51 Most Popular Kitchen Appliances List – Every Kitchen Should Have

Kitchen is like a heart of every house because that’s where we spend most of time to cook delicious meals for our loved ones. With so many advanced technologies and appliances, cooking has become more convenient rather than mundane chore.

In this page, we have curates a list of must-have appliances that will make your life much easier in the kitchen. It also helps you invest in kitchen appliances smartly.

List of Basic Kitchen Appliances

1. Dishwasher


Nobody likes to wash dirty dishes after a long tiring day. Until recently, dishwashers were a luxury thing. But dishwashers have become a necessity in these fast paced lives. They are usually installed near the sink below the kitchen platform. They are designed to clean the dishes, sanitize them and dry them off. While purchasing a dishwasher, you have to look out for adjustable racks, fold-down tines, different vessels sizes factors. Also check out for features like economy wash, sanitize, delayed start and half load wash. Dishwashers are an expensive piece of appliance. Their price range varies from brand to brand. And the most important thing, check out the after sales support of the brand.

2. Kitchen Hobs

Kitchen Hobs

Kitchen hobs are the latest version of gas stoves which provide style to your kitchens. They maintain the countertops more streamlines. This will save a lot of time and energy that takes up to clean the kitchen platform and cooktop. You have to install them on the granite slab below the chimney for a stress-free cooking.

3. Gas Stoves

Gas Stove

Gas stoves are often referred as back bone of the kitchen. A good gas stove will let you handle the cooking tasks easily without any issues. while purchasing a gas stove, the main factor to consider is the number of burners. Based on your family size and number of dishes you have to complete at a time every day, you have to choose the number of burners. Apart from that, make sure the model you choose has brass burners rather than aluminum as they are long lasting.

4. Chimney

kitchen chimney

Want to maintain your kitchen interiors sparklingly clean, then make sure to invest in a kitchen chimney. The main purpose of installing kitchen chimney is to eliminate the odor and smoke created while cooking the dishes. Some modern kitchen chimneys come with special features like auto-clean option, baffle filters and stylish design and detachable oil collector.

5. Exhaust Fan

exhaust fan

Proper ventilation is very important in kitchen as it will remove the odor, smoke, and heat caused by while cooking. This will also discourage the formation of mold and mildew that can affect the health. It encourages the circulation of air which will ultimately reduce the heat in the kitchen. While purchasing an exhaust fan, you have to consider certain factors like air delivery, blades, material and durability

6. Microwave Oven

Microwave oven

If you like to bake a lot or love to try new dishes regularly, then purchase a convection oven. They can handle cooking, baking, grilling, heating and defrosting. Because of their versatility, they have become a basic kitchen appliance. If you have to finish cooking in hurry, then microwave oven can come quite handy. The possibilities of trying different recipes is endless. Some modern microwave ovens come with additional features pre-set cooking programs and others.

7. Kitchen Weighing Scale

kitchen weighing scale

For certain dishes, it is very important to add right amount of ingredients otherwise you may not make the dish right consistency. Some of these dishes often including baking. A kitchen weighing scale is helpful to measure the ingredients perfectly. Apart from that, it also helps you manage your daily diet. This food scale can be used to control your eating portions and keep a track of calories you consumed. While purchasing a kitchen weighing scale, we recommend to consider factors like size, capacity, and accuracy. Some of the trusted brands for weighing scales are Dr. Trust, Health Sense, and MCP.

8. Mixer Grinder

Mixer Grinder

It is hard to image a kitchen without any mixer grinder. It has become a common kitchen appliance long ago. It helps to handle several cooking tasks like grinding chutneys, batters, and mixing, and several others. Some of them come with an additional juicer option as well. It is helpful to make smoothies, juices, and butter milk. Some mixer grinders come with 3 jars while others come with 3 jars and additional juicer. Based on your family size or cooking requirements, you have to choose the right one. Some of the best mixer grinder brands are Prestige, Sujata, Bajaj, Preeti, Philips, Morphy Richards, Butterfly and Bosch.

