Types of Kitchen Trolleys

Kitchen trolleys are to stack all the equipment and utensils neatly to ensure their accessibility, irrespective of whether your kitchen is a tiny or a large one.

They are the perfect storage and excellent choice for neat space-saving. They are also a perfect companion to carry the dishes when you have guests at home.

But do you know that there are different types of kitchen trolleys out there in the market. Choosing among them isn’t a small task.

In this article, we will discuss the different types of kitchen trolleys that can be a great addition to your kitchen and also an effective storage solution.

Types of Kitchen Trolleys Based on Material

Reorganize your kitchen with these space-saving kitchen trolleys that you can use for multiple purposes. Here are the different types of trolleys that not only add more space to your kitchen but also upgrade the looks of the kitchen with their stylish appearance.

1. Stainless Steel Kitchen Trolley

Crafted in stainless steel material, these kitchen trolleys are perfect for your kitchen. You can use these trolleys to store your kitchen items, utensils, etc. Enhance your kitchen elegance with these stylish and versatile products that you can have within your arm’s reach.

The sturdy-built structure of this trolley makes it the most sustainable and durable option. Moreover, the stainless-steel material is corrosion-resistant and hence highly popular in various homes across the globe.

The other advantage of these trolleys is that they are super easy to clean and maintain. If you spill anything on these products, you can effortlessly clean them without any hassle.

The drawbacks of stainless-steel trolley are that the metal may lose its shine after some time. You need to polish it regularly to retain the shine. Also, the wheels can be noisy when moving and are prone to scratches or dents.

2. Wooden Kitchen Trolley

Wooden Kitchen Trolley

A wooden kitchen trolley is a show-stealer that adds beauty to your kitchen. Owing to its vintage and classy look, it is the most preferred option in many homes. They are extremely durable and can cater to all your needs.

Most wooden kitchen trolleys contain very long-lasting pinewood material. It is very inexpensive too and can grace your contemporary styled kitchens.

Wooden trolleys come in multiple tiers, allowing you greater storage space. They are available in a wide range of designs, and you can get them customized to match your kitchen theme.

A wooden trolley is not difficult to clean. Comparatively, it is a little expensive but worth the investment. However, you need to vest in your money for good-quality wood to prevent any scratches or dents on it. Be a little careful during the humid seasons.

3. Plastic Kitchen Trolley

Plastic Kitchen Trolley

Crafted from plastic, these kitchen trolleys maximize space in your kitchen and give you more space for storing all your essentials. They are highly affordable than the other types and are available in an array of designs and colours to suit your kitchen theme.

Known for being very lightweight, these kitchen racks are very easy to move. Moreover, they do not get affected by termites, unlike wooden trolleys. Most plastic kitchen trolleys come in various pieces that are easy to assemble.

The plastic wooden trolleys are also prone to scratches; therefore, one must be careful when handling these units.

4. Bucket Kitchen Trolley

Bucket Kitchen Trolley

A bucket kitchen trolley has racks that resemble a basket. Constructed of a full metal frame, these trolleys offer rugged reliability and modern appeal. They have plastic wheels for moving the trolley effortlessly.

Even these come in multi-tier design with deep baskets to organize your food like vegetables, fruits, and other items. Their sleek design enables you to accommodate them in your kitchen without occupying much space. This can be a perfect organizer for your kitchen stuff that you can use for other storage purposes.

5. Bracket Kitchen Trolley

Bracket kitchen trolleys are serving trolleys ideal for breakfast, dinner, parties, events, etc. They make serving and eating very comfortable and are suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, balconies, terraces, etc.

You can use these specially designed trolleys as movable breakfast tables to serve the food.

This kitchen trolley comes with a table on top, long legs, and a flat base for storing utensils and other essentials. The castors make the unit easy to move across the rooms. You can have it handy beside your dining table for easy access to the items.

You can use it as a multi-functional trolley for serving breakfast on the bed and snacks on the sofa.

