Best Room Heaters for Small to Medium Rooms

Room heaters are a smart solution to stay warm and toasty during the winter months.

These portable devices can provide efficient boost of heat in any room including office cabins, garage and even small outdoor spaces like porch.

However, not all products are created equal. Some of them make you feel like sitting in front of a hair dryer.

An ideal room heater is efficient to quickly warm up the room, without getting overheated or noisy.

While shopping for a room heater, you will come across several models – making it difficult to shortlist.

So, we decided to clarify this dilemma by real time testing and analysing the best-selling room heaters in this article.

Best Room Heaters for Small to Medium Rooms

Disclaimer – These three products are shortlisted after reviewing hundreds of consumer reviews and experiences. None of them are sponsored by any brand. We are not promoting or against of any brand. Reviews provided in this article are honest and specified only after real-time testing them.

How We Tested for The Best Room Heater?

First, we purchased and unboxed each room heater. To find out the best among the three options, we performed three main tests that include

  • Temperature Test – In this test, we are going to test the capacity and efficiency of the room heater by measuring the temperature after running the devices for 5 minutes and 15 minutes respectively.
  • Noise Test – During this test, we will measure how many decibels of sound do these room heaters produce while working. Higher decibels means that the noise is uncomfortable.
  • Body Heat – Sometimes, you may need to move the room heater from one place to another. You can only do that easily when the device is cool to touch. In this test, we are going to test which room heater produces less body heat.

Additionally, we will also analyse the build quality, durability and overall features to conclude which is the winner among them. All the reviews mentioned here are honestly provided after hands-on testing.

Review of Each Room Heater

1. Orpat Room Heater

Orpat Room Heater

It is quite compact in size and light in weight as it weighs just around 1kg. On the top right side, it comes with knob for controlling the air flow and heat.

When it comes to the air grills, it comes with a horizontal grill at the front. This grill is made up of heat-resistant plastic.

The heater comes with 100% copper heating element. It has wattage capacity of up to 2000 watts, making it suitable for small to medium rooms (approximately 250 square feet).

If you want to invest in this room heater, then it will cost around Rs. 1200 on Amazon. And it also comes with 1-year warranty.

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2. Solimo Room Heater

Solimo Room Heater

This room heater from Solimo is also compact in size and light in weight. It weighs around 1.5 Kg. unlike Orpat, it comes with two knobs.

Using the first knob, you can change the heating power that include cool, warm and hot. Using the second knob, you can further adjust the heat according to your comfortability.

This room heater comes with vertical design with grills at the front. This grill is made up of good quality metal. When it comes to heater, it has 100% copper element which is common in all the budget heaters.

It comes with an overheat protection which automatically turns off in case of accidental overheating. A carry handle is provided for easy transportation.

If this room heater is your choice, you can purchase it on Amazon for around Rs. 1300. And it also comes with a 1-year warranty duration.

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3. Havells GHRFHAGW200 Room Heater

Havells GHRFHAGW200 Room Heater

Compared to other models in this article, Havells room heater is slightly bigger and heavier. It weighs around 2.5kg. However, the plastic material is much more superior to other models.

This room heater also comes with two knobs for control or operation. One knob is provided for selecting between cool, warm, and hot. Another knob is helpful to adjust the heat or warmth according to your comfort.

It comes with a horizontal grill similar to Orpat room heater. It is made up of good quality plastic material. It comes with an advanced heating technology of PTC ceramic element. This feature ensures uniform, superior and comfortable heating throughout the room.

This room heater comes with a handle that helps you carry the device easily from one place to another. It also consumes 2000 watts of power.

If you want to invest in this product, you can get in on Amazon for around Rs. 3,500. This product also comes with a 1-year warranty duration.

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Real-Time Testing of Best Room Heaters

1. Room Temperature Test

In this test, we are going to take current room temperature as the base temperature for performing the test. While performing the test, the base room temperature is recorded as 23 degrees Celsius.

To check the efficiency, we will turn on the room heater and check the room temperature at two different time intervals – 5 minutes and 15 minutes.

And for more accuracy, we are going to check the temperatures at 3 feet and 10 feet distance from the room heater. This helps to check how effective the room heater is in heating up the room.

To start the test, we will set the room heaters at a particular place of three different rooms with similar room size and set the temperature to maximum.