9. Wet Grinder

Wet Grinder

Actually wet grinders are a common kitchen appliance in Indian household as they make idlis, dosa and vada batters regularly. Compare to traditional methods, they reduce the physical strain of making these batters by 90%. If you make batters in mixer grinders, then heat produced while grinding can damage the essential nutrients in it. However, a wet grinder use grinding stones similar to traditional process. So the no heat will be generated and batter will properly have aerated for making fluffy idli and dosa. While choosing a wet grinder, make sure to analyze them based on your family size or the amount of battery you may have to grind every time. Also check the stone type, tilt or table top, motor efficiency and others.

10. Hand Blender

Hand Blenders

Also known as immersion or stick blenders, they are often used for pureeing hot ingredients right inside a hot bowl. Apart from that, they can be used to beat, whisk, and stir the liquid or ingredients in a single bowl – without the mess of shifting the ingredients from bowl to another. Hand blenders are extremely helpful for people who make soups on a regular basis. Some modern hand blenders are capable of chopping, mixing dough and ice crushing. While purchasing an immersion blender, we recommend to check out some factors that include weight, motor capacity, durability, and sharpness of blades. Some of the best brands providing hand blenders are Bajaj, Boss, Philips, Morphy Richards, Prestige, Orpat and Maharaja.

11. Bullet Blender

Bullet Blenders

In the recent years, bullet blenders have become quite popular. They can be used for blending, pureeing, emulsifying and juicing. They can also be used for making chutneys. However, they usually have less capacities than others which make them suitable for single serving use.

12. Toaster Grill

oven toaster grill

Do you like tandoor tikkas, kebabs, samosa, pastries and roasted chicken. You can easily make them at home using an oven toaster grill. Baking, grilling and toasting are the main functionalities of this appliance. It is very easy to operate the toaster grill – you just have to place the food into it, set the temperature and time. While purchasing a toaster grill, you have to consider few factors that include capacity, user-friendliness and cooking accessories. Some of the best brands for toaster grills are Bajaj, Borosil, Morphy Richards and Prestige.

13. Sandwich Maker

Sandwitch Maker

Want to turn boring bread pieces into delicious sandwich? With a sandwich maker, you can create unlimited versions of sandwich without any mess and just in couple of minutes. In fact, if you have to rush to office in the morning, then sandwich maker helps you have a quick breakfast. While purchasing the sandwich maker, you have to analyze few factors that include number of slices, plate material and power consumption. Some of the best brands providing sandwich makers are Pigeon, Borosil, Bajaj, Prestige and Philips.

14. Induction Cooktops

induction cooktop

In the recent few years, induction cooktops have become quite popular and common appliance in Indian household. With this appliance, you can cook dishes within 50% of the time taken on a traditional gas stove. And moreover, the maintenance cost is also very less than a LPG stove. Unlike the gas stove, it will emit very less heat, so you can comfortably cook in summers as well. Most of the induction cooktops available in Indian market come with single cooktop only. Factors you have to consider while analyzing this factor include auto-shut off, wattage, child-lock safety and pan size. Prestige, Pigeon, Usha, Baja, Philips are some of the popular brands providing induction cooktops.

15. Toasters


Do you have less time for cooking in the morning before leaving to office? Then toaster can be very helpful. A good quality toaster can provide perfectly roasted and crackling bread toast within few minutes. Toasters come in 3 different variants that include toaster oven, pop up and conveyor belt. However, toaster models are the most popular ones. While purchasing a toaster, make sure to check out two main factors – number of slots and browning control. Philips, Morphy Richards, and Prestige are the most popular brands providing good quality toasters in Indian market.

16. Juicers


Delicious freshly extracted fruit or vegetable juice is the best healthy way to start your day. If you don’t want to consume pre-packed juices, then investing in a juicer is the right step. With this appliance, you can juice any food produce that include fruits, vegetables and green leaf veggies. Juicers are available in different variants – centrifugal, masticating, and twin gear. Centrifugal is suitable for juicing fruits and vegetables. Masticating and twin gear can juice green leafs like wheat grass as well. And they can retain more nutrients than centrifugal juicer. You can find good quality juicers from Prestige, Kuvings, Philips, Bajaj, Sujata and Panasonic.

