What is 4c Error in Samsung Washing Machine?

4c error code or signal is quite common that you can come across in Samsung washing machine. And fortunately, it is easy to fix by yourself and doesn’t need a professional consultant.

This error code is mostly associated with disruption with the water supply. This disruption can be caused due to several issues.

In this article, we will explore into these issues and find out the solutions for fixing them. We made sure to provide clear instructions and step-by-step methods below for your reference.

So, let’s first start with – “What is 4c error in Samsung washing machine?”

4c or 4e basically means that the Samsung washing machine has a problem with the water supply. This in turn means that the washing machine is not able to get adequate water supply to process a wash program or wash cycle.

Ideally, the water pressure has to be between 0.5 bar to 8 bar for the washing machine to start or continue the wash cycle.

In addition to that, you have to remember that 4c error can occur both at the beginning of wash cycle or while in the rinse mode when the soapy water is drained completely. And after that the clear water flow doesn’t occur.

This signal is warning message to the user about potential issues with water supply. However, it can also be a notification of something a little more serious as well.

Possible Causes for 4c Error in Samsung Washing Machine

There are different potential reasons for a disruption of water supply. We have mentioned them below for your reference.

  • No water supply connection to the washing machine
  • Partially opened water supply pipe
  • Blocked/clogged or obstructed water supply hose
  • Limited water supply
  • Kinked, bent or damaged water pipe

How to Fix 4c Error Code in Samsung Washing Machines?

The Samsung washer error code 4c can be easily handled by yourself if you follow some simple process. To help you out with the process, we have provided clear step-by-step instructions below. Make sure to follow the steps as mentioned and you will be able to get back on track.

1. Check the Water Supply of Washing Machine

water supply

As the main reason for the 4c error is inadequate water supply, the first step towards solving the error is to check out the water supply connected to the washing machine. See if adequate water is pouring out of the faucet and whether the tap is fully open.

Sometimes, the water pressure can be too low which means the water force isn’t enough to facilitate a wash cycle. This can be due to faulty water hose. In addition to that, it can also be due to a leak or damage in the pipe.

For resolving this, you have to switch off the washing machine and check the water hose for any bends or kinks.

If you see any damages, you have to repair or change the water hose completely. If there are any bends, correct them properly to encourage proper water flow.

2. Check the Water Connection Connected to Samsung Washing Machine

water supply washing machine

An incorrectly installed water hose can also result in a 4c error in the washing machine. This can be caused due to one of the two main reasons

  • Loose water connection
  • Improperly attached hose adapter to the tap

Examine the connections between the faucet and the water inlet to see if the installation has been done correctly. If the installation isn’t done right, then make the necessary changes like fasten the hose securely.

3. Examine the Hose Filters

Hose Filters

The next thing to check is the mesh filter present near the water tap. This filter is responsible for removing impurities in the water supply. When this filter gets clogged with impurities, it decreases the water flow into the washer.

Some of the impurities that are responsible for clogging the mesh filter are sand, muck, dirt, hair, grit and others. It is important to clean these filters once in every few months to prevent any disruption to the water flow.

For cleaning these mesh filters, you have to disconnect the hose, remove the filter, clean them under running water and replace the filter. After that, reconnect the hose, turn on the water faucet and washing machine to check the water pressure.

4. Internal Water Level

If the water is not properly draining out, then it can lead to 4c error as well in Samsung washing machine. For resolving this issue, you can follow the below steps

  • Turn off the washing machine and disconnect the water supply pipes.
  • Remove the washer mesh filter and clean it under warm running water.
  • If it is too grimy or dirty, you can soak the filter for few minutes.
  • You can use an old toothbrush to remove any stubborn grime or dirt.
  • When you have completed the cleaning, you have to reattach the hoses properly so that there are no air escapes from the connection points.

5. Avoid Overloading the Drum

Sometimes, the quantity of wash load can also result in error code 4c. This usually happens when the drum is loaded with clothes that soak up too much water like blankets or pillows. Check the instruction manual for information on the type and number of items you can place in the washer per cycle.

6. Damaged Water Valves

The cold and hot water flow into the washing machine is usually controlled through a single valve inlet. If there is any damage or disruption in this valve, it can result in 4c error. Checking it out will help you with dealing with the issue. You can follow the below steps

  • Switch off the water and power.
  • Remove the water inlet hose from the washing machine.
  • Remove the screws at the back of washing machine to separate the top panel.
  • Now you have to disconnect the cables from the cold-water inlet valve.
  • Make sure compress the clamps that are associated with outlet hoses. This provides some wiggle them away from the valve before removing them.
  • For removing the intake valve, you have to loosen the screws present outside the cold-water inlet.
  • Now carefully remove the valve and insert the new one through the hole present at the back panel. Make sure to fasten it with the screws.
  • Fix the two hoses over the two ports and secure it with the clamps.
  • Now you have to connect the two-wire harnesses to appropriate terminals.
  • You have to slide the top panel and fasten the two screws on the back.
  • Connect the replacement valve to the cold-water inlet hose.
  • Turn on the Samsung washing machine now and check if the error still continues.

How Can I Reset a Samsung Washer?

In order to reset a Samsung washing machine, you can follow the instructions mentioned below

  • The first thing you have to use is unplugging the washer from the socket.
  • Next step is to wait for 1 to 5 minutes so that the washer can discharge any remaining electrical charge it is retaining.
  • And finally, reconnect the plug from the wall socket and turn on the washing machine.

Once you have done the above-mentioned steps, you can be assured that the washing machine is completely reset.

How to Set the Samsung Washing Machine to Enter Diagnostic Mode?

Once you have addressed the problem, you have to check whether the Samsung 4c error has indeed been cleared or resolved. For checking, you have to enter the washing machine into a diagnostic mode. For that, you can follow the below steps.

  • First, you have to switch on the washer.
  • Next press and hold both the delay start button and also the soil level.
  • The buttons can differ from one model to another. So, you may have to confirm by checking instruction manual.
  • Hold these buttons until all the zeros are present on the display and you hear a sound like chime.
  • After that, you can press the Soil level button until you can see the letter D on the display. This means that the washing machine has entered diagnostic mode.
  • Now you can turn the jog dial through the codes the machine has to show. If you see the letter D again, then it means the washing machine has gone through all the current error codes.

If you don’t see any 4C error code on the Samsung washing machine, then it means you have resolved the issue.

How Can I Test Samsung Washer After Resolving the Issue?

The best way to test any Samsung washer after repairing or resolving the issue is to run a complete wash cycle from beginning to the end. You don’t have to add clothes to the washer for this cycle. And testing on an empty drum is a better choice.

For this process, you can run the washing machine on the shortest cycle available like Rinse+Spin cycle which is available in most of the Samsung models.

As the 4c error code mainly represents the disruption with the water supply. So, you have to pay attention when the wash cycle starts. If the washer cycle starts without causing any problems or displaying error codes, then the problem is resolved.


Similar to any electric appliances, washing machines are also prone to certain issues once in a while. Most of the latest models, especially Samsung washing machines come with smart diagnosis feature which provides error codes to provide insight on the fault.

Most of these error codes can be resolved by yourself without any professional help. One of these error codes is 4c which represents issue with water supply.

If you want to find out the real cause and resolve this issue, you can follow the information provided in this article. If you haven’t still haven’t solved the issue, even by following the instructions mentioned here, then we recommend getting professional help.

If you have any queries or doubts, we recommend writing to us in the comment section below. For more information, we recommend writing to us in the comment section below.

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