Types of Trimmers – How To Pick The Right One?

Trimmer is a must-have device in everybody’s grooming kit. It offers great precision in cutting hair that a shaver fails to give. Men and women use a trimmer for their varied needs.

Since the human body has different hair textures, you cannot use a single trimmer for various parts of the body. You require the right trimmer for different parts of the body whose blades guarantee a perfect finish.

In this article, we will discuss the various types of trimmers available. We will learn about their applications and their effective usage.

Here is what you need to know about the trimmers.

What are the Different Types of Trimmers?

Below are the most common types of trimmers available. Each trimmer differs from the other.

Let us read what they are:

  1. Hair Trimmer
  2. Beard Trimmer
  3. Ear and Nose Trimmer
  4. Ultra-Sensitive Trimmer

Let us learn in detail about each type below:

1. Hair Trimmer

hair trimmerA hair trimmer is a general-purpose trimmer.

Mostly Used For – A hair trimmer is ideal for all types of hairs. You can use it on all parts of your body for cutting the hair.

Not Recommended For – A hair trimmer is not meant for facial hair. Since hair on the face is very delicate than elsewhere, it is not recommended to use a hair trimmer for the face.

Features – The hair trimmers are very versatile. They come with different speeds and hair length settings. You can choose the length of the hair and adjust the speed, accordingly to get your task done.

2. Beard Trimmer

Beard TrimmerA beard trimmer is exclusively for trimming your beard.

Mostly Used For – A beard trimmer is ideal for beards of all hair types. You can even use it on the chin and neck areas.

Not Recommended For – Since a beard trimmer is specifically designed for beards, it is not recommended to use this device on other parts of the body.

Features – The beard trimmers come with different hair length settings. You can choose the length of the hair to which you want to trim or cut. While most beard trimmers are battery-operated, some need electricity.

The beard trimmers come in different shapes and sizes. The user should select one that is ideal for his trimming needs. Not all devices perform the same. The efficiency of working and results from brand to brand and the type. It is necessary to choose wisely the right one suitable for beard hair.

3. Ear and Nose Trimmer

nose trimmerThe ear and nose trimmers are specially for cutting or trimming the ear and nose hair.

Mostly Used For – Since the hair in the nose and the ears is very sensitive, you need a special device. An ear and nose trimmer comes exclusively designed for this purpose. It helps in trimming the hair in the ears and nose. You can even use it for your eyebrows to get rid of any extra hair effortlessly and painlessly.

Not Recommended For – It is not advisable to use an ear and nose trimmer on other parts of the body.

Features – The ear and nose trimmers are very easy to use. Furthermore, they offer great convenience because of their compact size that fits into your ears and nose.

4. Ultra-Sensitive Trimmer

Ultra-Sensitive TrimmerAs the name suggests, the ultra-sensitive trimmers come specially designed for removing hair on sensitive areas of the body.

Mostly Used For – The ultra-sensitive trimmers are ideal for sensitive areas like the underarms, pubic areas, and the bikini line. Using other trimmers on these areas may lead to cuts, bruises, which further cause infection. To avoid the same, you need a special device. An ultra-sensitive trimmer comes exclusively designed for this purpose. It helps in removing the hair in such delicate areas.

Not Recommended For – Since an ultra-sensitive trimmer is a delicate device exclusively designed for sensitive areas, you cannot use this device on other parts of the body.

Features – The ultra-sensitive trimmers are safe for use in pubic areas. They do not cause any irritation on the skin or turn the skin dark as other hair removal methods do.

What is an Epilator?

EpilatorEpilators are a type of trimmers made explicitly for women. The functionality of this device is quite different from the trimmers. Unlike the latter, the epilators uproot the hair from the skin.

The epilators feature tweezers on the surface to pull the hair from the roots and leave behind smooth and hair-free skin.

Although the process seems fascinating, it is a little painful. Since it uproots the hair from the skin instead of trimming, one may experience some pain. They are the best alternative for waxing, a very painful method. Comparatively, epilating is less painful than waxing.

On the whole, epilators are effective hair removal devices in comparison to trimmers. And the best, they leave smooth and hair-free skin. It gives to long-lasting results than trimming. After epilating, it will take a few weeks to notice the hair growth on your skin.

Are Hair Trimmers and Beard Trimmers the Same? 

Many people think of replacing hair trimmers with beard trimmers because of the similarities. Although it is true that both are similar, they do have significant differences that distinguish one from the other. You cannot and should not use them interchangeably. You may ask us why. We will discuss about all the factors that make the hair and beard trimmers different.

The first difference is the size of the blades. Since hair trimmers are for cutting long hairs, they come with several attachments to adjust the length of the hair.

On the other hand, a beard trimmer does not have any attachments. Moreover, the blades are thinner to deliver precision while trimming. Furthermore, these thinner blades provide better safety.

You can use the beard trimmers on the chin and neck areas, as well. However, you need to be a little careful to avoid any cuts or bruises on these regions.

The next crucial difference is the hair type. A hair trimmer works excellently for thick hair. Contrary to the above, a beard trimmer is not for thick hair. Hence, it is essential to buy a beard trimmer from a popular brand that works best for all your beard requirements.

Ideal For 

A hair trimmer is an ultimate choice for getting that flawless and smooth final cut.

A beard trimmer is the best bet for those having sensitive skin.

What Is the Difference Between a Trimmer and a Razor? 

Although a trimmer and razor perform the same job, they are not the same. Some people even confuse between both as they serve the same purpose. They are different and even work differently.

Here is a simple explanation to help you understand the difference.

A trimmer helps in trimming your hair and maintaining your beard. You can use a trimmer to have a beard of a specific length, like up to 1 mm.

Unlike the above, a razor gives you a clean shave. If a clean shave is what you are looking for, a razor is all you need.


To conclude, everyone can use a trimmer, irrespective of their gender. But before that, one needs to be aware of the different types of trimmers available and what they can be used for. Accordingly, you can purchase them for specific purposes. I hope this article provided all the information related to trimmers. With all the insights available in this ultimate guide to trimmers, you can easily choose the right type of trimmer for your trimming needs.

Let us know if you find the information in this article is helpful in your decision-making process. Please free to write to us in the comments below if you have any questions. We will answer all your queries and provide you with everything you need.

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Stay healthy and stay safe!!!

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