17. Pasta Makers

pasta makers

Love eating Italian food? Making pasta from scratch can be pretty difficult. But you can reduce the mess and hard work by investing in a pasta maker. They come in two different variants – electric and manual. Based on your preference and budget constraints, you can choose anyone between these two. While purchasing a pasta maker, you have to analyze few factors that include speed, thickness, different attachment settings, size, and durability. The price of pasta makers ranges from Rs. 6000 to Rs 30000.

18. Popcorn Maker

Pop Corn Makers

Usually, people use pressure cookers or heavy bottom kadai for making popcorn. However, every time you may observe that some of corn will not pop and it just goes waste. But with a popcorn maker, you can make popcorn similar to what we get café’s or in theatres. And almost every corn seed will be popped so nothing goes to waste. On an average, a popcorn maker can make 10 to 15 cups per batch. Which is more than enough to feed your friends and family. While purchasing a popcorn, analyze few factors that include popping capacity, durability and power consumption.

19. Coffee Maker

coffee makers

For most of the people, a cup of freshly brewed coffee makes their morning. Making coffee over gas stove can be time taking process and sometimes messy. You don’t have to work so much hard no longer if you purchase a coffee maker. You can just add the coffee pod and turn it on. It will brew coffee within minutes. Some modern coffee makers come with timer functionality. You can set your usual coffee drinking time and it will be ready exactly every day at the same time. So, you no longer have to wait as the coffee will be ready at the right time. Coffee makers are available in different variants – drip, French press, single serve and espresso. You can choose any one based on your taste and drinking preferences.

20. Bread Maker

Bread maker

Some people love to bake different kinds of bread at home. If you are one of them, investing in a good bread maker is very important. This will give you freedom to add ingredients as you like and bake as per your taste. The bread maker is simple to operate. All you have to do is just add the batter to baking pan, place it, set the program and wait for 90 minutes and the bread will be ready. While purchasing a bread maker, we recommend to consider few factors that include capacity, maker type, durability and pre-set menu options.

21. Ice Cream Maker

ice cream makers

Ice cream is a favorite dessert for most of the people from kids to elders. Having an ice cream machine will let you make hygienic and healthy ice creams at home. So, you can make healthy fresh fruit based ice creams for your kids. While purchasing an ice cream maker, we recommend to consider few factors the include bucket type, canister type, speed, texture and bowl size. Some of the high quality ice cream makers are Kitchenif, Hersheys Dual, Cuisinart ICE-70 and Mr. Freeze EIM-700T.

22. Sauce Pan

sauce pan

Sauce is obviously the most important piece of cooking utensil in the Indian kitchen. Almost every kitchen has them. This multi-purpose tool can be used for boiling, cooking, making soup, cooking rice, making curries and several other stuff. A good sauce pan should be capable of heating up quickly and spread the heat evenly throughout the food. Usually, saucepans are made up of aluminum, cast iron, copper and stainless steel. Based on your requirements and preference, you can choose any model.

23. Frying Pan

Frying pan

Frying pan is also a common cooking utensil in Indian kitchens. This is also referred as skillet. As it has a flat bottom, it is suitable for sautéing or roasting metal and vegetables. Frying pans are made up aluminum, stainless steel, copper and anodized aluminum. Some of them are available with non-stick coating as well. As there are plenty of options available in the market, you can choose any one based on your requirements and preference.

24. Kadai

Prestige Omega Deluxe Granite Kadai

It is one of the commonly used cooking utensils not only in India but across the world. They are often used for deep frying purposes. They come with thick walls and have a wide base, making them suitable for cooking dishes at high temperatures. Kadais are available in different materials. You can choose anyone based on your requirements and preference. Apart from that, you should also consider size and durability as well.

25. Tadka Pan

Amazon Brand Solimo Tadka Pan

Be it dal or chutney, tadka will add whole new dimension of deliciousness to the dish. It is widely used across India and mostly commonly in southern states. You have to be careful while purchasing a tadka pan. As a wrong choice will not be long lasting and damage the taste of your dish. The main factors to consider while purchasing a tadka pan are material/coating, size and handle.

