Common Washing Machine Problems and Solutions

Washing machines are one of most important household devices in today’s world. They may not look quite glamorous, but its importance can be understood when it stops working. Washing machines are tough as well as handy, but in the end, it is a piece of technology. Like any other machine, they can also become faulty.

Are you facing trouble with your washing machine? Washing machines have several designs and thus several problems can arise. If you understand the model of your washing machine properly and look closely and try to find out the problem with your washing machine, you may not need to call a technician to look and solve the problem with your machine.

If your washing machine has stopped working as a result of some of the common problems that are usually faced by people, you can solve them yourself. In this article, we have discussed some of the common washing machine problems and provided their solutions.

washing machine problems

Washing Machine Problems and Solutions

We understand the value of washing machines in your life and how your life can be upturned with some of the common problems of a washing machine. In this section, we have listed some of the problems along with how you can solve that problem.

1. Washer Is Not Turning On

After filling your washing machine with clothes, you notice that your machine is not turning on. You need to calmly handle this situation, as there may be several reasons behind this. Some of the reasons are:

Power: The first thing that you should check is if your washing machine is receiving power supply or not. This can be done with the help of a multimeter. By connecting the multimeter you can check the output voltage. Also, there may be a possibility of the circuit breaker tripping.

Motor: Another reason why the washing machine may not be starting is that the motor is getting heated up. With the heating of the motor, the washer will shut down and will not work until it cools again. You might need to inspect the motor properly if the motor is heating up frequently.

Lid Switch: All the washing machines are designed in a way that they will automatically close when the lid opens. The Lid switch can be found just under the lid and is made of plastic. The lid must be closed to activate the switch.

Timer Knob: If the knobs are not aligned properly, then your washer will turn on. If you think everything is alright, then try restarting the machine again.

2. Washer Is Not Draining

One of the most common issues faced by washing machine users is the washer not draining the water properly. Some of the common reasons behind it are:

  • The pump that is supposed to drain is broken.
  • A small piece of cloth or dirt has stuck in the draining pump, making it clogged.
  • Because of the malfunctioning of the machine, the spin function is not working properly. If this is the reason behind the problem, you will find an error code being displayed. To understand the error code, go through the user’s manual provided to you while buying the product.

There are two steps to resolving this issue. They are listed below.

Master Reset:

The solution to this problem is you should reset the washing machine. To do so, you need to turn off the machine and let it be like that for a minute or two. After that turn the machine back on. If the problem prevails after this, you can try out the Master reset. The technicians who work with these appliances, often use this technique. You need to open and then close the door of the machine 6 times in just 12 seconds. Then, without any clothes try the same option. If the water is drained out properly, you can heave a sigh of relief as your problem is solved. If not then you should try unclogging the pipe.

Check The Drain Pipe For Bents or Clogs:

First of all, turn off the power supply. Check properly if the draining pipe is bent or kicked anywhere that is causing the problem. If no, then detach the pipe from the back of the machine with the help of a screwdriver. Allow the water to flow through the pipe with force that will bring the clog out. Once you are sure that water is coming out of the pipe steadily, you can attach the pipe again to the machine.

3. Clothes Getting Ripped After Taking Them Out Of Machine

No one can imagine taking out a ripped cloth out of the machine when they had put it in perfect condition. But can this happen? The answer is yes. There is no need to panic if this happens as you can fix it so that this problem never occurs again. The main reason behind this is a foreign object getting stuck in a corner of the machine. You need to carefully inspect every corner of the machine to find the foreign piece.

4. Shaking

The washing machines shake and move around a bit to a certain degree. If it starts moving way too much, then you need to reduce vibration by following some tips. There may be different reasons beyond this.

If the floor on which your washing machine is kept is uneven, it will make the machine move as well as shake. To resolve this issue, you can try putting a piece of plywood where the floor is uneven to make the surface even. Another reason behind moving and shaking off the machine can be because you have put too much load on the machine. You just have to lessen the load and to do so you can take out some of the clothes from the washer.

5. Leakage

Another common issue with washers is leakage. Leaking can be quite messy and can have several reasons behind them are listed below.

  • Tub: Your options become limited if the leakage is caused by the tub. In this case, you need to use epoxy to seal the leakage or just buy a new machine.
  • Door seal for front load: This is a common problem faced by front-load washing machine users. The water starts to leak from the door seal. This happens because debris builds up around the door and the only solution for this is to clean carefully around the region.
  • Water-inlet valve: In washing machines, one of the main reasons behind leakage is leaking water inlet. There may be two reasons behind them: deposition of minerals and rust in the valve that can be cleaned properly and faulty water inlet indicating it has become time to change the washing machine.
  • Drain hose: This has been mentioned earlier where water leaks during the spin cycle. The drain pipe does get clogged or has a bent that does not allow the water to flow out properly.

6. Smelly Washer

You may think that this is not the issue with washing machines but it is. If your clothes smell after washing, it just ruins the whole purpose of it. If not taken this issue seriously, the washer can corrode with time. You can easily solve this problem by using hot water to clean the clothes.

7. Washing Machine Pausing Mid-cycle

You may realize after starting the machine, that you have put something in it that should not have been there. If your washing machine is top-loaded, you can solve this issue easily. But for front-loaded machines, this might be a bit difficult.

For top-loaded machines, you can just open the lid and take out the thing that you want. For a front-loaded machine, you have to be careful not to spill the water of the laundry on the floor. Also, the door of the front-loaded machines gets locked once you start the machine, so you need to carefully unlock it.

Final Word

We hope with this article, you have understood that it is not quite difficult to solve the problems of your washing machine. Before panicking and calling a technician or even worse, buying a new machine, take a look carefully and see if you can solve the problem yourself with the tips that have been provided above.

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