How To Clean and Maintain a Wet Grinder

Wet grinders are a part of every modern kitchen household, especially in South India. Because of the benefits, it has become hard to imagine a contemporary kitchen without a wet grinder.

They are available in two different models – Table Top and Tilting Type.

Among these two models, table top model is comparatively easier to handle, clean up and maintain. In the tabletop model, you can easily remove the drum and wash it under running water. However, in tilting model, the drum is fixed to the main assembly which makes the cleaning process a little bit inconvenient.

So, you can choose the “Best Wet Grinder” depends on individual choice. No matter what your choice is, it important to clean it regularly to maintain its durability and lifespan.

In this article, we will be discussing how to clean, and maintain wet grinder easily.

How to Clean Wet Grinder?

Cleaning a wet grinder isn’t a difficult task. By following the below procedure, you can complete it within no time.

Steps to clean a wet grinder:

Steps to clean a wet grinder

Step 1: After turning off the wet grinder, pour some water and turn it on for a while. Hover a plate or something over the grinder to make sure that the water does not splash all around the kitchen area.

Step 2: Now turn off the wet grinder and unplug the appliance from the socket. After that, remove the holder stick.

Step 3: Remove the drum from the wet grinder. Also, remove the roller stone’s assembly (if you can) to properly clean them. For tilting type wet grinders, you cannot remove the drum. Hence you have to cleaning it using a damp cloth.

Step 4: Using a brush or a cloth, clean off the scrubs or smudge on the wet grinder. Do not use a damp cloth inside the grinder. Only use it for the drum and roller stones and external parts.

Step 5: If you can, thoroughly wash the stones and then wipe them off with a dry cloth

Step 6: Neatly wipe off the motor with a dry cloth. Make sure that there are no water droplets on it or slipping to it.

Step 7: If you can access the belt, make sure you are adding oil and lubricating it enough once in every while.

Step 8: Re-assemble the entire set up and go for a test run to check.

Cleaning Wet Grinder with Household Ingredients?

Below, a simple list of household items are provided that can be used for cleaning your wet grinder in a better way. Here, we included specific methods to remove pungent smells, stubborn marks, or to even remove stains on the wet grinder.

Using household materials for better cleaning of your wet grinder

1. Lemon Peels – For Pungent Smells:

Sometimes when you batter a specific combination of ingredients, your wet grinder will end up smelling and sometimes even pungent too. Lemon is the best solution to remove odors and even make the entire thing smell better.

  • All you need to do is to take a couple of lemons and squeeze out the juice from them.
  • Now take the peels and rub them on the lid, inner parts and the drum of the appliance.
  • You can also scrub it a little to remove any small or insignificant dirt particles that might have accumulated on it.
  • Let it sit for about 15 minutes before washing it away with water.
  • The drum can be detached and washed whereas the other parts can be wiped with a damp cloth and then with a dry cloth.

2. Baking Soda – For Stubborn Smudges and Gunk:

Baking soda is a brilliant cleaning agent. You can remove the stubborn and solid gunk on the roller stones using this ingredient.

  • All you need to do is take a bowl of baking soda, add some water to it till it is the paste.
  • Apply this paste to the mixer and the rolling stones (and any area which has gunked up).
  • Let this sit for about 15 minutes before you clean the container and the stones (detached) with water.
  • This will not only remove the gunk and clean the container, but also removes any odors.

3. Vinegar – For Stain Removal:

When you use the appliance for a long time, it is common to see some stains that toughened up over the time. These tough stains are not easy to remove. In such cases, even the baking soda method may not be helpful in removing these stains. In such cases, you can use a vinegar solution to remove them.

  • Add 2 tablespoons of vinegar to some water and then pour the solution into the grinder over the stones and along with the drum.
  • Turn it on for a few seconds so that it will be onto all the corners.
  • Now rub off the insides with a damp cloth or take out the stones and drum to manually clean it with further water.
  • After cleaning, wipe off the moisture with a dry cloth and re-insert it back onto the wet grinder.

How to Clean Wet Grinder Before First Use?

If you have purchased a wet grinder, then we recommend to clean it first. For that, you can follow a simple procedure. Add 1 cup of salt and turn on the wet grinder for 10 to 20 minutes. Remove the stones carefully and run them under water. Now remove the salt manually from the drum and disassemble it. Scrub the interiors and wash it under water. Now reassemble drum and stones. The wet grinder is now ready to use.

Tips to Help you Maintain your Wet Grinder

Maintenance is the key aspect to keep your wet grinder in good condition. If not, then its performance can be decreased overtime. Below, we have mentioned some tips that help you maintain wet grinder effortlessly.

  • Before every use, make sure you wipe off or water-run the inside of the drum to prevent contamination of the food.

water-run the inside

  • The wet grinder should be dry when not in use. You can even pull out the drum and place it upside down when you are not using it.

wet grinder should be dry when not in use

  • As the stone rollers accumulate dirt and debris, they may begin to smell. So to prevent that, make sure you remove the stone assembly and clean it after every use.
  • Before using the grinder every time, try to manually rotate the stones on the roller slowly and gently to make sure that there is no interruption or friction.
  • After every cleanup, make sure that the roller stones are properly fitted into their position.
  • Do not run the wet grinder when there is nothing inside it. It will not only damage the roller stones but the empty load run will damage the motor as well.

Add them slowly and in smaller quantities

  • Avoid dumping all the ingredients at once. Instead, add them slowly and in smaller quantities. This will ground the batter evenly and will also help to increase the life of the wet grinder.
  • Always place wet grinders (tabletop or tilting) on an even platform. Wet grinders vibrate a lot while operating so when placed on uneven platforms, the motor gets overwhelmed and would reduce its life span.
  • Be generous in using water while you are grinding. Be it while wiping the stone in the middle of battering or just adding water to the batter. Not using enough water will cause lower belt tension, thus damage your wet grinder.
  • Lubricate the motor and the belt once in a while to ensure its longevity.
  • While wet grinders come with good warranty, try and get additional or extended warranty from the brand (a few provide them) just to be insured.
  • Go through the manual carefully as it will contain a lot of information that will eventually prove to be helpful.
  • The motor and the rotary stones inside them are heavy and crushing in nature. Place the wet grinder high up or center; whichever is far away from small children’s reach.
  • While the machine is running, make sure you are keeping your hands away from the drum. You can unlock the arm while the grinder is turned on.
  • While you can most certainly carry out basic maintenance washes (refer to the manual for further instructions).
  • Never attempt to repair complex issues. Always contact a professional technician or even the customer service support number for further help. By DIY repairs, you risk causing further damage to the machine or violate your warranty terms.
  • Always buy and use parts from authorized vendors/dealers or directly buy from the brand for better compatibility.

Check Stone Fittings

Few Words Before Wrapping Up…

When to comes to electronics and home appliances, a little care leads to longevity and reliable performance for several years. Similarly, wet grinder also needs good attention and time to maintain its efficiency. If not, it will for sure get damaged.

We hope that we covered almost everything that will help you maintain and clean your wet grinder. If we missed out on any technique or if you have any questions regarding the maintenance or cleaning of the wet grinder (or any grinder/mixer/ blender/ processor); feel free to write to us in the comments section below.

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