26. Pressure Cookers

Pressure cookers

Pressure cooker is a quite handy cooking utensil as it will reduce the cooking time by 30 to 50%. Apart from that, they can also retain more nutrients and take less water to cook compared to conventional methods. As the food will not be exposed to air while cooking, the nutrients of the ingredients will not get oxidized. While purchasing a pressure cooker, you have to consider three main factors that include capacity, material and durability. You have to analyze the capacity based on your family size and regular cooking requirements. If you have an induction cooktop, then make sure the pressure cooker you choose is compatible with it. Some of the brands providing high quality pressure cookers are Prestige, Pigeon, Hawkins, and Butterfly.

27. Electric Pressure Cookers

electric rice cooker

Electric pressure cookers are new to Indian market. They are a bit similar to rice cookers but with many other advanced features. Apart from rice, it is helpful for cooking curries, pulao, stew, soup and several other dishes. They are perfectly suitable for people who don’t have much cooking time in their busy life schedules. They are often marketed as hand-off cooking appliance. If you don’t have get messy while cooking, then you can use this appliance to complete the meal. Unlike regular pressure cooker, it doesn’t need monitoring. It will automatically turn off once the job is completed. Some of the brands providing electric pressure cookers are Elica, Nutricook, Preethi and Mealthy.

28. Rice Cookers

Rice Cooker

In the recent years, rice cookers have become pretty common and must-have kitchen appliance. They are very convenient and easy to use as well. As they turn off automatically once the rice is cooked, you don’t have to worry about forgetting and burning the food. Some modern rice cookers let you cook different dishes apart from rice. Some of them are soups, noodles, and steaming vegetables. They consume less electricity so they are affordable to maintain as well compared to gas stove pressure cookers. While purchasing a rice cooker, you have to consider certain factors that include capacity and inner pot material. They are available at quite an affordable price range starting from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 3,000. Some of the major brands that provide good rice cookers are Prestige, Panasonic, Bajaj, and Preethi.

29. Dosa Tawa

Dosa Tawa

Dosa is a well-known breakfast item in South India. Similar to have a good battery, it is very important to have a good dosa tawa to make perfect dosa. A good tawa will be capable of spreading the heat across the pan. And it should also preserve the heat for quite some time. Material is one of the important factor that should be considered while purchasing a dosa tawa. Aluminum coated with non-stick, cast iron and hard anodized are some of the materials used for making dosa tawa. You can choose it based on your preference and convenience. Apart from that, you should also consider the size, diameter, thickenss and weight as well.

30. Casserole

Asian Plastowares Cosmos Plastic Casserole Set

They are often referred as hotpot or hotbox. They are the perfect way to keep food warm and fresh for longer period of time. You can also keep the food away from flies and insects. Apart from that, serving in casserole will enhance the beauty of dining table. They are available in single piece and set of casseroles. They come in different capacities so you can choose based on your preference and serving requirements. While purchasing a casserole, make sure to check out for material as it indicates the durability of the product. Some of the brands that provide best casseroles are Milton, Princeware, Cello and Femora.

31. Non-stick Cookware

Non-Stick Cookware set

Non-stick cooking utensils have become quite popular in Indian kitchens. As they take less amount of time for cooking, most of the people prefer them. And moreover, there is less chance of burning the food. Similar to traditional cooking utensils, they provide even heat throughout the food. The non-stick coating will help you cook delicate items without getting them burned. While purchasing a non-stick cookware set, we recommend to consider few factors that include coating type, capacities, and number of pieces. Best non-stick cookware brands are Prestige, Pigeon, Hawkins, Nirlon and Cello.

32. Dish Drainer

Dish Drainer

Dish drainer helps to drain the water from utensils after washing. Once they are completely drained and dry, you can place the utensils in cupboards. Based on their design and capacity, they can accommodate plates, cups, glasses, cooking utensils, and spoons. They are available in different sizes so you can choose them based on your requirements. Common materials used for making dish drainer are stainless steel, plastic, and wood. Among these materials, stainless steel is considered the most durable one.

33. Gas Safety Devices

Gas Safety Devices

Gas safety devices are primarily designed for detecting any gas leakages. These devices work by analyzing the pressure in the gas pipe. If any leakage is detected, then it will automatically cut off the supply. Some of them modern devices are also capable of reducing the gas up to 20%. While purchasing a gas safety device, we recommend to consider few factors that include auto-cut off and gas level indicator. Make sure to check the ISI certification as well for assurance.

