Best Electric Kettle In India Reviews in 2022 – Tested By Experts

Electric kettle is an easy way to boil water without the hassle of using stove or monitoring the process.

And moreover, latest models let you do much more that that – as you can also make noodles, egg, Making Tea, coffee, rice and other recipes in this appliance.

It is available in a wide range varying in sizes, materials and features. Narrowing down to a model among them can be a tiresome process.

An ideal electric kettle has three main factors – boiling water quickly, retaining the hot temperature for a long time and should be safe to use.

In this article, we are going to find out the best electric kettle in India to help you make an informed decision.

For achieving the same, we purchased and hands-on tested the top selling electric kettle on Amazon.

Best Electric Kettles in India

Disclaimer – All these products are picked after checking out thousands of customer reviews and experienced on Amazon. All the analysis and information mentioned here are provided after testing them. These products are not sponsored by any brand.

How We Tested?

For conducting the test, we purchased and unboxed every electric kettle mentioned in the list.

In our testing process, we are going to analyse the same with all the five electric kettles for different variabilities that include

  • Boiling Speed – In this test, we will check the time duration taken the by the electric kettle to complete the task.
  • Heat Holding Test – During this test, we will analyse the temperature retaining capacity of each electric kettle in time intervals up to 1 hour.
  • Shock Test – Using a tester, we will test the electric kettle in different locations while working to determine whether it is discharging any electricity. This helps us confirm the safety of the appliance.

Review of Best Electric Kettles

Among the five models, Prestige, Pigeon, and Butterfly are quite similar in build and features. So, we are going to compare them together.

All these models have stainless steel body with 1.5 litres of capacity. And the power consumption of them is also similar at 1500 watts.

But Prestige seems to have better stainless-steel quality compared to the other two models.

When it comes to the lids, only Prestige has stainless-steel metal lid. And the other two models Butterfly and Pigeon have plastic lids.

Compared to plastic, steel is always a better option. Because plastic may leave some smell behind after regular usage when you boil water at higher temperatures.

Kettle 1

When you check the cord lengths, Pigeon and Butterfly have 1 meter length cord while Prestige has only 0.5-meter length cord which is quite short.

kettle 2All these three electric kettles are available in price range below Rs. 1000 and about a year warranty duration. They are perfect enough for daily use.

But if you are particular about having a steel lid, then you can go with Prestige electric kettle. However, if your priority is wire length, then you can either go for Butterfly or Pigeon.

Now, check out the fourth model – Havells Electric Kettle.


It is the latest model from Havells and has acquired quite the attention of many Indian consumers. The main reason for the popularity is the premium design with great quality.

This electric kettle looks quite stunning because of quality finish. And even the control button the appliance is also quite smooth and modern.

It comes with 1.2 litres of capacity and 1500W power consumption. The outer body of this electric kettle is made up of high-quality plastic material. While the inner body is made up of good quality stainless-steel.

Compared to other models, it has a bit wider mouth, making it easy to easy to add water. It also makes cleaning quite comfortable.

As it comes with a two-layer design, the outer surface doesn’t get hot. So, you can comfortably touch it once the water is boiled.

Coming to its base design, it comes with small rubber cushioning which keeps the kettle quite stable while using. The cord length is only 1.5 meter which is a little drawback of this appliance.

Havells electric kettle is available for the price around Rs. 1300 and comes with 2-year warranty period.

The next product on our list is – Kent Electric Kettle.


It is available in extra-large capacity of 1.8 litres and consumes 2000 Watts of power. It comes with a unique see-through glass body design with blue LED light at the bottom.

When you boil the water, the LED light turns on and it can withstand high temperatures without any issues.

As the body is made of glass, you may have to be a little bit careful about it. This electric kettle is quite beautiful in the dim or dark lighting conditions and you can clearly see the bubbling because of the see-through glass.

The handle and button are made of plastic material which is not that great compared to Havells electric kettle.

