Best Smart Bulbs To Light Up Your Room

Smart bult is the first step and affordable way to start your home automation journey.

You can install them easily without any professional help as the process is quite similar to the regular bulbs. Once installed, you can control it using the App on your smartphone or voice commands.

The latest smart bulbs come with different features like brightness adjustment, multiple colours changing colours according to temperature and others. With these options, you can level you up lighting game to the next level.

In the recent years, the number of smart bulbs products have gone up because of the increasing popularity. With this range of options, choosing becomes the real challenge.

To find out the best smart bulb, we are going to perform some real-time tests at our workshop. For that to happen, we have purchased the best-selling and popular smart bulbs models.

Through a series of tests, we are going to find out the best performing and least performing products. You can check the observations of the tests in this article clearly.

Best Smart Bulb Products

Disclaimer –

The products mentioned or tested in this article are selected based on the reviews and ratings mentioned in Amazon. None of them are sponsored by any brand or company. All the information mentioned here are our honest opinions gathered through hands-on testing.

How We Tested the Products?

The products we purchased for the testing come with different wattages ranging from 7W to 12W. all these smart lights can fit into the commonly used B22 holder.

On these smart bulbs, we shall conduct three different tests to determine their efficiency and performance. These tests include brightness test, colour accuracy and App experience.

  • Brightness Test – We will test the illumination of smart bulbs using the circles that define the core accuracy and the spreading range of the light.
  • Color Accuracy Test – We will test the colours (that include white, red, green and blue) for their purity and any tones using lumetri graph.
  • App Experience Test – We will check the App features, installation process and ease of us in this test.

Review of Each Smart Bulb

1. Philips Smart LED Bulb

Philips Smart LED Bulb

It has the usual bulb design and weighs quite light that is just 56 grams. Although the build quality looks quite good, and this bulb comes with 16 million color options.

You can connect this bulb with WiZ App and it also works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

When we talk about the installation process, it has a quite 5-step process. It just took us 2 minutes to connect it.

Now, lets talk about the overall experience of using this smart bulb and its features.

It comes with different light modes that include cool white, warm light, night light, day light and customize. It also comes with a colour wheel option from which you can choose wide range of colours.

In the App, you will also get to adjust the scene mode like sunset mode, party mode and others. Using the below two bars in App, you can change the brightness or blinking speed of the light.

A timer option is also provided which can be used to schedule your light for turning on and off in the morning, evening or any other time. You can also group the lights together for different rooms and control them room vice.

We didn’t find any music sync option with this bulb.

If you want to purchase this smart bulb, it will cost around Rs. 600 and comes with 1-year warranty.

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2. Wipro Smart Bulb

Wipro Smart Bulb

This is a 9W bulb and comes with a usual bulb shape. It weighs around 70 grams which is little bit higher than the Philips brand. Though the build quality is good, it is not as good as the Philips bulb.

It comes with 16 million colour options which can be connected with Wipro Next Smart Home App. It also works with Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant.

When it comes to installation, it is very easy and quick similar to the Philips bulb. This bulb also comes with similar features like Philips’s bulb. Some of these features include changing the light modes like cool to warm, colour wheel to change the different colours.

In this App, you can get 8 pre-set scene modes like light mode, colour mode and others. Using this bulb, you get a special feature of music Sync option where you can sync your lights along with the music playing.

If you want to purchase this smart bulb, you can get it for Rs. 600 on Amazon and it comes with warranty of 2-years.

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3. Syska Smart Bulb

This is a 7W bulb and has a usual bulb shape design. It weighs similar to Wipro bulb and also has build quality similar to it.

Unlike Philips and Wipro, this bulb comes only with 3 million colour shades. You can control this bulb using Syska Smart Home App along with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

The app experience was quite simple to use. However, in this bulb you only get cool light option and you can control the brightness of the light. You can change the colour of this light using the colour wheel which has limited set of colours unlike the other bulb.

With this light, you don’t get any music sync option. If you want to purchase the Syska Smart Bulb, you can get it for Rs 550 on Amazon and it comes with 2-years warranty.

4. HALONIX Smart Bulb

HALONIX Smart Bulb

This is 12W bulb and has a unique bulb design which flat top. It weighs around 120 grams which higher compared to Philips, Syska and Wipro. The build quality of this bulb is quite good.