34. Coffee Grinder

Coffee grinder

If you are coffee lover, then you will definitely understand the aroma and taste of coffee that is made from freshly ground coffee beans. Compared to packed coffee powder, freshly ground coffee beans provide much tasty coffee. These machines come at quite affordable price range so it is a good investment if you drink coffee on regular basis. They are available in different sizes and capacities so you can choose any one based on your requirements and preference. Some of the best coffee grinder brands are Koryo, Usha, SToK, and Anfim.

35. Waffle Maker

Waffle Maker

Everyone from kids to adults love to eat waffles especially as breakfast or snack. Though they can be easily purchased at local bakeries, freshly-made waffles are much tastier. You can easily make them at home using a waffle maker. While purchasing a waffle maker, you have to consider two main factors that include type and quantity. Apart from that, make sure it durable as well.

36. Electric Tandoor

Electric tandoors

Who doesn’t love to eat hot smoking tandoor and grilled items? Right! Most of the people think that tandoor items cannot be prepared at home. But that is not entirely true. With an electric tandoor, you can easily make tandoor dishes without making the kitchen messy. An electric tandoor consumes electricity for working but the taste of the food will not be any different. Compared to traditional tandoor ovens, it is economical and safe to work with. They are easy to maintain and doesn’t require any pre-heating as well.

37. Dinner Sets

Dinner set

A dinner set will enhance elegance of serving and dining space. Usually, a dinner set come with big plates, small plates, bowls, serving bowls, serving spoons and several others. The range of items available in these sets can reach up to 110. They are available in different materials like stainless steel, melamine plastic, ceramic and glass. So, you can choose among them based on your preference and requirements. While purchasing a dinner set, make sure they are durable and has all the items you need.

38. Food Processor

Food Processor

The most complicated and time consuming part of cooking is the chopping or cutting the vegetables. If you want to cut down this time, then a food processor is your best friend. This appliance is capable of chopping, blending, pureeing, making dough and batters. These appliances come with different attachments that let you complete several tasks easily. While purchasing a food processor, we recommend to consider some factors that include size, attachments, motor power and durability. Also check the warranty and after-sales support of the brand as well. Some of the best food processor brands are Preethi, Philips, Bajaj, Prestige and Singer.

39. Water Dispenser

water dispenser

Water dispensers are the best way to fill up water bottles quickly and easily. Some of the latest dispensers come with extra features like it will disperse hot water or cold water through separate taps. While purchasing a water dispenser, we recommend to analyze few factors that include capacity, cooling or heating speed, build material, drip trays and child-lock safety. Some of the brands that provide good water dispensers are Blue Star, Usha, and Voltas.

40. Thermos Flask

Thermo Flask

It is often referred as vacuum flask or dewar flask. It is an insulation flask which keeps the temperature of the liquid. A good flask can maintain the temperature for a long period of time. They are helpful while you are on a trek or long drive. The main advantage of this product is that you can carry it wherever you want. While purchasing a thermos flask, we recommend to consider three main factors that include capacity, material and heat retention. Best brands providing thermoflask are Milton, Borosil and Cello.

41. Idli Cookers

Idli Cookers

Idli is one of the popular breakfast dishes popular across India and more common in south states. For making piping hot and soft idlis, you need a good quality idly cooker. While purchasing a idli cooker, you have to consider type, material and number of plates. Most of the idli cookers are priced around Rs 500 to Rs 1000. You can purchase good quality idli cookers from Pigeon, Prestige, Hawkins, and Prestine.

42. Cast Iron Skillet

Cast Iron Skillet

Cast iron skillet is a healthy alternative for cooking delicious dishes. Often people think that it is difficult to cook in a cast iron skillet as it doesn’t have non-stick coating. But by seasoning it with some oil, you can make the surface non-sticky. Cooking in it will also add some amount of iron in the food. They are more durable than any other skillet. While purchasing a cast iron skillet, make sure it is properly seasoned and its size is appropriate for your needs. And also consider its weight as well.