6. Kitchen Trolley for all Cutlery

This kitchen trolley is for properly stacking your kitchen tools and utensils. It has a broad tabletop for serving with space beneath and storage at the bottom. This solid wood rolling furniture is a perfect adornment for your kitchen that can fit in any size of the room.

It has different assortments to store and arrange the several kitchen utensils like the plates, bowls, glasses, spoons, forks, etc., in an orderly manner. They come with stylized utensil holders and stacks that allow you to set up your kitchen essentials smartly.

These storage units are portable, durable, and the best kitchen accessories that add to the overall appearance of your kitchen.

7. Kitchen Trolley with Table

Kitchen Trolley with Table

A kitchen trolley is perfect kitchen furniture designed to create some much-needed counter space. They have a table on the top, which you can use to prep the meals. They do come with foldable tables on the sides for that extra space. You can raise them from either side of the trolley to have an extended table with more storage benefits.

You can set them up near your dining tables and have handy access to the items or your favourite dishes. You can shift them towards the living area or garden space so that you can enjoy your snack time or meal time with your family and guests.

This can be a boon and a perfect accessory while throwing house parties.

8. Kitchen Trolley with Trays

Kitchen Trolley with Trays

This kitchen trolley design has a tabletop with a storage drawer, bottle holder, and tray beneath it. You can use these trolleys for easy transportation of food and drink.

This kitchen cart provides plenty of space to store the cutlery, plates, bowls, or other items. It acts as a serving cart for carrying meals that you can move around from room to room or outdoors.

Since you can pull the trays forward to pick up the cutlery more easily, your items are less prone to breaking and mishandling.

9. Storage Kitchen Trolley Design

If you need extra space for your kitchen, then these wheeled kitchen trolleys are the perfect option for complementing your storage area.

This wheeled kitchen trolley that looks similar to a kitchen island has many drawers and shelves perfectly adjusted with it. You can store food, crockery items, glasses, jars, plates, bowls, etc., in these. This specially designed model gives you a practical kitchen mobility aid.

10. Stylish Glass and Metal Trolley

Who said you need to remodel your kitchen to add a modern and sophisticated look to it? This uniquely designed kitchen trolley with a stylish combination of glass and sleek metal is a great example of how furniture can elevate the elegance of your kitchen.

However, you need to be careful and delicate when handling these trolleys. It is lightweight and provides high storage capacity for serving during parties.

11. Basket Trolley

Do you want to have a DIY kitchen trolley at home? If yes, then you should definitely this to prepare your basket trolley. The idea is all about repurposing the shopping baskets that you use in your daily life.

All you need is metal or wooden baskets for preparing one. Just add castors to them, and ta-da, your easy-to-push basket trolley is ready to use. Store your groceries and other kitchen essentials in them and place them next to your kitchen counter for easy access.

12. Kitchen Corner Trolleys

As the name says, these trolleys are exclusively for accessing and utilizing the corners of your kitchen. These free-standing units combine elegance with functionality to meet your storage requirements. You can use this trolley to store kitchen items like bottles, spice jars, etc. It is the perfect solution for a compact size kitchen without investing in bulky storage fixtures.

13. Kitchen Island Trolleys

A kitchen island trolley provides a lot of open storage while getting all the attention from your guests. You can convert a kitchen island on castors into a mobile extension for storage and serving. You can also use it for multiple purposes like a preparation desk, serving table, etc. You can customize these wooden trolleys accordingly to match your kitchen décor.


Avail the storage benefits on wheels by choosing from the list of kitchen trolleys, as mentioned above. Increase the capacity of storage space in your kitchen while saving floor space. You can also optimize space utilization as much as possible and claim the rewards for having an organized kitchen.

I hope this article equipped you with the necessary information to choose the right wheeled cart for your kitchen. If you are ready to add a trolley to your kitchen, which of these would pick and why? Tell us your answers in the comments section below. If you have any inputs to share with us, do mention them, as well. We would love to hear and learn from you.

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