare both the refrigerators of the same model and capacity, we can observe that both have similar storage and shelving capacity. However, LG has a bigger shelving capacity than Samsung. Moreover, LG has more room with three shelves, but Samsung has only two.

There is one drawback for LG. It might sound small or insignificant, but it the considerable feature that many look for. It is the egg tray that can only hold six eggs. Since LG has a larger space when compared to Samsung, it costs a few thousand more than Samsung.

9. Reliability

When it comes to reliability, there is no room for question or doubt, because both Samsung and LG are global refrigerator brands. That said, they are the reigning brands.

Refrigerators from both Samsung and LG are the most reliable products in the market. However, in comparison, LG refrigerators are more reliable than their rivals. Because of the popularity, these brands have their services available across the globe in almost every corner.

10. Customer Service

The customer service offered by LG is unparalleled and at its best. The customer satisfaction rate is unmatched with Samsung or any other brand, as that matter. The reason being, LG has customer service centers all over India, even in the most remote location.

The customer service offered by Samsung is the second best after LG. Although they are striving to give a tough competition to LG in the after-sales services, it still is a long journey for them to match with the standards of LG.


I hope this complete guide of comparing LG and Samsung refrigerators gave you better about the brands. I hope it made your purchase decision easy. If you ask us to recommend, we would say LG is better in terms of service and convenience.

If you want to have a fridge with a more seamless look, features, quality, and great designs, better go for Samsung. Let us know your views on this article in the comments section given below. Happy Shopping!

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