Most Essential Washing Machine Maintenance Tips You Shouldn’t Miss

Did you know that regular maintenance can increase the lifespan of your washing machine? Yes, it’s true.

Usually, the lint, soap residue, and other impurities will get stuck in the corners and nooks of the washing machine. Over-time, this can lead to clogged pipes and drum holes, leading to in-efficient wash.

To ensure efficiency of your machine and maximize its lifetime, maintenance is absolutely necessary.

In this article, we bring to you the most effective tips to keep your machine last for years to come.

Washing Machine Maintenance Tips

Below are some useful maintenance tips for your machine that will keep your appliances running in good condition:

1. Deep Cleaning

After years of usage, your cleaning devices start losing their efficiency. As a result, your clothes will not get washed or drained properly. Sometimes, they do not even come out clean as they used to in the initial days of the appliance usage.

The primary reason contributing to this is the scaling inside the machine due to the residuals in the water. This can be a significant concern for people living in areas with hard water.

To combat the scaling issue and take better care of your appliance, it is advisable to go for deep cleaning the washing machine. Use a strong machine cleaner available in the market to clean your machine.

These cleaners can efficiently remove all the scaling in the device without damaging the other parts of the machine. Go for the best cleaner that is suitable for your appliance. Many brands come with washing machine cleaners for their models. It is always suggestible to prefer the ones from the same brand for improved efficacy.

2. Make Sure The Door Gasket Stays Dry

The other thing that one has to be careful of is to make sure there is no mould or mildew build-up in the machine. To ensure the same, it is always advisable to keep the gasket, or rubber seal, dry, as it does not dry up quickly and may result in mould. This is more prominent after a hot cycle, especially when the humidity and dampness remain inside, resulting in the build-up.

We recommend you clean the machine to protect the gasket from wear and tear. Below are the steps for cleaning.

This is all you need:

  • Soap or Bleach
  • Water


  • Take a tablespoon of liquid soap or bleach (if available) and mix it in one cup of clean water.
  • Take a clean cloth and soak it in this solution.
  • Now, wipe the rubber seals of the machine properly with this soaked cloth.
  • Rinse the cloth and repeat steps 2 and 3.
  • Continue doing this until you are sure that there is no dirt on the gasket.

You can have this cleaning process done every load of laundry to keep the gasket dry.

3. Clean the Interior Walls

Never neglect cleaning the interior walls of the machine. It may be a little challenging, though, depending on whether your washing machine is top load or front load. Nevertheless, you can accomplish the task using a soft-bristled brush to clean the interiors. However, see to it that the brush has a long handle, as it makes it easier for you to reach all the corners of the interior walls.

You can follow the below steps for cleaning the interiors.

This is all you need:

  • Laundry Detergent
  • Water
  • Brush


  • Take a tablespoon of laundry detergent and mix it in a mug of tap water.
  • Take a brush and dip it in this solution.
  • Now, scrub the interior walls with this brush. Allow the brush to reach as far as it can.
  • Do not forget to clean the corners as they contain grime.

4. Leave the Door Open for a While

One thing that most of us essentially do is, closing the door of the washing machine immediately after use. This is a strict no-no. Do not close the door but leave it open for about 15-30 minutes to remove the moisture from the device. This further prevents the build-up of mould and mildew. Not only that, but it also helps the tub in your machine to dry properly and protects other delicate parts from damage caused by moisture.

5. Use the Right Detergent

The next essential tip to maintaining the product life of your appliance is to use the right detergent. Most of us tend to neglect the fact that not all detergents are good for all types of washing machines. Always note that you have to use a low-sudsing detergent for your device, though they are energy efficient.

Also, it is imperative and suggestible to use the right or adequate amount of detergent to maintain your washing machine. This is something we often neglect and do not pay any attention to it. If we use more detergent than required, it will leave some residues not only on the clothes but the machine as well. It may become difficult for your device to get rid of it.

The only suggestion that we would like to give is to refer to the user manual. It has instructions mentioned regarding the usage, type of detergent to use (powder or liquid), and the quantity. In addition to all the above, try to load the detergent correctly, i.e., some machines come with a detergent and fabric softener tray, whereas others do not.

6. Inspect the Hose Pipes

Make sure the inlet and outlet hoses are perfectly intact, and there are no cracks. Loose connection of the pipes may cause water leakage. Hence, check for the fittings every time, especially after running the machine. If any leaks, you can easily identify and get them cleared by calling a professional.

Make it a regular practice of checking the hoses and replace them every three to five years.

7. Clean Lint Filter

During the washing process, all washing machines extract the lint and other impurities or debris and collect them in a bag inside. Hence, you should clean it very often to free the filter from all the dirt. Whenever the bag becomes full with all the accumulation, it can no longer collect other debris. As a result, it will continue to remain in the water and the clothes, which get assembled in the machine. This further affects the performance of the appliance and reduces its life. In worst cases, it may even damage the pulsator or agitator, as well. So, it is best advisable to clean the filter at least monthly once.

8. Clean the Detergent and Fabric Softener Dispensers

The next tip is cleaning the detergent and fabric softener dispensers. Automatic machines come with separate containers for dispensing these substances. The machine automatically mixes them with water before pouring them into the tub. The irregular cleaning or not cleaning these compartments may result in the build-up of residues and also mould.

Sometimes, you may even notice the formation of a green texture. When using the machine without cleaning, your clothes may get washed with these bacteria pile up. This contaminates your clothes, the appliance and negatively impacts the performance of the appliance. Hence, make it a habit to clean the dispensers regularly, and maintain the long life of your machine.

9. Do not Overload

When you have clothes piling up at our home, we tend to put all of them in the machine to get them cleaned in a go. Strictly avoid doing this, as it can impact the drum’s movement. Overloading the machine or stuffing it with clothes makes it difficult for the drum to rotate freely. It will further obstruct the performance of the device by damaging the motor. When said that, your clothes will not get cleaned properly, and the dirt will remain on them. Hence, always load the machine with the required amount of clothes to prevent damage to the device. Once damaged, it can be a heavy load on your pockets, too. To ensure the effective working of your machine, load it in small or adequate quantity.

10. Protect the Finish

The detergent spills may leave your machine behind with some marks. Do you want to enhance the appearance of your device? Do you want to make it look like how it was before when you first purchased it? Then, clean it carefully. Do not let the spills destroy the shining looks of your device.

Moreover, when left without cleaning, the spills will gradually become sticky and stinky. You may find it tough to get rid of these stains. Hence, whenever you see some marks or stains, clean them immediately. You can either use a damp cloth to wipe them off or use some mild dish cleaner to erase the stubborn old marks.

Do not forget to wipe the interiors of the machine as well, using a damp cloth. For proper maintenance, we recommend you to clean the machine interiors monthly once and exteriors, as and when required.

The other important aspect to consider is retaining the finish of the machine and make it look shiny. It becomes imperative to clean the outer surface of the appliance. To maintain the same finish as before, we advise you to cover the washing machine when not in use. Also, do not place any heavy loads on it to prevent scratches from developing.


I hope the information provided in this guide gave you the essential tips to keep your machine running smoothly. If you want to avoid breakdowns, want your appliance long last and work effectively, make sure you do these things right.

If you need more information on washing machine maintenance tips or if you tried any of these as mentioned above, write to us in the comments section below. Please let us know if these tips helped you stay stress-free. We would be happy to hear from you.

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