43. Stand Mixer

Stand Mixers

Preparing dough, whisking cream and making batters are tedious and messy jobs. If you bake a lot, then investing in a stand mixer is the right option. Some modern stand mixers come with additional features which let you use it for chopping, whipping and making pasta. Though stand mixers are a bit expensive than hand mixers, they will reduce the hard work and stain. While purchasing a stand mixer, you have to consider type, capacity and speed settings.

44. Roti Maker

Roti Maker

Do you make rotis every day, then you can understand the strain and hard work. With a roti maker, you can make perfectly round rotis and paranthas without any mess or hassle. They are suitable for bachelors, working professionals and house wives as well. These appliances are very economical as they consume less electricity. While purchasing a roti maker, we recommend to check out the weight and handle durability. You can purchase a roti maker from popular brands like Prestige and Sunflame.

45. Food Steamer

Food stemer

If you daily meals include steamed vegetables or if you live to steam fish or momos, a food steamer can be very helpful. Steaming is the best way to prevent loss of nutrients in the food. Both color and taste will be preserved with this cooking process. While purchasing a food steamer, we recommend to consider few factors that include capacity and power consumption. Panasonic, Vinod, and Black&Decker are some of the brands providing best food steamers.

46. Oil Press Machine

Vishvas Oil Maker Machine

If you want to avoid chemical and contamination free oils, then investing in an oil-press machine is the right choice. Oil extracted using this appliance is not only hygienic but also full in nutrients. These appliances are pretty small in size, so you can carry them around wherever you want. The operation is also quite simple – all you have to do it plug into an electric outlet, add the seeds and it will start the extraction process. While purchasing an oil-press machine, you have to consider few factors that include capacity, weight and motor power.

47. Flour Mill

flour mill

With a atta chakki or flour mill, you can make flour from any grains at the comfort of home, no mess and minimal cost. While purchasing a flour mill, you have to consider power type, size, durability, and output. Also check out whether the operation of the flour mill is easy and convenient. Usually, flour mills are priced around Rs. 15000 to Rs 25000.

48. Vegetable/Fruits Purifier

fruits purifier

It has become very common to use pesticides and fertilizers while cultivating food produce. Washing them properly before eating is very essential so that you don’t ingest any of these agriculture chemicals. Soaking them in just water is not enough to remove them. For thorough cleaning, you need a vegetable purifier. It comes with an ozone disinfection technology will remove chemicals, bacteria and other pathogens. While purchasing a vegetable or fruits purifier, you have to consider ease of use, noise level, timer and durability. You can get good quality vegetable/fruit purifiers from popular brands like Prestige, Kent and Pureit.

49. Air Fryer

Air fryer

Love to eat deep frying foods but worried about the health? Then air fryer is your saver. With this appliance, you can enjoy all the crunchy delicacies without worry about the oil consumption or calories. Unlike traditional deep frying process, this option actually takes only few drops or no oil to crunch up your food. When you turn it on, hot air is generated and circulated throughout the food which will bake, grill and boil the foods. While purchasing air fryer, you have to consider the capacity, temperature settings, durability and timer functionality. Some of the best air fryer models are provided by Philips, Havells, and AmericanMicronic.

50. Electric Kettle

Electric kettles

Electric kettles have become a must-have appliance in the kitchen. They are especially suitable for people who love to drink green teas. They heat up the water much quickly than regular or traditional methods. While choosing an electric kettle, we recommend to consider capacity and fastness of boiling rate. Some of the best electric kettles are provided by Philips, Bajaj, Prestige, and Morphy Richards.

51. Soup Maker

soup maker

Sipping hot soup during rainy or cold weather season is absolutely wonderful. Soups are the best way to increase nutrition content without adding more fat. But if you use traditional cooking method, it can take a lot of time and mess to make the soup. And the pre-packed ones are not good for your health. But with a soup maker, you can make these delicious drinks without any strain and without making any mess. All you have to do is add the ingredients and turn it on. Within a few minutes, soup will be ready. But while purchasing a soup maker, there are two main factors to consider that are time taken for making soup and capacity. You can analyze them based on your requirements and preference.

