Surprising Hidden iPhone Features You Never Knew Existed!

The tech marvel, iPhone is full of features and plenty to offer. But chances are, you may have been fully missing out some of these features – as most of them are not immediately noticeable.

With new features being added to each iOS release, it is essential to stay updated – so that you can use the smartphone to its maximum potential.

Our team has spent hours in combing the hidden iPhones features and find out the best one that almost look like magic tricks.

In this article, we are going to reveal those features that make your iPhone usage more efficient, simple and interesting.

The features or hacks mentioned in this article are suitable for iPhone 13, iPhone 12, iPhone 11, iPhone SE with iOS 15.4

Disclaimer – These features or hacks have been recommended only after testing or trying by our research team. We are not promoting or demoting any brand.

7 Best Hidden iPhone Features You Should Know

1. Text Shortcut

In our daily mobile usage, there is a lot of information which we commonly use like our home address, office address or email id or bank details.

Whenever we have to send or use it, we have to either type it manually or search in our previously sent messages. And this whole process can be quite daunting and takes a lot of time as well.

A quick solution for this problem is available in your keyboard settings. Here is the process of availing this feature.

  • Go to your keyboard settings and click on the text replacement option.
  • Here, you can save all the text that you use on regular basis like bank details, address, email and others.
  • After typing the data, you can link it to the shortcut like ‘home@’, ‘email$’. You can find it just below the phrase box.

And whenever you require the text in your chat or any website, you can use it with the help of the shortcut.

2. Hidden Folder

In our phones, we usually have some photos that are sensitive or private to us – which we don’t want anyone to see or have access to. iPhone has an amazing trick to hide your important or private photos and here is the process

  • Open the photo gallery and select the photos.
  • Click on the share button and you will see a hide option in the drop down.
  • And the photos will get hidden.
  • But you can still see them in the hidden folder down below which can be accessed by your friends or family.
  • However, you don’t have to worry as you can hide the hidden folder as well.
  • For that, just go to the settings, click the photos option and uncheck the hidden folder.
  • And the hidden folder will be hidden and no one can access it.

3. Voise Isolation

This feature is definitely the most interesting one as it is recently introduced by Apple. Now-a-days, we make a lot of video calls using our phone, it can be either WhatsApp call or facetime call.

And during these calls, if you are at a little bit noisy place – the other person may not hear you properly.

But with the help of this amazing voice isolation feature, you can actually mute the background noise and the other person can listen your voice much more clearly.

For activating this feature, you can follow this process

  • Go to the control centre and click on the mic mode option.
  • Now, cleck on the voice isolation option on the drop down.
  • And the background noise will become isolated and the other person will be able to listen to your voice clearly without any interruption.

4. Screen Sharing

After the latest update of iOS 15, you can get another interesting feature in your facetime calls. While you are on any facetime audio or video call, you can live share your phone screen. You can use this feature to show any of the photos to all the friends together.

You can also use this feature to explain things to your parents like how to share the location or a photo on WhatsApp or even block the spam caller in your phone. With the help of this feature, you can explain them quite easily.

For using this feature, you can follow the below process

  • While you are on the call, you can press the screen share button available on the drop down of the facetime application.
  • And turn off the screen share once you are done.

5. Face ID with Mask

We use face ID function almost every time to unlock our phone. But the major drawback of this feature is that it cannot didn’t use to work without if you are wearing a face mask.

Removing the face mask every time to unlock the iPhone can be quite irritating. But with latest iOS 15 update, you can now unlock the phone while wearing the mask.

  • To enable that, you just need to update your software.
  • After that, go to the settings and enable the ‘face ID with mask’ option.
  • And reset your face ID.
  • After this, you can unlock your phone without need of removing the mask. So, you can unlock the phone even while wearing the face mask.

6. Back Tap

In this feature, you can either double tap or triple tap and link with any shortcut in your phone.

Here, we are using double tap for opening the camera and triple tap opening the book App. You can also use this feature in a lot of other ways like if you want to call someone quickly or just open an App quickly that you can regularly like Instagram, YouTube, or Netflix.

You can create a new shortcut and link with it. It is very easy to set up this shortcut – follow the below process.

  • Go to the settings and click on the Accessibility.
  • Here you can click on the ‘Touch’.
  • Now you can set the shortcuts for double tap and triple tap.
  • Click on each option to get a drop down where you can select the App or feature you can want to open using the shortcut.


This functionality or feature is very important for you and your family. When you can press the power button, you will get the additional MEDICAL ID option in your iPhone which can be accessed by anyone.

This feature usually contains your basic medical details and emergency contact details as well. So that anyone in emergency situations can reach out to your contacts easily without the need for unlocking the mobile. This functionality can also be useful if you phone gets lost and it is not reachable.

To set this feature, you can follow the below process.

  • Go to your health App available on the home screen.
  • Click on your profile and tap on the ‘Medical ID’.
  • Now fill your details here which you want anybody to access in emergency situations.


For most of us, iPhone is relatively one of the highest investments in gadgets. So, it is obvious to get the most of your money’s worth.

With the latest iOS 15 update, Apple has provided some amazing features that are in fact absolutely necessary in today’s time.

There are several tips and hacks that you can do using your iPhone. However, our team has shortlisted some of the interesting and essential ones in this article.

Try out the hacks and lets us know your experience in the comment section below. We will be absolutely happy to hear from you.

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