If you want to purchase Kent electric kettle, then it comes around Rs. 1400 on Amazon and standard warranty of 1-year.

Real-Time Testing of Electric Kettles

In the real-time testing, we will analyse and compare all the electric kettles for different features to determine which one is winner and which one doesn’t pass.

1. Boiling Speed

For this test, we filled every electric kettle with 1-liter of water which is at room temperature of 27°C. Now, we turned on the kettles simultaneously to check which one boils the water in less amount of time.

Among the five electric kettles, Kent has completed boiling water in less amount of time (3.03 minutes). It is the faster one as it has 2,000 Watts of power. The butterfly electric kettle has finished the process in the last (3.50 minutes) with minor difference.

There isn’t much difference in the time taken for boiling water among the electric kettles. So, when it comes to boiling speed, you can opt any one of them.

Boiling Speed

2. Water Heat Test

In this test, we are going to test the water temperature after boiling the water using a heat test device.

Immediately after boiling water, we have recorded the water temperature of all the electric kettles. And the temperature ranged between 91°C to 94°C.

As there isn’t much different in the temperature corded, you can purchase any one among them as per your preference.

Water test

3. Body Heat Test

In this test, we checked the body temperature of the electric kettles after boiling water in it. As you can see almost all the electric kettles had body temperature above 85°C.

But Havells electric kettle had body temperature at 60°C because of its double layer body or extra plastic layer.

Body Heat Test

Next, we tested the temperature of the lids as you may sometimes touch the lid after boiling the water.

All the lids have shown similar water temperature so they are safe to touch without burning your hands.

However, Prestige has show high temperature of 64.8°C among the five models. So, you may need to be slightly careful with this model.

Lid test

4. Heat Holding Test

Now let’s check how long the electric kettle can hold the temperature of the boiled water.

To analyse the same, we recorded the temperature of water at different time durations.

When we checked the temperature immediately, the water temperature was similar for all the electric kettle around 92°C to 94°C.

After 15 minutes, we checked the temperature to understand how much heat has been retained by the models. Except Kent, all the other electric kettles have retained temperature above 80°C. In Kent the temperature has been dropped to 70°C.

Now after 30 minutes, the water temperature of all the electric kettles have almost dropped at 10°C. But still this temperature is sufficient for making green tea or lemon tea.

After 1 hour, Havells has retained water temperature at 65°C which is the maximum compared others. The steel kettles have retained temperature between 55°C to 60°C.

And the least temperature recorded was by the KENT electric kettle as it dropped to 50°C. The reason main reason for this quick drop can be due to the glass body.

img kettle

5. Shock Test

And final test we performed is the shock test using the tester tool. During the test, we checked for shocks or electricity discharge at different places like at the body, lid, handle and others.

None of the electric kettles have emitted any electricity or caused shocks. So, they are completely safe to use.

shock test

Final Conclusion:

As per our analysis, every electric kettle is good in terms of quality, efficiency and durability. There are only minor differences in features among them.

If you ask us which electric kettle is good, then we recommend going for any model based on your budget and preference.

However, the best one among them liked and popular among our team is the Havells electric kettle because of its premium look, double layer body and build quality.

But if you are someone who like to see the magic of bubbling or LED light while water is boiling, then Kent electric kettle can be your choice. But if you have small kids at home, it may not be a suitable choice as the glass body can difficult to maintain.

Our next recommendation would be Prestige electric kettle as it has stainless-steel lid and our last recommendation would by any one among Butterfly and Pigeon.

Takeaway –

Electric kettles have become more than a luxury appliance. Be it for tea or boiling water for pasta, it is helpful in various ways in our day-to-day life. Latest models also help in making eggs, coffee, rice and others.

To purchase the best electric kettle among several models, we determined the hands-on testing process. We hope the information provided in this article was helpful for you to make a choice.

For any doubts or queries, write to us in the comment section below. You can also share your choices or experiences below. For more such detail reviews, stay tuned to our website.

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