Kitchen appliances have become an important part of our daily life. So, purchasing durable and long lasting products are very important. Brand is one of the main considerations while purchasing kitchen appliances as it ensures durability.

And moreover, major brands have good customer service and many service centers which is a big relief as electronic appliances need regular maintenance and you don’t have to worry about repairs as well.

There are several kitchen appliance brands in India. Some of them are reliable but some of them aren’t. So, the big question is which one to trust. To help you out, we have picked the top 10 kitchen appliance brands that are worthy to invest and reliable.

Top 10 kitchen appliances brands in India

1. Philips

Philips has been a common household name in India for several decades. Since its inception in the year 1997, this brand has ventured into many segments including kitchen appliances. Their products are well known for being affordably priced yet of high quality. Their product range are also popular for stylish and simple designs. Some of the popular kitchen appliances from Philips include electric kettle, air fryer, hand mixers, mixer grinder and food processor. This brand provides ample models and options in each category.

2. Whirlpool

This home appliances brand is an American company, headquartered in Michigan. This brand is well-known and popular across the world for its high durability. Whirlpool is especially popular for its range of washing machines and dishwashers. Their microwave ovens are also popular for their state-of-the-art technology and innovative features. With all these qualities, it surely deserves a place in the top 10 kitchen appliance brands in India.

3. Samsung

Samsung is a South Korean brand which has been one of the global leaders in technology and electronics business. As per recent analysis, Samsung was ranked as top 10 best brands globally. This brand has established its brand value in several kitchen appliance categories that include refrigerators, microwave ovens, dishwashers, cooktops and others. And moreover, you can easily find the right model within your budget requirements as well.

4. Prestige

This brand doesn’t need any introduction as it is one of the oldest companies in India. From the past few decades, Prestige has been one of the go-to brands for several kitchen appliances that ranges from cooktops to air fryers. With a wide service network, it is very easy to get their appliances services or repaired. Some of their popular products from Prestige include hand mixers, pressure cookers, kitchen hobs, chimney, rice cookers, cooking utensils, coffee makers, mixer grinder and hand blenders.

5. Bosch

This company was set up in the year 1951 and since then they have been providing exceptional products to consumers across the globe. Apart from that, Bosch home appliances vertical is specially dedicated to providing reliable, durable and intelligent products. Among their product range, dishwashers are the popular ones. When you consider quality, customer service and reviews, Bosch is definitely worthy of every penny you invest.

6. LG

Just like Samsung, LG is also South Korean based company well known for their wide range of kitchen appliances like refrigerators, microwave ovens and dishwashers. Their stylish designs and models are exceptional and eye-catching. Though their product range of kitchen appliances is limited, they provide best quality options.

7. Usha

Usha is an Indian brand with International presence. They have been popular across the world for sewing machines. But in the recent years, they ventured into the kitchen appliances vertical as well. Their product range includes mixer grinder, burners and juicers. Though they entered new in the market, their products are exceptional and worthy to invest as well. Their customer service is also top-notch as well.

8. Bajaj

Bajaj is one of the popular brands in India which also has a strong presence in the kitchen appliances section. Their product range is affordably priced yet powerful and efficient as well. They offer induction tawas, kadais, microwave oven, toaster, griller and several others. They are especially popular for their rice cookers range.

9. Haier

The brand Haier is Chinese company with a manufacturing unit in India as well. It is mainly popular in refrigerators section as they some unique and innovative models. Their refrigerators are also well-known for their capacities, quality, reliability, efficiency and durability. When it comes to price, they are available at premium range.

10. Kitchen Aid

KitchenAid is actually sister company of Whirlpool corporation. Their products have been very popular in America and other countries. In the last few years, they have entered into Indian market. Some of their popular products are blender, mixer grinder, stand mixer, toasters, kettles, cooktops, food processors, toaster, and dishwashers.


Apart from the above-mentioned ones, there are several other products as well that provide kitchen appliances in India. We have provided top 10 brands but it doesn’t mean others are not trust worthy. We chose them based on their reliability, quality of products and customer service. We also provided the reasons we selected them in our list. We hope this guide has helped you to understand the equipment and make an informed decision.

If you prefer any other brand over them, let us know in the comment section below. For more such articles, keep visiting our website.

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