Choosing The Best Microwave For Your Kitchen

Microwave ovens make it easy to cook food within a shorter amount of time and without any mess. Be it reheating leftovers, baking a cake, cooking tandoor or as simple as making tea, this versatile appliance is the perfect cooking companion. Several latest models have also come with advanced features like pre-set menu and several others.
With so many models and features, it is hard to identify the right one that is suitable for requirements. To help you out, we have gathered the ultimate guide in this article. Read the information thoroughly to make the right choice.

4 Decision-Making Factors To Make an Informed Choice

This is the first and foremost factor to consider while purchasing a microwave oven. Before dwelling into the types, analyze your cooking requirements and finalize the option according to it. Depending on their working condition, microwave ovens are divided into three different categories – Solo, Grill, and Convention.

Solo Microwaves

They are also referred to as standard or microwave-only appliances. They are suitable for steaming, reheating, defrosting, and cooking ready-made meals. You can choose this model if you want to just heat up or cook simple food that doesn’t require defrosting or a complex cooking process.

Compared to other oven types, solo microwave ovens come at inexpensive rates. Overall, it’s good to use for bachelors and couples due to limited storage capacity. The only disadvantage of using this type is that it is not suitable to perform grilling and baking.

Heating Process
This microwave uses water molecules, magnetrons and microwaves in order to heat the food. The magnetron is responsible for creating microwaves that will travel in the microwave chamber and penetrate the food present in it. These waves will stimulate the water molecules and cause friction which leads to the production of heat.
Grill Microwaves

They are quite similar to a solo microwave oven with an additional feature called internal grill. This microwave comes with a grill plate or metal rack which can further be used for making tikka and kebab. On a comparative basis, grill ovens are more advantageous than the solo type. So, it is considered as the best microwave oven for home purposes.

Heating Process
Including magnetron, a grill microwave comes with a heating element which is either present at top or bottom of the appliance. The heating element will act as an extra heat source to cook and crisp up the food.

Convection Microwaves

A convection microwave oven is the most superior one among the different types of microwaves. It comes with all the cooking options of a solo and grill microwave. This versatile model performs all the cooking functions like baking, grilling, heating and defrosting.

They use a fan and heating element for cooking food. And the added features like magnetron and heating element helps to make the food crispier and brown. Using this model, you can make roti, naan, bake bread, roast chicken and cook a variety of other dishes. Some additional features include air frying and yogurt making as well. The only downside of the convection is that people with a limited budget cannot invest more on such high-end microwave oven models. Apart from that, it’s totally a good one to purchase.

Heating Process
A convection microwave comes with heating elements at the bottom and top of the appliance. A fan is present at the back of the cooking chamber which helps in even distribution of hot air across the microwave chamber.

Solo vs Grill vs Convection microwaves
Most Economical
Rs. 5000 to 7000
Ideal For
Cooking, Defrosting & Reheating
Power Consumption
550 – 1500 watts
15-26 Litres
express cooking, quick start, timers, child lock
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Most Popular
Rs. 8,000 to 10,000
Ideal For
Grilling, Cooking, Defrosting & Reheating
Power Consumption
900 – 1700 watts
16-24 Litres
solo grill, combo grill, power grill, On/ Off feature of the rotating glass, and eco mode
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Most Advanced
Rs. 10,000 to 18,000
Ideal For
Baking, Toasting, Grilling, Cooking, Defrosting & Reheating
Power Consumption
800 – 1700 watts
16-40 Litres
Auto cook menu, sensor cooking, reheating, smarter cooking, inverter technology, Rotisserie
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Our Recommendation For You
If you are a bachelor or require nothing more than reheating and defrosting, then go for a solo microwave oven. If you are interested in grilling food, then a grill oven is the best choice. However, if you love baking and want to try different dishes, then a convection microwave oven is the right choice.
Read about more features in detail here

Factor 2. How to choose your right capacity?

The capacity of a microwave oven represents the volume of space available inside and is measured in liters (L). It further helps to choose the appropriate model that matches with the family size (2/3 members). Choosing the right capacity of the microwave also helps to save your time and power consumption.

Microwave Capacity
15-20 litres


(1 to 2 members)
20-30 litres

Mid-Size Families

(3 to 5 members)
15-20 litres

Large Families

(5+ members)

Factor 3. Must have Cooking Functionalities

Latest microwave ovens come with innovative features that improve the efficiency and lets you cook quicker and easier. Below, we have mentioned some of the must-have features for your reference.

Cooking options to look out for
Auto cook menu
With this option, you can select from a predefined list of recipes. Once you choose the option, the appliance will set the time and power based on it, ensuring the food is cooked to perfection.
It helps to set the temperature inside the microwave chamber before preparing certain dishes that include cakes, cookies, and grilling.
Quick Defrost
This function lets you de-free the food quickly. Some models come with an auto-defrost feature that allows the user to select the type and weight of the food as well.
Sensor cooking
This feature enables the microwave to analyze the time, density of moisture required for cooking and adjust accordingly.
It helps to roast the chicken, meat by supplying even heat. It’s actually a grill where you can stick paneer and vegetables too.
Sun dry mode
This feature allows you to prepare masala & tadka in microwave, getting the same texture and aroma as you would, using conventional cooking methods.
Our Recommendation For You
Based on the number of smart features, the price of the microwave oven goes up. For some people, these features may be necessary. However, for some they may not be useful on a daily basis. In such cases, you can avoid them and choose an economical model. However, if budget is not a constraint, then you choose a model with as many smart features as you want.

Factor 4. what other features to look out for?

Microwave ovens come with some different sets of features. So, understanding these features will help you make the right choice.

1. Select Your Panel Type

Control panel makes it easy to select the features and options provided by the appliance. Some of the microwave ovens have single touch control while some others have mechanical buttons for operation. These controls help you adjust the temperature, set the time and select any pre-set programs.

Easy-to-use panel & long life
Feather Touch
Stylish design, touchsceen panel, easy to clean
Tactile Button
Jog-wheel controls, easy to set time and temperature

2. Ceramic Interiors

Having ceramic interiors in the microwave chamber will help you to easily clean up after cooking. It also prevents discoloration that is often caused by oil and grease residue. Compared to stainless steel and Epoxy interiors, they are long lasting. Some of these models come with anti-bacterial and scratch-resistant features as well.

3. Energy Save Mode

Internal air is forced outside the machine when ‘Deodoriser’ function is selected. This eliminates odors from previous use, and food tastes fresh.

4. Child Lock

It helps to keep your children away from the microwave ovens as they may experience burns. But it is not possible all the time to safeguard when you are busy with the household chores. So, having a child safety lock option will protect them from unnecessary accidents by not allowing them to open or change the cooking setting.

5. Deodorisation

When you click this feature, the internal air will be forced outside. This will remove any odors of previous use.

6. Keep Warm Function

This feature helps to maintain a low temperature for a longer period of time or until you serve it. It is helpful for bread and the main course.

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