It comes with 16 million colour options which can be connected with Halonix Smart App. It also works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

When it comes to the installation process of this bulb, it is quite easy as it just took 2 to 3 minutes to install it. When we tried using the App, it was also simple to use. It has light modes like cool to warm scale, colour wheel option and 8 scene pre-set modes similar to Wipro and Syska.

With this smart bulb, you will also get music sync option similar to the Wipro smart bulb model.

If you want to purchase this smart bulb, you can get it for Rs. 600 on Amazon. It comes with a warranty duration of 2-years.

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5. MI Smart Bulb

MI Smart Bulb

This is a 9W bulb and has a very unique and modern looking design. The build quality of this smart bulb is great. But the weight of this smart bulb is quite heavier (180grams) which is higher compared to all other smart bulbs mentioned in this article. This is because of the metal build construction of the bulb.

It comes with 16 million colour options and you can control this smart bulb with Xiaomi Home smart App along with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

When it comes to installation process, it took slightly more time compared to other bulbs as it has higher number of steps and there were some reoccurring errors which we experienced while installing. Overall, it took us 5 to 7 minutes to connect this bulb.

Now, lets check the overall App experience. It is not so intuitively to use at once but slowly you may get easier. It comes with cool to warm option, colour control wheel, and brightness adjustment features.

However, it only comes with one pre-set scene which is the flow mode. With this smart bulb, there is no music sync feature.

If you want to purchase this MI smart color bulb, then you can get it for Rs. 700 on Amazon and it comes with 6-months warranty.

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Real-Time Testing

In the below series of tests, we are going to analyse the efficiency and performance of the top 5 best-selling smart bulbs – to find out the winner and loser.

1. Brightness Test

Brightness Test

In this test, we are going to compare the brightness of white light and colored lights of the smart bulb. For measuring the brightness, we have marked the illumination using the circles. The two circles define the core brightness and spread of the light.

First, we have compared the red light. After performing the test, we have observed that Philips and MI provided higher brightness followed by Wipro and Halonix with a little brightness. However, Syska did not generate much illumination.

Now let’s check the white light. In this analysis, we observed that Philips and MI smart bulbs have provided more illumination compared to Halonix, Syska and Wipro.

Brightness Test 2

2. Colour Accuracy

In this test, we will be checking the colour accuracy of white light and the coloured lights. We will be using the lumetri color graph for the analysis. In this graph, you can know how much and pure is the colour and if there is any colour which is slightly changing the tone of the light.

Colour Accuracy

So, when we checked the colour accuracy of the white light, we observed in the lumetri graph that all the lights are perfectly white and there was no different colour tone with it.

Colour Accuracy 2

After this, we checked the accuracy of the colours starting from the red light. You can see below that all the lights are very accurate and don’t have any colour mixing with it.

Now, we have checked with the green light. Here are see that Halonix, MI, Wipro and Syska were quite green in terms of the accuracy.

However, you can see MI is having a slight tone of blue in the green light. This is quite less and not very noticeable.

But when it comes to Philips, it has slightly higher blue tone mixed with it.

Colour Accuracy 3

Finally, when we checked the blue light, we observed that Syska had the most accurate blue tone in the lumetri graph. It is followed by the Halonix, MI and Wipro. They have very less tone of green mixed with the blue light.

When it comes to Philips, you can see Philips is having slightly higher tone of green mixed with it. This is quite noticeable.

Colour Accuracy 4

Overall, you can say that all the lights were quite accurate in terms of colour accuracy. But Philips here were slightly less accurate in terms of green and blue light.

Final Comparison of the Smart Bulbs


After performing the tests, we like to recommend Philips as the #1 option as it performed great in almost all the aspects.

In our second recommendation, we would like to go with Wipro and Halonix smart bulbs as they performed equally good in terms of brightness test, accuracy test and App Experience.

And our final recommendation to you would be MI bulb as it performed great in terms of brightness test and colour accuracy test. But it was slightly average in terms of App experience.


Smart bulbs are an affordable way to start your journey of smart home automation. They have several smart features like app connectivity, colour adjustment and brightness adjustment. Most of them are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home automation as well.

To help our readers invest in the best smart bulb option available in the market, we have performed this real-time test.

We hope the information and clarification has helped you settle with a wide decision. If you still have any queries, we recommend writing to us in the comment section below. We shall reply to them as soon as possible. For more such real-time tests, keep visiting our website.

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