After 5 minutes when we checked the temperatures of all the room heaters from 3 feet distance. And when we compared, the temperatures from all the room heaters are different. And among them, Orpat has provided higher temperature of 37.9 °C. In the second position, Havells has provided temperature of 36.4°C. And Solimo room heater has provided only 31.7°C which is lowest of all.

roomheater 1

After this, we have tested the room temperature at 10 feet from the room temperature. At this distance, all the room heaters have maintained similar temperature around 26°C – which is three degrees higher than the base temperature.

roomheater 2

And next, we continued to run the room heater up 15 minutes. After that, we measured the temperature again at 3 feet and 10 feet respectively.

At 3 feet, Orpat room heater performed the higher as the temperature recorded is 42.9°C. It is followed by the Havells room heater which measured 39.5°C.

And finally, the least performed was Solimo room heater at 34.3°C.

roomheater 3

We took the measurement again at 10 feet distance. At this distance, all the room heaters performed the same. The temperature measured same for all at 27°C.

roomheater 4

2. Noise Test

In this test, we measured the noise levels produced by all the room heaters while running. The winner of this test will the room heater which produces less amount of noise or lower decibels.

After testing the noise levels, we can say that all the room heaters produced less than 100 decibels noise. So, they are not extremely noisy.

However, among the three of them, Havells performed well as it produced less noise at 59.6 decibels. Remaining two – Orpat and Solimo produced noise levels around 74 decibels.

roomheater 5

3. Body Heat Test

Sometime, you may need to move the room heater from one place to another or from one room to another. You can only move the room heater easily when they don’t have a hot body.

To check the same, we have turned on the room heater and let it work continuously for certain time. After that, we checked the temperature of the room heaters from the top and sides.

When we checked at the top, Oprat had the highest or hottest body at the temperature of 55.9°C. The Havells room heater has 37.0°C and Solimo had 33.1°C.

When we checked the temperatures at the sides of room heaters, all of them has similar range of temperature around 33 to 35°C.

roomheater 8

Final Comparison of Room Heaters Test Reviews

After conducting the tests and comparing the results, we are going to analyse the models for the best and least room heater model.

When it comes to room temperature test (with base temperature of 23°C), all the room heaters maintained similar temperature at 15 min and 10 feet distance. However, at 3 feet distance, Orpat has provided higher temperature than other heaters. Though it is higher, the heat distribution was not even across the room.

If you have kids at home, it might not be good from safety point of view as well.

roomheater 8

In the noise test, Havells performed great as it produced only 59.6 decibels which is quite low. The other two room heaters, Solimo and Havells also performed good as they produced similar noise levels of 74 decibels.

roomheater 11

Coming to the body heat test, Solimo and Havells performed great as their body was cool from both top and sides around 33°C to 35°C.

But the Orpat room heater performed average as it has higher body temperature at the top which is 55.9°C. The sides were cool and similar to other models around 35°C. So, you may have to be quite careful while using or transporting this room heater.

When we talk about overall safety, Havells performed great as it has overall cool body, comes with advanced PTC heating technology and it has uniform and comfortable heating through the room.

Coming to Solimo, it was good in overall safety as it comes with cool body, uniform and comfortable room temperature at 3 feet. However, it comes with a basic heating element.

Finally, the Orpat room heater, the overall safety was poor as the body heat temperature was quite high. It also didn’t provide uniform and comfortable heating. It also comes with a basic heating coil.

roomheater 12

From this personal observation and hands-on experience, we recommend Havells as the winner as it performed great in terms of noise test, body heat test and overall safety. It also performed good in terms of room temperature and even distribution.

Our second recommendation is Solimo room heater as it performed it performed great in terms of body heat test and performed good in room temperature test, noise test and overall safety.

Our third and final recommendation goes to will be Orpat room heater as it was good in terms of room temperature test and noise test. However, it performed average in body heat test and poor in overall safety.

Takeaway –

Room heaters are an essential commodity to beat the cool and chill weather at winters. They are available in different price ranges, features, technologies and sizes. Choosing among them is no less than tough feat.

To help our readers with the same, we conducted a thorough analysis and shortlisted the best room heaters in India. Once shortlisted, we tested them for several factors to check their efficiency, durability and safety.

Based on our test analysis, we provided the honest reviews and recommendations in this article. We hope the information provided here was adequate enough to take a decision.

If you still have any queries, we recommend writing to us in the comment section below. We will reply to them as soon as possible. For more such article, we recommend checking out our website regularly.

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