The Best Material for Kitchen Cabinets

Elegant cabinetry can make any kitchen look like a million bucks. Finding good cabinetry is one of the basic things while designing your kitchen, yet a crucial one!

Why? Because cabinets are a fundamental part in defining a kitchen’s character, it’s important to choose the right material for it. 

It’s an evident fact that your materials will depict how durable your kitchen will be, and how much it’s going to cost you! In India, there are a number of choices when it comes to kitchen cabinet materials. They range from expensive to affordable and stylish to simple, yet classy. 

Find out which one fits your home!

Kitchen Cabinet Materials 

A well planned and nicely designed kitchen can become a total failure if it is not constructed with the right material. It’s the selection of the right material, which is the kingmaker and turns the kitchen appealing and fun to work within. 

Therefore,  refer to this guide with a range of options mentioned for modern kitchen cabinets along with its pros and cons which will make the material selection an effortless task. 

So, here’s what you need to know about each material option:

  • Plywood 


If you are talking about modern kitchen designs, then a conversation remains incomplete without plywood as it is a widely used material. Several people opt for plywood cabinets not only because of its budget-friendly material but also because of its high resistance to moisture and enhanced stability.

Plywood is not the only part which adds to the beauty of kitchen cabinets. They are layered on the wooden cutouts to enhance its aesthetics, appeal and versatility of the kitchen interior.   


Using plywood can keep your kitchen damage free of moisture or water.  Moreover, it is durable as compared to all other engineered woods and is better to retain heavy weight, making it an excellent fit for Indian kitchens. Above all, it’s pretty affordable 


Plywood may lack consistency. This is because when the boards are combined together, it develops holes and gaps. It is also tricky to construct elaborate designs in the kitchen with plywood as the material is very dense. 

Plywood is a material which is available at low cost as compared to solid wood, but it is much more expensive than MDF or HDF materials (read below to know more). 

  • Fibreboard 


With modular kitchens oozing into almost every house in India, fibreboard has taken over as the most sought-after material and is much popular in Indian markets today. It comes in two forms- MDF and HDF, which is known as medium density fibre and high density fibre.

MDF is a high-level composite material which is made up of resin, reused wood fibres and wax by pressing under a high force. Since both MDF and HDF are engineered wood, it has a better possibility of fighting termites with a smooth finish. Moreover, most of the IKEA furniture that you have an eye on are more likely made of these materials.


Both MDF and HDF have a smooth surface which makes them easy to cut and carved into different designs. They are relatively cheaper as compared to plywood and hence catered to a more economical option for kitchen lovers. 

Being much heavier and durable than plywood, it can last much longer and continue being the limelight of your cabinetry. The fibreboard also doesn’t expand and contract according to the temperature change which makes it more stable.


Fibreboard is not resistant to moisture and water, therefore this material is not suitable to be used around the sink. Also, they are made of small grainy particles so can’t hold screws well.  

  • Wood 


Timeless, old school and solid- the natural wood gives the classic touch to your modular Indian kitchens. For cabinets, teak and rosewood are the most preferred options as they can be varnished or stained in any shade of your choice. 

Whether your kitchen style is modern or traditional, sturdy wooden cabinets fit any kitchen and add richness while integrating well with the cabinetry. It is available in lots of varieties, colors and textures  


When it comes to cleaning of the wooden cabinets, it is not a hefty task and the shine can also remain the same until it’s not treated with harsh chemical solutions. Wood is a very strong and durable material which makes it last for years and forever. You just need to use a wood polish to maintain its lustre and smooth texture.


Wood has a serious threat through termites or wood borers. Therefore, it’s important to treat it in advance or keep your wood away from these insects. Moreover, wood is not capable of handling moisture well and thus, the core of the material can be damaged over time. 

The natural wood can be heavy on your pockets and as mentioned earlier, its polishing can also be an expensive affair. 

  • Laminates 


For your low-budget kitchen cabinets, laminates are the best possible options available. They are loved by most of the homeowners as laminates are more pocket-friendly and resistant to damage. 

Laminate as a material is also moisture and heat resistant, making it an excellent match for a kitchen. Basically, laminates are thin sheets which are sandwiched together with the layers of paper and thin sheets of plastic resin. 

Sometimes laminates are also pasted upon a foundation layer of a stronger material which can be MDF. The number of beautiful designs makes these cabinets easy to be coordinated with any style of kitchen decor. Laminate sheets can even be digitally printed to give a unique look to your kitchen.


Homeowners looking for an enduring finish can opt laminates, it comes to their rescue due to its durability and affordability. The skin of this material is not prone to scratches or damages and also does not require repeated polishing. 

You can live with ease as laminates are quite resistant to moisture and require a simple cleaning process. They have a transparent plastic covering which leaves them dirt and dust-free.


If not installed properly, the edges of laminates start peeling off from the surface after a certain time. Another disadvantage is that this material is made of resins plastic and paper which are a non-renewable resource. After a specific time, they can emit toxic gases into the air. 

  • Stainless Steel 

Stainless Steel 

Stainless steel gives a kitchen cabinet a coveted contemporary feel. They are mostly preferred for industrial kitchens, where huge scale cooking is a regular routine and are subject to rough and tough usage. 

Stainless steel beats every other material when it comes to being strong and durable while boasting a unique look. It comes in several varieties of styles and decorative patterns. 


Stainless steel cabinets are epitome of longevity as they are tolerant to stains and rust when once treated. You can easily scrub the steel sheets and clean them without scratching the surface. They remain unaffected by the grime prompted by spice and frying in our kitchens, making them unique for contemporary kitchen cabinets. 

Moreover, stainless steel isn’t impacted by humidity or heat, unlike other materials. They are also resistant to moisture and termite, which can otherwise cause swelling or wrapping, if it was made up of some different material.


Stainless steel kitchen cabinets are limited in terms of colour and decorative finishing varieties. They also require polishing and proper maintenance as the top shiny layer is prone to oxidation or rusting. 

The surface of the steel can evidently show oil marks and fingerprints very clearly, which means there is more implementation of the duster. They are also inclined to dents and scratches when compared to other cabinet materials. 

How to Choose The Right Material?

Good quality kitchen cabinets make a huge difference to the atmosphere in your space. Therefore, before finalizing the perfect material for your cabinets probe into various styles, colors and designs as per your interior. 

Several factors may go into your final decision making process of material for your kitchen cabinets. Most probably your budget has a huge role to play to shortlist your choices. Also, consider the comprehensive design and style of your home when finalizing the cabinet material as your kitchen should be in coordination with the rest of your house. 

Moreover, we have mentioned the pros and cons of different materials to make the process easy for you. Weigh on those points while picking the right material rather than just choosing a random one just because of its affordability. 


Your cabinetry is a central focal point in your house and as a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to keep them in top shape and exquisite look. 

Therefore, choose the right cabinet material for your kitchen as per your needs and home style. After all, the right material and tasteful artistry are prime parts to make cooking a perfect delight.

We hope that we have been able to elucidate the world of cabinets for you. For more clarifications or in case of any query, do not hesitate to write to us in our comment section below. 

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